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Welcome to Mapledene's PTFA!


The PTFA would just like to take this opportunity to check in for this year and welcome any new families that have joined us. We appreciate that the role of the PTFA will look different this year due to Covid 19. However, we still want to fundraise for our school where possible and more importantly bring our community together.  
Over the year, we will be organising events, like craft competitions and raffles although these may look different to normal. Like you, we are having to adapt to a new way of life and therefore please bear with us as we get into the swing of things or if things don’t run as smoothly as we hoped.  
With the school, we are working hard to ensure that our events and fundraising opportunities ensure that the Mapledene community is kept as safe as possible. Similarly, we want to make sure our events are accessible to all families that want to get involved.  We know that many of our children and families look forward to the different events held throughout the year and along with school, want to make sure there is some familiarity brought by the PTFA. 
We will still be communicating through letters brought home by your children. The letters will also be available on the school website on this page. In addition, if you need to communicate with us we will also be using the Facebook group ‘At Mapledene we Care and Share for our Little people’  alternatively, if you do not have Facebook you will be able to  communicate through the email address
Please keep an eye out for our first event of the year, our Autumn Craft Competition.


Kind regards, 



PTFA Christmas Treasure Hunt - Get your maps now!

Thank you to all parents and families who volunteered to put a letter up in their window. We were truly overwhelmed by the response and are very happy that this event is able to go ahead. Due to the large response, we have not been able to use every house that volunteered. However, we are going to run 2 different routes. Both routes will be up and ready for the Christmas holidays. If you have been picked to put up a letter in your window, you will be notified by a separate letter. Please check the letter at the bottom of the page that explains how you can buy a map for either or both routes. Each map costs 50p. 

If your child is in Year 1 or Year 5, they will receive their letter when they return to school. Alternatively, you can send an email to with your child's name and the map/maps you want and then send the donation when they return to school.


PTFA Meet and Greet - Zoom


As a PTFA we can't hold our normal meet and greet session, so this year we will be holding a Zoom meeting instead. All parents are welcome to join in order to hear more about the work the PTFA do and how you can help. I hope you agree that the PTFA is an integral part of our school community and we are always looking to welcome new volunteers, who can choose to help in big or small roles. As well as this, the PTFA is a brilliant place to meet new parents too.  Please read the letter at the bottom of the page for more information about the Zoom meeting and the word the PTFA do. A date will be decided closer to Christmas. 

PTFA Christmas Treasure Hunt
Parents we need YOU! We would like to run a Christmas Treasure Hunt in the local area over the Christmas holidays. In order for this to be successful, we need families, who live locally, to volunteer to put up a poster with a letter on it in a window. The window needs to be easy to see from the path and school will provide the letter. If we have enough households, the letters will spell a Christmas anagram and the PTFA will sell a map so that families can 'hunt' for the letters over the holidays and work out the anagram. Please find the letter under the PTFA letters at the bottom of the page. 

PTFA Autumn Craft Competition

Thank you to every child that entered the PTFA competition.  Have a look at the entries below including photos of the winners with their prizes. Our winners were:

Early Years:
Joel - Nursery

Emily - Nursery


Key Stage 1:

Emily - 1Y

Frankie - 1R


Key Stage 2:

Syafia - 6C

Louie - 6C

PTFA Letters