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Year 2 - Autumn 2 Curriculum Leaflet

Meet and Greet Letter (general year 2 info)

Making Momos


We had great fun measuring the ingredients ready for making momos as part of our Nepal topic. They tasted yummy!


We have enjoyed sharing our favourite books in year 2. Keep bringing them in so we can get to know more great authors and texts!

Our Awesome City...Birmingham

Year 2 were fantastic representatives of Mapledene on our trip to the city centre. They loved spotting landmarks and visiting the museum! We look forward to chocolate and custard tasting as these are two things that Birmingham is famous for!

Number bond rap.mp4

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Check out our performance poetry!

2E Poem.mp4

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Mini-beasts and micro-habitats

We had fun investigating the micro-habitats on the school grounds. We looked under logs and found that slugs, spiders, worms and woodlice like living in damp, dark places.

Place Value

Year 2 have made a great start this week in maths by recognising the place value of 2 digit numbers.


What is Birmingham famous for?



Useful Websites:


Learning videos

Count in 2's

Count in 3's

Count in 4's

Word type rap

Football Mad!


Learn about continents and oceans

Europe, Africa, Australia

North and South America and Asia

Let's not forget Antartica (brrrrrr)


Improve your memory:

Practise your coding in ICT:

Angry Birds:

The artist:

The artist shapes



Noun and Verb game

Practise your phonics

SPaG test

Verb Game

Suffix -ed and -ing


Pond life plurals

Word Types


Adjective, noun, verb game


Apostrophes (Penalty Shootout):





Practise counting

Hit the Button (number bonds, multiplication/division, adding/subtracting) :

Multiple Frenzy:



Data handling

Number sequencing

Greater alligator

Tens and units:

Adding and subtracting games:

Measuring Games:



How to support your child in maths

'It was the Battle of 66'

Warwick Castle

Sheldon Country Farm

What a lovely sunny day we had at the farm as part of our science topic 'Animals including Humans'. We had the chance to do pond dipping, feed the animals and go on a scavenger hunt!

'Put a Nose on it'

Red Nose Day 2017

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Science Week

(Written by Zainab & Lewis 2E)


Last week it was science week so we made bird feeders because some birds are endangered. We made bird string feeders, bird rolls and bird cakes. We used honey, sunflower seeds, cereal, lard and, meal worms. It was so fun making the bird feeders!

After we made them we went outside and hung them on fences and trees around the school grounds. A robin came and ate one of our bird cakes! It was fun attracting birds and a very exciting week!

'Is it too late now to say sorry?'

(Thomas Farriner, King Charles II's baker)


A HUGE well done to all of Year 2 for their fantastic performance about the Great Fire of London...what a talented bunch!! It was a lovely way to end a great topic! Thank you also to all of the parents that came to watch and supported the children with learning their lines.

World Book Day

We had a lot of fun coming dressed as our favourite book characters for World Book Day! As part of this we have been looking at different fairy tales. This included Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and Sleeping Beauty.

Take a look at the pictures from our magical maths lesson, where we had to lead our partners through the enchanted forest in Hansel and Gretel using vocabulary related to position and direction.

The Great Fire of London

2nd September 1666


Our topic this half term is the Great Fire of London. Here are some of the activities that we have done:

  • We baked our own bread (without burning Birmingham down). It was delicious!
  • We put ourselves in the shoes of somebody that was around on the day that the great fire began by taking part in a hot seating activity; this helped us to explore our feelings and sequence the events.
  • We have experimented with different techniques in art to create 'The Great Fire'. We used pastels, chalk and coloured pencils.
  • We investigated the question 'If it hadn't been a hot, windy day on 2nd September 1666, would the fire have spread so easily?' This involved us burning wood which was great fun!

St Giles Church and Party Day

What a great day! In the morning we visited St Giles to find out more about Christmas. We even had the chance to ring the church bells, did you hear us? Once we arrived back at school we then did lots of eating and dancing at our Christmas party where there was also a special guest...Father Christmas! It was all so much fun! 

Christmas Counts


Art Day

We had lots of fun in Year 2 experimenting with action painting techniques on art day. Thank you to everyone that donated supplies and more importantly old clothes for your children to get messy in! Check out some of our masterpieces.


It's Awesome being a Brummie!

As part of our topic about Birmingham, we went on a trip to Birmingham City centre to see some of the popular landmarks that we have learnt about. During the day we looked around the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the library and Victoria Square.

