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Nursery and reception

At Mapledene, we use the WellComm Speech and Language Toolkit to monitor the children in Nursery and Reception.


What is WellComm?

WellComm is a language, communication and interaction toolkit which allows us to support children aged 6 months to 6 years with their speech, language, and communication skills.


The series of sessions starts with a short 10-15minute assessment, which is completed using a series of questions and pictures and will be completed with a familiar member of staff. This assessment will focus on their understanding of what is being said to them (receptive language) and also how they communicate verbally (expressive language).  From this assessment, we are able to identify any targets and plan focused activities to support the children in achieving these.


Following the assessment, if we feel the learning programme could benefit your child, it will be delivered each week, on a 1:1 basis with a familiar teaching assistant. Each session will be made up of different activities that have been designed specifically for your child.