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Spring 2015 Term Overview

Spring Term 2015 Overview: Year 5
Anglo Saxons, Princes, Peasants and Pestilence - 

This term we will be finding out where the Saxons came from, who the Saxons were and where they settled. We will begin to understand how the Anglo-Saxons lived and what religious beliefs they had. We will uncover the mystery of Sutton Hoo, read and write with Anglo-Saxon runes and learn the terrifying tale of Beowulf. We will then learn about the symptoms and changes when someone was infected with ‘TheBlack Death’ We will find out how this disease wiped out millions of people during the dark ages and we will investigate why you had more chance of surviving if you were from different social classes.           We will find out what happened during the  Peasants’ Revolt and the invasion of London, chronicle other instances of the Black Death occurring throughout history on a ‘plague timeline’ and look into the future…will this disease ever occur again?
Castles The children will write some glossaries and descriptions of castles including instructiona and non-chronological reports describing siege weapons and how to attack a castle. Classic Narrative Poetry The children will study The Highwayman Poem and undertake a variety of work surrounding this fantastic poem.   American Novel – Children will be studying a fantastic children’s novel based in America.  We will be looking at the use of language in the book, but mainly focus on the social issues that primary children come across – it is set in a school in the US! 
As well as these main topics children will read a variety of literature and be taught specific areas of grammar and punctuation. 
Guided Reading will take place four times a week during which time all children will read with the teacher and carry out a follow up activity.
During the Autumn term the children will cover a variety of areas in maths including telling the time, multi-step problem solving, measure, fractions and shape.
During science this term the children will study reversible and irreversible changes and find out how and why materials take different forms. We will then study habitats and find out where different animals live and how they are adapted to their environment.
During Spring term children will be developing their football skills and will take part in gymnastics creating sequences including rolling, balancing and jumping.
Homework is set every Friday and expected in on Wednesday.
PE takes place on Mondays and Fridays every week-please ensure your child has their kit in school on these days
Children will continue to explore the school values as well as looking at what goals they might set for the new year and in ICT children will be looking at Graphical Modelling and interrogating spreadsheets.