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Week Beginning 22 February 2021

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Sometimes we all need someone to turn to for advice and support. We're glad to help and are happy for you to talk to us. In addition to what we can offer, please click on the following link where you will find information about organisations that you might find useful. Thank you. 

To share completed work, or if you require any help or advice with the work that has been set,

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Thank you. 

Good morning Year 5!


We’ve made it!  It’s Friday!  Thank you for all of your efforts this week.  Just one more week before we are reunited again πŸ™‚



Join in with Miss Ellgood in this morning’s assembly as she and some of her Year 2 children work out πŸ˜ƒ




Here’s how your learning is looking today:



Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.


Guided Reading

Reading comprehension. Retrieving information; making inferences and deductions.


Writing Kennings for our Viking artefacts.


Minecraft Coding.


Workout Week with Miss Ellgood.


Working out with The Black Panther and The Avengers!


Both classes will be meeting at 3.30.


Remember our Zoom guidelines!


Fit Friday 26.2.21


Well done to these children who are in the green across all four subjects in Doodle this morning!


Dylan, Queen, Ryan, Rylan and Frankie 😊





For today we would like to get as many of you as we can in the green!  Please do your Doodle task and practise your 12 times tables.



Guided Reading


In Guided Reading today, we would like you to further develop your knowledge of Vikings as sailors by completing this reading comprehension.  Remember, this work is important as it links to the work that we will be doing once we are back in school.




Today is the day when you write your Viking Kenning!  

You will need to use the powerful adjectives that you recorded in yesterday’s activity. Watch the video of Miss Faulkner as she guides you through writing your own Viking Kenning.




Forkbeard's Kenning


Attached are some templates that you can present your Kenning on. You may present your Kenning differently if you wish.




Good afternoon Year 5!


In Computing, we would like you to freshen up your coding skills.  We know that lots of you are Minecraft fans, so for this afternoon you have a choice of which coding you would like to do. minecraft







If you haven’t already done so, please watch Miss Ellgood in her ‘Workout Week’ assembly.  After watching the assembly, check out some of these workouts:



'THE BLACK PANTHER' Workout For Kids

"WAKANDA FOREVER!!It's Time for T'Challa to step up and help defeat Thanos.This new workout is the next instalment in 'THE AVENGERS TRAINING ACADEMY' you get...

Avengers HIIT Fitness Warm up PE Distance Learning

Purchase this PPT to be able to edit in anything you want:




We are looking forward to seeing you all in our Zoom call shortly. Please remind yourself of the Zoom expectations and remember - no leaving the meeting halfway through and please, no screen savers, we want to see who we are talking to!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Keep smiling and we’ll meet you here on Monday πŸ˜ƒ




Mrs H & Miss F




Thursday 25th February




It’s Thursday!  Well done to all those children who are sending in their work and have been Doodling. Today we are going to continue to build upon our knowledge of the Vikings.  We are going to be introduced to Viking Longships  and begin to prepare for our Kenning Poem writing.


Here is how our day shapes up:




Improper fractions

Guided Reading 

Reading comprehension:  Viking Longships.




Generating synonyms for a Viking Kenning.


Forces – What is a force?  Revisiting previous learning.





Today we are going to be focusing on improper fractions.  We have some knowledge of these through some earlier learning.  Watch Miss Faulkner demonstrate improper fractions and mixed numbers.  Once you have watched the video, please move onto completing the tasks below.  A challenge has also been added!


Video goes 'live' at 8.30am.

- YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.



Guided Reading



In Guided Reading today we would like you to find out about Viking Longboats.  There are two reading tasks for you to complete.  The information that you with gather will be used when you return back to school later, so make sure that you complete these tasks!





Today you are going to be generating powerful adjectives to use in your Kenning.  Remember that you are going to be producing your own Kenning to go alongside the Viking artefact that you have been making.  Use the online thesaurus to record synonyms to a given word.



When you return back to school we shall be exploring the forces involved in making a Viking Longship move.  This will be important as we will want to design a ship that will move efficiently!  Today we are going to recap and consolidate our understanding of what forces are.


Watch to remind yourselves of what forces are:

What Is A Force

What Is A Force interesting video meant for primary / elementary school students.A force is a push or a pull. We can't see a ...


We are going to focus on pushes, pulls and twists.  You have three choices with how you approach your task:


a)  Take photographs around your house, demonstrating the different force that has been used to make an object move.  If you choose to do this activity, remember to animate/draw on arrows to show which force is being used.


b)  You may want to re-create the YouTube video/animation, with you as the presenter!  Again, it is important to demonstrate which force is being used.


c)  Complete the task below, showing which force is being used to make an object move.  Remember to label and to use arrows to demonstrate which force is being used.


Our day is complete, only 6 school days until we are all reunited again!


Time to switch off your devices and relax smiley


See you in the morning!


