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Week Beginning 1 February 2021

Parents and Carers

Sometimes we all need someone to turn to for advice and support. We're glad to help and are happy for you to talk to us. In addition to what we can offer, please click on the following link where you will find information about organisations that you might find useful. Thank you. 

To share completed work, or if you require any help or advice with the work that has been set,

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Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - a message from our Royal Patron

Watch our Royal Patron HRH The Duchess of Cambridge's video message to mark the start of the Children's Mental Health Week. Learn more: http://www.childrensm...

Hi Nursery, I hope you have all had a great weekend! It was fantastic receiving lots of your work, thank you! I loved seeing the snowy pictures too!! I will be looking for my shooting star of the week, so good luck!


We will be joining in with ‘Place2Be’s’ Children’s Mental Health Week - week beginning Monday 1st February; an opportunity to shine a spotlight on children and young people's mental health which at this time is highly important. The theme of this year's Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Express Yourself’. 


The week will start with an assembly being held nationwide via The Oaks Academy The assembly will be available at 9am on Monday 1st February - which we would like everyone to watch – and will feature pupils and well-known faces discussing the theme of Children’s Mental Health Week, as well as ways that children and young people can get involved at home. It will be hosted by Blue Peter’s Lindsey Russell and CBBC Presenter and Place2Be Champion Rhys Stephenson.


The week will culminate in a 'Dress to Express' day on Friday 5th February during which children in school and at home can, as the day suggests, 'Dress to Express'.


I have included lots of activities for this this week about expressing yourself and showing me something that interests you,  enjoy and have fun!


Home Learning week beginning 1st February!


  • Literacy - Watch Mrs Walsh read the story ‘Beautiful oops.’  It’s ok to make mistakes, a splodge of paint, or a tear in the paper; you can make something beautiful from it! Mistakes are a possibility to make something great!  


Try these activities, use a straw to blow some paint or with a paint brush splodge paint over the paper and then draw some pictures over the paint when it has dried. What pictures can you make?    I would like to see what you have made!





  • Literacy - Mark making patterns. Have a look at the link below showing you some mark making patterns. Have a go at making patterns in foam, flour, chalks outside or print out the patterns and try writing over them.  Maybe listen to some relaxing music at the same time, and make your patterns go big! Really move those arms! See YouTube link below for some Disney classical music.




  • PD - Fine Motor Tracing!  Have a go at some tracing.  Can you carefully trace over the yellow lines to create your own picture? 

I have drawn you a picture below, ask an adult to help draw a picture for you than you can trace over.






Challenge: Once you have finished, can you colour in your picture? Remember to write your name on it too!  I would love to see your finished piece of work.



  • Literacy and PD - Printing with Cotton Buds - We are going to do some printing. Using a cotton bud or the opposite end of a pencil, can you get some paint and print dots over the letters of your name? 

Don’t worry if you don’t have any paint, you could use household items like Tomato Ketchup instead! 


Challenge: After you have finished, can you draw some 2D shapes and print over the lines? 



  • Phonics – This week’s sound of the week is ‘t’. This sound is a bouncy sound t-t-t-tower.




Can you go on a letter sound hunt around your house or outside and find some objects beginning with t. I would love to see your photos of what you found.



  • Maths - We are going to use our pegs to play a dice game! Roll the dice and see what number you land on; can you find the matching number card to the dice? Peg the correct amount of pegs onto the number card. If you want, you could leave out the dice and practise having a go counting the right amount of pegs onto the number cards.





  • Maths – Watch Mrs Walsh and join along to this counting activity. The link is below, called,  10 little fingers song. 




  • UW – Ice experiment. Fill up some ice cube trays with water, add some objects inside. If you put them in the freezer what will happen to the water? How will you get the objects out? That’s right you will need to melt the ice. Can you free your objects from the ice?







  • PSED - Feelings - Show your child the pictures of the different monsters, attachment is below. Talk about the different feelings and emotions of the monsters. Can your child identify the different feelings? When have they felt happy, sad, scared, excited etc? Can they tell you? Who can you talk to if you feel sad or angry?




  • PSED and Literacy – Celebrate you! Can you paint me a picture or draw a picture of yourself. Look at the colour of your eyes. What colour is your hair? Do you have curly or straight hair? I would really like it if you could send me a picture of your work.



  • EAD/PSED –  EXPRESS YOURSELF! What are you interested in and enjoy doing? Maybe you really enjoy dancing, baking, making Lego models, building with Duplo or building bricks or painting? Whatever it may; express yourself!  Send me a photo and a quote about what you have created. It would really make me smile!



  • EAD - Dressing up – pretend play. Have you got any dressing up clothes? Who will you be today? I would love to see some photos of you dressed up!



  • Literacy/PSED and EAD – Send a hug in the post! I know lots of you are missing friends and family. Why not put a smile on their face and send them a hug in the post. See picture below.








  • PE - Yoga dance party – really express yourself. There are lots of yoga moves in this song!!  Hot air ballooning!! YouTube link below. 














Beautiful Oops!

I have 10 little fingers

RELAXING PIANO Disney Piano Collection

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Mark making patterns

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