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Celebrating your work

Green Zoners Friday 26th February


It has been another busy week for many of you on Doodle. It is hard to keep going when you are so near to the end of Lockdown but this work will really help you when you return to school. So, a HUGE well done to all of the people mentioned below. This term we are increasing the rewards for Doodle;

* 1 Merit for every time your name appears in the lists below.

** A doodle prize for anyone who has reached the green zone in all four subjects.



Josh, Bailey, Chloe, Scarlett, Kyle, Jake, Sophie T, T'raya, Lana, Jay, Kayode, Cory, Lauren, Tianna, Logan, Syafia, Maya, Isobel.


Times Tables

Tianna, Syafia, Lauren, Isobel, Eloise, Cory, Sophie, Jake, Chloe.



Sophie T, Kyle, Cory, Jake, Chloe, Tianna, Lauren, Syafia, Isobel, Maya.



Lauren, Tianna, Syafia, Isobel, Sophie D, Sophie T, Lila, Cory, Chloe.


Prize zone:

A special mention to Lauren, Tianna, Syafia, Isobel, Sophie T, Cory and Chloe, who managed to get their name in all four lists. This is a great achievement. Don't forget to claim your prizes when we return to school. 




Green Zoners 12th February.


What a fantastic half-term! As we have said many times before, Mr Barber, Mr Collett and Miss Sanders could not be more proud of you! Not quite so many names this week but we know that you are very tired and there have been a few technical errors too! Next term, we are increasing the awards for Doodling. You will be awarded a merit for every time you get in the green zone and a prize if you manage it for all 4 subjects!


Jake, Kyle, Sophie T, Kayode, T'raya, Cory, Lana, Tianna, Sophie D, Lauren, Syafia, Lucas, Katie, Maya, Isobel, Bailey, Chloe and Ora.

Times Tables

Bailey, Chloe, Tianna, Lauren, Isobel, Katie, Sophie D, Logan, Tilly-Lea, Cory, Sophie T and T'raya.


Lauren, Tianna, Bailey, Syafia, Isobel, Katie, Sophie T, Cory and Chloe.


Sophie T, Chloe, Cory, Tianna, Lauren, Isobel and Connor.


A special mention goes to Sophie T, Chloe, Cory, Tianna, Isobel and Lauren for reaching the green zone in every subject. This is a fantastic achievement so close to the end of the term! You each get a MERIT and a Doodle prize when we return to school – remember to remind Mr B and Mr C when we get back to school.

Have a great half term everybody and stay safe!

It has been another busy week on Zoom and many of you have achieved the Green Zone in at least one subject. You should feel proud of yourselves! The children in the lists below have managed to get into the Green zone for the subject and we know some of you have gone way past your target too, well done everyone. Let’s try to get even more names on the list for next week too. Get Doodling, Year 6!


Maths Green Zoners:

Scarlett, Chloe, Ora, Bailey, Tianna, Lauren, Sophie D, Zara, Syafia, Maya, Isobel, Katie, D'arna, Cory, Kyle, Jay, Sophie T, Erin and Eloise.

Tables Green Zoners:

Eva,T'raya, Cory, Jake, Sophie T, Imtiaz, Kyle, Tianna, Isobel, Syafia, Sophie D, Lauren, Logan, Katie, Louie, Bailey, Alex and Chloe.

English Green Zoners:

Sophie T, Erin, Cory, T'raya, Zainab, Tianna, Syafia, Lauren, Isobel, Katie and Logan.

Spelling Green Zoners:

Tianna, Connor, Lauren, Sophie D, Maya, Lucas, Isobel, Syafia, Louie, Mia, Katie, Logan, T'raya, Sophie T, Zainab, Cory and Imtiaz.


Super Doodling from these pupils who are in the green zone – two house points for each time your name appears in the lists above. Special mentions this week go to Tianna, Lauren, Syafia, Isobel, Katie, Cory, Sophie T,  - who are all in the Green zone across the four Apps! Great effort from all of you and you each get a MERIT and a Doodle prize when we return to school – remember to remind Mr B and Mr C when we get back to school.