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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

On Friday 11th November Year Six held a special service of remembrance for all those soldiers who have fought for us, and those who continue to fight in wars.

Year 6 read out their own poems to commemorate the special sacrifice made for us. Here is a sample:


The guns sound their battle cry.
Tanks, clones of war forced to slaughter and devour in rage.
The evil exterminating enemy.
Their bombs bombarding barricades.
Sizzle goes the flames, buildings now in tattered ruins.
The endless clatter of the masses.
Cries from all around from those who were brave.
The tanks tremendous, triumph ,it's guns a blaze.
 Soaring above the spitfires dance the dance together ,the dance of death.
On the ground below lie those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
The ground, their blanket keeping them warm as they sleep.
Now the sun is their still beating heart.
As they sleep in their soily bed, the mountains keep guard day and night.
 As they sleep the blood like poppies swaying in the breeze.
When will they ever learn?
War is a waste of time.


Remember, Remember…
All of those people who fought for us…
Smoke filling the air as guns fire…
The sound of screams everywhere…
Echoing… Echoing…
Soldiers dying for their countries…
Rubble all around…
That is why
Why we should remember!
Helicopters come with soldiers…
DEAD soldiers.
Right now, mad machine guns still fire.
Remember, Remember,
The 11th of November.


The Pointless War
I am the booms and the bangs that you can hear while the unpredictable, waste of time and pointless war is going on.
But most of all, I can hear and see cannons hissing everywhere.
Also I can hear the rifles rapid rattle as the ghostly sun sets in the sky.