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We can't believe we are entering the last week of the school year and I think we can all safely say it has been a year like no one expected. Mrs Robinson and I have loved teaching you in Year 2 and we are very excited to see you all back at school in September ready for Year 3. 


Please continue to check here throughout the week for documents and videos to help your child with their transition to Year 3. I know you are all excited to meet Miss Cook, so watch out for the video where she introduces herself.

Remember if you are in 3C next year check out the letter below as there is the opportunity to come and meet Miss Cook on Thursday. 

We have also now added a document called 'Moving to 3C' or 'Moving to 3J' to help your child know what to expect when they return to school in September. We recommend that you read the booklet with your child to support their transition. 

Moving to Year 3.mp4


Home Learning-Week beginning 13.07.20





Use this week to check your proof reading skills. Miss Johnson has written some things, but has made some mistakes. Can you re-write them for her so that they are correct? Remember to check for capital letters, full stops, missing words, commas and key word spellings. Have a go at the other sheets attached too. 






Have a go at recapping your skills of the four operations and fractions of amounts this week. Each day I will upload some new maths questions which focus on a key skill for Year 2. Check that you are ready for Year 3 and can answer them; remember to check the operation and use jottings if you need to. 


Additional Resources

Spelling Sheets