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Year 1

Home Learning- week beginning 13/7/20

It's the last week of the school year..and what a funny one it's been! We'd like to thank all of you parents for your continued support throughout this strange time; whether your child has been at home or at school. 

We are both so excited to be continuing your children's learning journey with them in year 2 next year :) It's an important year for the children, so please continue to prepare and support them during the summer by enjoying reading together and exposing them to number in the wider world (explore money, measure and time). Above all, we hope you have a lovely summer and a well earned break!

This weeks learning is a bit of a check list of year 1 targets. Please take the time to have a go at some of the activities. 




1. English


* Check that your child can  read and spell the year one common words (see link below). Practise putting them into funny sentences or playing hangman with the trickier spelling.

*Check that they know the days of the week and months of the year- create a calendar with a picture representing each month.

*Read a book together. Can you spot any year one common words in it? Make a list of some you find. Ask your child questions and get them to show you where it tells you the answer.

*Encourage your child to write about their favourite memory of year one (make sure they use capital letters and full stops!). Was it finding the dinosaur footprints? Trip to the wildlife park? Dinosaur assembly? Sports relief fun with the assault course? Sports day at home/school?

Sports day at home

2. Maths

*Check that your child knows their number bonds to 10 and 20 by going on 'Hit the Button' Also have another go at the number bond challenge (see below).

*Make sure they can count in 2's 5's and 10's- remember there are lot's of songs on YouTube that can help with this learning. This is a favourite of theirs:

* Check they can count to 100 and back, again there is a great video for that They also like the game 'Helicopter rescue' for finding numbers to 100.

Useful websites- please check them out:

  • ICT GamesA range of English and Maths games (including Dinosaur Phonics)

  • Top marksThis website has games for different areas of the curriculum. Just search for the subject you want and makes sure it's on KS1

  • Free online booksIf you have ran out of books at home, please check out this website where there are lots of books to choose from.

Learning at home updates:

Handwriting booklet and paper

Learning at home updates:

Supporting your child with their learning at home

Encourage your child to go on the following websites to help them to become more confident with targets on the National Curriculum at home. Some of these are also available to dowload as apps.  

  • Hit the Button'Number Bonds to 10', 'Number Bonds to 20' and 'Doubles to 10' will help your child to practise key arithmetic skills that are required in year 1.
  • Phonics PlayA variety of games to help support the skills of blending sounds for reading. It is particularly important that year 1 children become confident at reading new and 'alien words'.
  • Reading GamesTake a look at these Topmarks games to help develop reading and sentence skills.
  • Spelling gamesTopmarks games that will help to support spelling- including days of the week, alphabetical order and words with suffixes.

Home learning projects

Check out these projects to engage your children whilst they are learning from home.







Useful Videos and Games

These online games and videos are a great way for your chid to share their learning with you and revise what they have learnt at school during the week. 

Common Exception Words to Practise

  • TimerPractise reading your sounds/numbers/common words and race against the clock!