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Roman Day

A Great Day with Roman Centurion Titus Iustus

Extreme Earth Pizzas


As a finale to our topic we designed made (and most importantly ate) some Earth inspired pizzas. The children made the dough, designed the toppings and measured all their ingredients. They were brilliant at the making, but much better at the eating, with many of the children deciding it was the best pizza ever. Food always tastes better when you’ve made it yourself from scratch. Below are some of the photos we took of the day. 
if you want to try making it yourself, we used:

200g of flour

150 ml of water (add slowly)

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of yeast

1tsp olive oil

Passata (tomato sauce)

Cheddar cheese. 
Toppings as required. 


Year 4's papier-mâché lighthouses