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Year 6

A Lad In Lockdown - The making of. Week 1

Would you like a sneak preview of this year's socially distanced Y6 production? Learn all about how Y6 are putting on a performance like never before! Stay tuned after the curtain closes to go on a magical mystery tour!

Welcome to Year 6's Class Page.


At the moment, there is a lot of important information on this page. So that you don't miss anything important, this is the order in which information has been posted:


1. How home learners can still get involved this week in the end-of-year production, Aladdin. 

2. Transition work (including links to secondary school websites and digital/printable resources to help children at home prepare).

3. Current work for this week (English, Maths and an optional theme).

4. Any other useful websites and links.


Anything previously posted can now be found under the 'Archived' tab underneath the Class Pages.

Home learners, here's how you can get involved in our Year 6 film 'ALADDIN'

Transition to Year 7 *Update 29 June*


Parents, in this section you will find links to resources and webpages that can help you support your child through the transition process to secondary school. You may find this useful even if your child is currently back at school, particularly if they are feeling anxious or worried about the changes that will take place. This section will be updated continually over the following weeks as more information is sent through from different secondary schools. We will also be adding our own worksheets and activities each week, that will help your child think about the changes that will be happening, how they can prepare and organise themselves and recognising how they are be feeling. In the coming weeks, this work will cover important aspects of the transition process, such as school uniform, new rules and routines, the journey to their next school and how to keep safe.


Monday 29th June

Welcome, Year 6!


Good morning, home learners. We hope that you are feeling relaxed and refreshed after the weekend. This week, as always, we'd like you to be going on Doodle every day and make sure you are reading regularly at home as well. This is so important, that our optional project this week is all about our favourite authors and books.


What should I do first?


1. Read and collect your daily stars on Doodle.


2. Read through, print off, or talk to your family about the Y7 transition work.

There are some PDF documents (linked above) that we would like you and your family to look at. These will help you think about Year 7 and start to prepare you for the changes. This section will be updated regularly over the coming weeks, so do check back each week.


3. Work through the arithmetic and grammar papers below.

Look through the arithmetic paper, and the grammar and punctuation paper and remind yourself of the topics we have covered in Year 6. Work through these papers; even doing a little bit of English and Maths every day will ensure that you are able to do the important objectives that you have learned this year! Then, when you start secondary school, you'll feel more confident and relaxed during your first lessons. Don't worry if you do not have a printer at home - for these questions, you can simply open the PDF and work through them. All you need is a pencil and paper!


Optional Project

This week, our optional project is all about authors and your favourite books! Have a look at the PDF below for some inspiration.