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Vision, Values and Aims


At Mapledene, we are resolutely proud of our school and the community it serves. We have no need to hesitate when we proclaim that each and everyone of our staff are here because they want the best for each and every child, both academically and personally. We firmly believe in fostering a learning culture built upon our school values of cooperation, resilience and respect and place the utmost value on building strong relationships with our parents, our community and beyond. We work closely with external agencies so that we can provide our children and their families with the support they need and we continuously strive to improve our provision for all children, regardless of ability or special need. We encourage pupils to be cooperative and to develop a deepening respect for each other’s cultures, faiths, opinions and values. They learn to work together and provide each other with support, understanding and appreciating that everyone is unique. They are taught that everyone, no matter what their difference or need is, has something valuable to contribute. 


 Our curriculum is broad, balanced and creative and is matched to the children’s needs and interests while also preparing them to be independent, lifelong learners and global citizens. We aim to ensure that every child is able to access the National Curriculum or EYFS and provide additional, bespoke provision to help all children, whatever their need, fulfil their full potential. 


Fostering a ‘Growth Mindset’ is at the heart of everything we do, acknowledging that mistakes are vital to learning and that we should strive to improve ourselves and celebrate our successes. We enable all children to experience the joy of success while commending every small step of achievement.


 We aspire to be the best we can be and our high expectations and standards encourage all pupils to achieve academically, socially and spiritually, and to grow in confidence. We aim to be forward-thinking and proactive to ensure that our children are fully equipped for life in Modern Britain and are able to take their place and contribute effectively to the world community. 


We summarise our ethos in our school motto: 




Mapledene Aims


  • To  create a happy, secure, safe and caring environment in which all our children flourish and feel that they belong


  • To be an inclusive school that sets high ambitions for all children, including disadvantaged or children with SEND, through an engaging, full, broad, balanced, exciting and relevant curriculum for the whole of their time at Mapledene.


  • To be a school in which every child is able to be themselves and value their own unique qualities and those of others


  • To be a school in which everyone shows respect for each other and both the local and global environment


  • To be a school in which everyone is able to work cooperatively with each other, taking responsibility for their actions and reflecting on their learning and their role in the school community and wider society


  • To be a school in which every child believes that they can succeed and is highly motivated and resilient.


  • To be a Reading School in which all children have a love of reading and are able to read widely at an age-appropriate level.


  • To be a school with a powerful Growth Mindset, in which both children and adults see themselves as Lifelong Learners and are  able to be reflective on their learning and willing to accept and act upon constructive comments


  • To ensure that all children leave Mapledene with the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed in life; we will ‘introduce them to the best that has been thought and said’ and help to ‘engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement’.


  • To build upon our children’s knowledge and skills whilst addressing misconceptions and gaps in knowledge, so that all children can progress through our sequenced curriculum to achieve clear goals.