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Year 6 go wild for Art!

On Friday Year 6 started their new exciting project Gallery Rebels. We started the day with a discussion of our artists rebelled in the 19th/20th Century and started to change the way art was perceived in society.  We focused mainly on expressionism and surrealism which is closely linked to our English topic this term.  As a year group we discussed 6 paintings from various artists and how the colours/patterns/paintings reflected certain moods.  It was an amazing discussion which took over an hour and we could have carried on but had other things to do!

We then designed our own sketch books choosing different types of paper.  In the afternoon we produced our own art silhouettes based on the colours that reflected the silhoutte's mood.

Can you guess the emotions shown by the photos below?  The rest will soon be on display at school.  I know both Miss Faulkner and Mr Foster had great fun - I hope all the children did too!!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3