​We found out that some of the things that our great city is famous for is the production of buttons, custard, coins and Cadbury chocolate. We also learnt about some of the influential characters from Birmingham's vast history including Peter de Birmingham,  Matthew Boulton, James Watt and Joseph Chamberlain.

Black History Month

October is Black History Month and to celebrate this in Year 2, we looked at the courageous efforts of Mary Seacole in the Crimean War. We have LOVED learning about all of the kind things that Mary did, including setting up her own hospital called 'The British Hotel' which made sure soldiers had sleep, warm clothes and healthy food. We have acted out the interview between Mary and William Russell (a journalist from London) and here are some pictures to show us in action:


In science we have been learning about habitats around the world and how animals are adapted to them. In order to learn about microhabitats, we went on a walk around the school grounds and investigated! We found lots of creepy crawlies such as woodlice, ants, worms and spiders. Don't worry though, we made sure we left the microhabitats just how we found them!

Co-operation Co-operation Co-operation

We have been looking at the value of co-operation and how we can co-operate effectively in a team. We discussed the importance of communicating, supporting each other and listening.


Problem Solving!

As part of our learning in Maths, we worked as a group to solve a problem of the empty number line. We used our knowledge of multiples and place value to figure out the numbers that belong on all of the pieces of paper we were given. We all co-operated well with our group and had to persevere as it was not as easy as it looked!

Carnival Fun

Thank you everyone who attended our spectacular carnival to share with you all of the hard work that Year 2 have done this year. We hope you all have a lovely summer!

Science Week


Year two have had great time becoming scientists on science week! We have particularly looked at plants and what a seed needs to germinate. We have had a go at growing our own cress or mustard seed and have investigated if a cress plant can grow without water/sun/soil. We have written a diary to track the progress of our plants.

The Battle of 66


Year 2 showed the whole school how much they have learnt in history by performing in a year group assembly all about the Normans and the Battle of Hastings. They all did themselves proud, what a fantastic performance!


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Golden Time

Year 2 have worked extremely hard this half term, thank you to all of the parents for your continued support. As a reward they have enjoyed having some much needed Golden Time on Thursdays or Fridays...check out their photos!

Warwick Castle

This half term Year 2 have been learning all about castles and were lucky enough to pay a visit to an actual castle on 26th May. At Warwick Castle the children had a tour round the Great Hall, mound and gardens. They also had the chance to watch a birds of prey show as well as meeting a princess. The highlight for many of them was getting chance to hold a Norman sword- did you know that in the Medieval era boys aged 6 would already have learnt how to fight with weapons?

Keeping Healthy


As part of their science topic, being healthy, Year 2 had a visit from a nurse and her friend George the Giraffe. During the afternoon they learnt about the importance of sleep and exercise- the children also taught George some facts that they knew about having a balanced diet!

World Book Day

Year 2 had a lot of fun coming into school dressed as their favourite book characters on World Book Day! Well done to everyone that took part!

We're With Woof!


In January, Year 2 received an exciting e-mail from a professor of time travellers, inviting them to be secret WOOF agents (Wardrobes Of Our Friends). They got invited to the Birmingham Rep Theatre where they met the Professor himself and looked round the wardrobe exhibition. Since the trip, they have continued to receive e-mails from both the Professor and a time traveller called Joseph Barnett which have given Year 2 special tasks to do in hope of finally meeting a Joseph! They have made time travelling wardrobes in DT and have written a year group story (with help from a story smith) which summoned the time traveller to Sheldon Library! in a time travelling wardrobe. It has been such an exciting adventure!

Inspire Workshops

Thank you to all of the parents that have attended the English and Maths inspire workshops. The children really enjoyed sharing with you the way that they learn at school.

A Miracle in Town


Thank you to all of you that came to support Year 2 in their nativity 'A Miracle in Town'! It is clear that we have a very talented year group- there was fantastic singing dancing and acting and the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part!

St Giles Church

In order to find out more about how Christians celebrate Christmas, Year 2 have been on a visit to St Giles Church! They had the chance to explore the church and helped tell the Christmas story. The children were also given the chance to ring the church bells (which i'm sure some of you may have heard from the surrounding area!)

Bombs Away!

As part of our learning about toys through history we looked at what Santa might have in his toy factory during WW1. We looked at various games including making parachutes and had a go at making them ourselves!


How to Make a Jam Sandwich

As part of our English block on instructions we made some delicious jam sandwiches.  We had a great time and we were able to write some clear instructions using imperative verbs 😇

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