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Meet our School Council (2018-2019)

As school councilors we want to help the school and its environment be the best it can be. Everyone in the school council team will put 100% to whatever the school needs. We aim to raise money for the school and charities by having different events. It is also really important that the school council gives every child a voice so you can talk to anyone in the school council team. We look forward to helping Mapledene be the best school it can be.

Mapledene School Council


Rumen - 1A, Nancy - 1E, Grace - 2R, Fynley - 2J,  Dylan - 3W,

Ava - 3M, T’raya - 4R (absent from photo), Scarlett - 4H, Maci – 5B, Toni – 5C, Devon - 6S and Brandon - 6F


The School Council are looking forward to doing lots of important work which includes working with children across the school and our PTFA.