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Where are we in the Universe?

As part of our theme and Science this year we have been looking at where we are our Universe. We are taking a trip from our school in Sheldon, through Birmingham, the West Midlands, England, Europe, Earth, Our Solar System, The Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe!

As part of this Year 5 have been looking at our planets in our Solar System and where they are in relation to the sun.



We discussed the shapes of planets and agreed that all planets are (approximately) spheres! Here Dylan is holding Jupiter - our biggest planet! Its relative size is that of a beach ball when compared to Mercury which would be a peppercorn - held by Frankie below!



All of the children came up with their own mnemonic for remembering the order of the planets from the Sun - why not test them at home or come up with one of your own?  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptune.  My Very Energetic Mother Just Sprinted Upto Newcastle! 

The children have a good understanding of the distance between the different planets.  To model this we used a sheet of toilet paper to represent 16,000,000 Km.  We found out that it was about 2 and a half sheets from the Sun to Mercury (Over 50,000,000 Km!)  We used over 200 sheets to get to Neptune - our furthest planet in the solar system!



Here Paige is holding Neptune (its relative size is a tennis ball).  She is over 240 sheets of toilet roll away from the Sun (or 240 x 16,000,000 Km!!).



The relative sizes of the planets - can you name them? Hint: they are in order from the Sun!

We also looked at how the Moon orbits the Earth (in around 28 days) and how the Earth orbits the Sun (In just over 365 days).  We demonstrated this using ourselves as models!  We also discovered that the seasons are created by the tilt of the Earth!

We found this subject fascinating