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Mapledene Says no to Supermarket Chain!

As part of their latest theme children in Year 5 had some big decisions to make! A local supermarket wanted to build on our lovely field and asked for some plans from the children.

The children measured the space and designed plans!



After making sure we had the space the children made plans for the supermarket and some of the exciting extra activities the supermarket could offer us - such as a tennis court, swimming pool etc.

Children planned their supermarket and fun centre using their knowledge of perimeter and area.



The children went on a nature walk to see what kind of wildlife they could find on the field. The list was much longer than we thought - we even saw a rabbit! It came apparent that there would be alot of disruption to the wildlife found on the field if the supermarket went ahead.



During discussions with the children it was obvious there were some who were for the supermarket development and some against. We split into two groups and campaigned; we even held a protest march which ended in a debate!



We decided to put the issue to the vote so the children made campaign videos to show to the rest of the school. Representatives answered questions and then each class in KS2 and the teachers held a secret ballot. 

Ballot papers were counted and checked by the Year 5 children



The count was very close but verified by both classes. The school voted against building a supermarket on the field by 52% to 48%. The children were then tasked to reply to the supermarket with a balanced argument but also with their own personal opinion....the field survived the flood and now it survived the vote too!