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Meet our Head Boy Head Girl and the Deputies

Welcome to our Head Boy - Jake, Head Girl - Amy, Deputy Head Boy - Muhammad and Deputy Head Girl - Sanam.  They are already proving to be amazing role models for our school!


Head Boy

Hello, my name is Jake and I haven appointed Head Boy. I would like to share a little information about myself. One of my hobbies is football and I have been selected to play for my local district alongside one of my friends William. I also play for another team called Solihull Moors, with another one of my friends Sam. We always play and train to be the best we can be.  I am also part of the 298th Scout Group. I enjoy weekend camps and learning new things.


When I was six something affected my life hugely, I broke my left arm, which at the time meant I couldn’t go out and play, but soon it was a lot better and them before long I was feeling 100% well. But then, two years later, I broke my right arm, so this meant I could not train with my football team, Solihull Moors. I had to rest – I was devastated, but I was soon back on my feet and started playing football once again. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me.

Thank you


Head Girl

Hello, my name is Amy Williams and I will be your new head girl. I am helpful, kind and very approachable so please come to see me if you have any problems. I am inquisitive and I never give up. My favourite subject is mathematics, but I also like English, Art and P.E.

I am a seconder in my cub pack at 298th and in a few weeks I will be a Scout. I also train (running) at Sparkhill Harriers every Thursday. Hopefully, I will make an excellent Head Girl.

Thank you




Deputy Head Boy


My name is Muhammad and I am the new deputy head boy in our school. I am in Year 6 and my class is called 6B. The teachers have put their faith in me, and I want to prove that they have made the right decision and I won’t let them down.


My responsibilities are being friendly and helpful to other pupils in the school. Because of my friendly nature I feel that younger pupils can talk to me about their problems and I will find solutions for them, but I won’t be able to reduce their homework! Thank you for your time and support. I hope that you have enjoyed reading about me.                                         



Deputy Head Girl

Hello, I am Sanam and I am ten years old. I have always wanted the head or deputy head job and now my wish has come true.

I am so delighted to hear that I am the new deputy head girl. I have always been well behaved and respectful towards the values, the teachers and the children learning here.

I never like to see anyone sad so I’ll always cheer them up. The subjects I particularly like are: Art, Science, English and mathematics. I always like to help others and be the best I can be. If you ever have a problem, I’ll be there for you and you are always welcome to approach me anytime!

Thank you for reading this,