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Year 6 have been exploring the habitats and biomes of the world, looking at the unique features and differences. Take a look at some of their matching work below..
Take a look below at the results of Year 2's eggsperiment! They had some cracking results when investigating how different materials and items change..
Year 4 have been completing some slightly messy Science this week - exploring how the digestive system works with a range of household items!
Year 2 have been investigating germs! They have been using glitter to show how germs can spread - take a look at some of the pictures below which show their experiments!
As part of Year 6's learning about electricity, the children have been investigating how to make bulbs brighter and dimmer. They have also been building circuits involving buzzers and motors. Later in the half term, Year 6 will be using this knowledge to build a circuit for their model Anderson shelters!
Reception have been fascinated by how bubbles form! The children had good ideas and used excellent language, suggesting that we 'mix' the water up and maybe use spoons! We tried using a big wooden spoon, smaller metal spoon and a whisk to make bubbles in the water. The children noticed that the whisk was the best tool to use to create the most bubbles in the water and we talked about why this was the case. Take a look at the pictures below!
Sadly, one of our sunflowers in the Reception garden is starting to droop!  We investigated the head of one of them using magnifying glasses and tweezers. The children noticed there were small seeds inside the head of the sunflower, so we discussed what we could do with them and have decided to plant them again and see what happens! 

Year 5 had an amazing opportunity to work scientifically and investigate practically the physiology of the heart by dissecting a sheep’s heart! The children were able to find for themselves the heart chambers, arteries, veins, valves and heart strings. We were so impressed with the children’s knowledge and ability to work forensically. Take a look at some of the pictures below!