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Welcome to Nursery


We have completed the first full week of nursery and your children have settled amazingly! We are so proud of them and we know you are too!

We have had a busy week learning our rules and routines, singing, playing and learning to wash our hands when we come in, in the mornings, at snack time and after outdoor time.

We are about to start our topic, ‘All about me.’ Our topic question is, ‘Why am I so special?’

 Please could you help your child talk about what they look like, e.g. eye colour, hair colour, hair length, whether they have straight hair or curly hair etc. We will also talk about and draw our families. Help encourage your child to be able to name their family members.

We are also sending home our curriculum leaflet which gives you an over view of what we will be learning this half term. I have also included a sheet of activities that might help your child’s progress at nursery. At this point, we are encouraging and teaching the children to become a little more independent, so that they can grow and get the best out of all the learning experiences we have on offer. We hope that you will find them useful.

We look forward to working with you, to make this a fun, learning experience for your child.


Many thanks for your support.


Mrs Walsh and Mrs Wynn.






Activities to support your child’s learning at home


  • Practise putting on their own coat by themselves.


  • Practise going to the toilet, wiping, flushing and washing hands independently.


  • Reading stories; over and over and over again!


  • Count – literally anything; steps upstairs, teddy bears, chocolate buttons.


  • Practise recognising their name.


  • Look for familiar signs.


  • Play simple turn taking games.


  • Make simple repeating patterns with colours, toys etc.


  • Play I spy with my little eye or I hear with my little ear.


  • Drawing faces

Nursery Autumn 1 curriculum newsletter

Nursery Transition

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