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Learning at home updates:

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smiley Welcome to Year 2!

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Home learning Update- 01.06.20


Good morning Year 2 and welcome back after the holidays.

We hope you are all well rested and ready for this week's virtual learning. This week's Year 2 theme is all about healthy eating, we want to see what you can remember from our learning in school. Are you up to the challenge of showing us what you already know about healthy eating?


Remember to keep doodling and using the Read, Write Inc daily speed sessions that are signposted below. Here is what you should be doing this week:


Complete your added extras on Doodle. Don't forget these will be added on Doodle Maths, Doodle English and Doodle Spell.


Complete your 5 a day on Doodle.


Use Doodle Tables to check your times table knowledge.

Doodle will allow your child to practise their key skills in spelling, reading, tables and the four rules (+, -, x and divide) in maths.


Use the online Read, Write Inc Sound lessons, found here:

If you are unsure if your child should be doing Set 1, Set 2 or Set 3, please email or check with Miss Johnson through the Facebook Page.


This week:


Who can show off their knowledge about healthy eating and staying healthy? What is your favourite healthy snack? Why is it important to eat a balanced diet?


Check out the PDF below and the sheets to get help get you started. Don't forget you can send any work to us through the school Facebook group or to the email address ''

We look forward to seeing your work. Keep up the hard work. I wonder if you have what it takes to be this week's virtual shooting star!

Healthy Eating Topic

Additional learning if you have completed the activities above:


Mr Mac needs your help! Over the last few weeks he has started to eat more junk food and is not getting much exercise. He is also staying up very late and often forgets to brush his teeth! Help him to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle by becoming health experts and producing some information for him.


Here are some things that all year groups could investigate at home:



  • Record how much sleep you get a night by keeping a diary of time you went to bed and woke up
  •  Carry out research into people’s favourite treats and people’s favourite fruit/veg (ask family and friends and record on a tally chart, this can then be presented on a pictogram/bar chart or written up as a report).
  •  Keep an exercise diary to find out which day you are most active - remember playing in the garden counts if you are moving!) Try and do the right amount of exercise for your age group
  • Cook some recipes from Change 4 Life
  • Look at healthy ways to travel- go for a walk/to the park/look out if your window and record how many people you see walking and riding bikes. Record on a tally chart and present on a pictogram/bar chart.
  • Grow some fruit or veg.
  • Count how many steps it is from one place to another- see how quickly you can do 100/500/1000 steps.
  • Make a shopping list for a healthy picnic.
  • Create a fitness circuit for your family to take part in.
  • Create a poster/report/video about keeping safe and healthy in the sun and design a summer outfit for keeping safe in the warm weather.
  • Film one exercise to be part of the Fit Friday video this week (squats, star jumps, jogging on the spot etc) keep it short with no props or talking and send to titled ‘Fit Friday’