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Year 2

Parents and Carers

Sometimes we all need someone to turn to for advice and support. We're glad to help and are happy for you to talk to us. In addition to what we can offer, please click on the following link where you will find information about organisations that you might find useful. Thank you. 

smiley Welcome to Year 2!

2020-2021 frown 


What a great first half term! The children have settled back in incredibly well and are now getting used to their new routines.

Please be sure to check out any letters on under 'Parents>Letters' to keep up to date with how we are keeping safe at school along with other updates. 


Doodle will be updated every Friday with Maths and English or Maths and Spelling homework. Please encourage your child to do this.

Please also read regularly and discuss your child's book with them- this should be using he Read Write Inc books along with other books that your child enjoys.


Pirate Day


Arrr what a great day it was! Check out some of the pictures below.

Pirate day is on Friday 16th October! Come dressed as a pirate ready for a day of pirate fun.

DK Encyclopedia

A trustworthy site to find out interesting facts about things that your children might be interested in. Try searching for Pirates and see what you learn!

Reading and Spelling

Phonics is an essential part of learning to read. By the end of year 2, all children should be able to read books of their level fluently without needing to sound out many of the words. Please support them with this by regularly reading together and  by having a go at some of the games below as well as practising their sounds and common words.

​​​​​​Maths Games & Songs

Songs are a great way to help your child learn things that are hard to remember! Please encourage your child to watch the songs below and play the games. They are all linked to important parts of the KS1 curriculum and can help with recalling important number facts.


In year 2 the children learn about the 7 continents and 5 oceans. Have a go at these activities to practise.