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Being active in Maths

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Year 1 phonics workshop is on Monday 1st October at 3:15.
Thank you to all of the parents who came to the meet and greet!

Things to remember:

Please make sure your child brings a change of clothes for forest school every Wednesday. This should include a waterproof coat and wellies/outdoor shoes. Children will be going out in all weather conditions as this is part of their science curriculum, therefore these clothes are essential in order for them to be able to participate.

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Curriculum Booklet Summer 2

Welcome to Year 1!

Year 1 - Autumn 2 Curriculum Leaflet

Autumn 2017


We are really proud at how the children have settled into Year One and at how much progress they have made in such a short space of time.





Year One Team



Curriculum Overview- Autumn Term 2017

Theme Autumn 1 :  Paws, Claws and Whiskers.

Our focus will be Geography and Art.  We will help Zoe the Zoo Keeper to find animals for her zoo. We will travel to the continents around the world, looking for animals in their natural habitats. We will taste foods from around the world.  The children will learn to find the continents on maps and locate hot and cold locations.  During Art activities the children will explore different forms of printing, collage and painting.

Theme Autumn 2 :Woody’s Toy Shop. 

During this topic we will be placing events and toys in order according to how old they are.  We will look closely at how toys change as we get older E.G. the toys we played with as a baby, toddler and now.



This terms focus will be writing sentences that have a full stop, capital letter and finger spaces. We will practise this through the following units.

Stories with a familiar setting – The children look at stories set in real places like school or homes.  The children focus on ordering the story through time connectives.  They will have a chance to practice retelling stories and predicting new endings.

Poetry – Using the sensesThe children will explore using descriptive language to use in their writing.  They will use all these wonderful words to create a poem about their experience of  Autumn and Bonfire night.  They will also have weekly spelling and daily phonics and handwriting practise.

Stories with a rhyming and repeated pattern – The children will be looking at the work of Julia Donaldson.  We will learn that Julia Donaldson likes to use rhyming and repeated patterns in her stories.

Instruction writing – We will be writing instructions to help us make our Christmas cards and calenders.



During the Autumn term the children will cover a variety of areas in maths.  There will be a focus on ordering, recognising and writing numbers. We will explore solving number problems and using the symbols ‘+’ ‘-‘ and ‘=’ to make number sentences.  We will focus on learning how to use blocks, counters, fingers and dots to help us solve our number sentences.  We will also look at the strategy of counting on.

Science Autumn 1 :  Ourselves linked with our Theme

We will look at the parts of the human body and how it works.  The children will be exploring their senses and learning how to predict and test their ideas.

Science 2: Autumn

Children will be finding out about how the natural world changes during Autumn. They will be exploring this through Forest School sessions.

Autumn 2: Materials linked with our Theme

Through this topic the children will be identifying and sorting materials.  They will explore their properties and use words to describe them.  Children will have the opportunities to use their new knowledge to select materials for specific purposes based on the materials properties.


During Autumn term children will be focused on Gymnastics and Dance.

Food Tasting

This term we have tasted food from around the world. We have shared food from Asia, Africa and Europe. Take a look at how we enjoyed the food.




Autumn Forest School

Year One have been exploring Autumn using all of our senses in Forest School sessions. We have been learning to tie knots and use this skill to build structures. It was a lot of fun, but learning to tie knots was really tricky!

Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk 1
Autumn Walk 2
Autumn Walk 3
Autumn Walk 4
Year one went on an Autumn walk to explore leaves.  We listened, felt, touched and smelt the leaves in preparation for our Autumn poems.


Puppets 1
Puppets 2
Puppets 3
Puppets 4
As part of DT we have explored different puppets.  We have made stick puppets, sock puppets and finger puppets.  We have designed, made and evaluated wooden spoon puppets.


Christmas 1
Christmas 2
Christmas 3
Christmas 4
As part of the Christmas Nativity, Year 1 children  were shepherds and inn keepers.