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Alien Invasion
On Tuesday 6th December lessons were disrupted following the crash landing of an alien spacecraft on the roof of the year six classroom. 
Shortly before the incident took place an unidentified flying object (U.F.O) had been spotted hovering outside the classroom window. Within seconds an almighty crash was to be heard directly overhead on the roof of the classroom.

Moments later a strange, blue creature was spotted in the field attemting to communicate with a tree! It looked greatly upset that the tree was not responding so the year 6 children invited it up to their classroom to talk.

Despite the alien's hideous outer appearance, the children were pleased to discover that the alien was in fact quite a timid creature, who only wished to make friends with children whilst waiting for his spaceship to be repaired.



Our good wishes with our new alien friend, wherever he may be, and we sincerely hope he will visit us again so that we can discover more about our inter-galactic neighbours.