Mrs H & Miss F



Wednesday 24th February 


Good morning Year 5! Well done for an excellent start to our new half term.  We have really enjoyed seeing all your excellent learning.  Today, we are going to continue to build upon our learning about the Vikings and consolidate our knowledge and understanding of adding fractions. 


This is how your learning looks today: 




Adding and subtracting fractions.  

Guided Reading 

Viking Voyages – How archaeology has allowed us to find out about the Vikings. 




Exploring Synonyms. 



Healthy Lifestyles – Making sensible choices.


Learning Spanish words clothes.







This morning, we are going to both add and subtract fractions with the same denominator.  Watch the Maths Antics link to remind yourself of how to add and subtract fractions that have the same denominator (sometimes described as ‘like’ fractions) Following on from this activity you may wish to move onto the greater depth activity. 


Watch the following link: 

Math Antics - Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Learn More at mathantics.comVisit for more Free math videos and additional subscription based content!



Guided Reading



Today we would like you to continue researching the Vikings.  On Monday, Miss Faulkner set you a task to find out what the artefacts were that were sent to us by TRIC. Put your information retrieval, inference and deductions skills to the test.  Find out what archaeologists have found out about the Vikings through artefacts that have been excavated.  Please complete the ‘Viking Voyages’ task.  






Later on in the week, you will be creating your own Kenning for your artefact that you have been working on this week.  To make sure that we create a Kenning that is truly stunning, we need to think about synonyms to add more quality to our work.  Watch the link to recap your understanding of synonyms.  When you have watched the link, please complete your Doodle task. 

Synonyms | Award Winning Synonym Teaching Video | What are Synonyms?

Synonyms: This video defines synonyms and provides multiple examples. The dictionary and thesaurus are highlighted as tools for finding synonyms. Video imag...




This half term, we are going to be considering what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Today, we are going to be considering the choices that we make - are they always the healthiest?  Read through and discuss the PowerPoint below.

Reflect upon your habits – are they always healthy?  Record on the habits sheet below, e.g. Do you have enough sleep? Remember to brush your teeth? Do you spend too much time in front of a screen, etc?


You may also wish to create your own ‘superhero’ poster for David, who appears in the PowerPoint. You can use/take ideas from the document below to create your hero – identifying the habits that are healthy and those that are not.


       With Mr Collett


This week we are going to be learning how to say the words for different types of clothes. Clothes = 'ropa' en Español.

There is lots of new vocabulary this week, but don't worry if you don't get to learn them all. Some of the clothes you might not wear that often anyway.


Watch this video and remember to listen and repeat the word after you hear it. We do this in class a lot so pause the video to get the practice in of repeating each word. Then you can look though the PowerPoint to see if you can remember the word for the item before looking at the answer on the next slide.

Spanish for Children Clothes & Accesories | Learn Spanish

Spanish video for children. Today we are going to learn more vocabulary in spanish, clothes and accesories. How to speak spanish? in this videos youΒ΄ll find ...


Finally, as you are studying Vikings, I thought maybe you could draw a picture of one and label the clothing they are wearing BUT IN SPANISH! I haven't included the words for helmet, sword or shield in here because we don't really wear them that often these days!


Alternatively, you could draw a picture of yourself and label the clothes you are wearing in it - you might find there are a few more from the video you could use. If you are feeling super confident you may want to introduce what colour the item of clothing is too. In Spanish though, the colour comes AFTER the item


English: the white shirt

Spanish: la camisa blanca


Blanca/blanco is the Spanish for 'white' but notice it comes after the noun. So it looks like they are saying 'the shirt white'.


This video is challenging but also helps explain it well. The girls in it are fluent in Spanish and speak fantastically well.


If you have completed all that, have a go at the Spanish clothes wordsearch too. This is quite tough but if you send in as many as you can find, the winners can have 2 Spanish merits. Solutions published later. You have until next week to get your answers in.


Buen trabajo! 

Mr C


And so another day of learning has ended.  Thank you once again for all your efforts.  Now it’s time to switch off your devices and rest!


See you in the morning!




Mrs H & Miss F




We are thrilled to see that it has been announced that schools will be re-opening on March 8th!


Keep up all your hard work in the meantime as we will be carrying on with this learning when you return to school. 





Tuesday 23rd February


Good morning Year 5! Well done for an excellent start to our new half term - it was wonderful to see some of you in our Zoom meetings.


We are looking forward to seeing all of your excellent learning and the artefacts that you are busy creating. This afternoon you will have the opportunity to finish your Viking artefact. 

This is how your learning looks today:



Adding fractions with the same denominator - using bars.

Guided Reading

Reading comprehension:

Where did the Vikings come from?


 Creating Kennings.


Complete Viking artefact.

Placing the Vikings into the correct chronological order.

Researching where the Vikings came from.







Today we are going to recap our understanding of fractions, focusing upon adding fractions with the same denominator. Follow this link to remind yourselves of adding fractions that have the same denominator.



Most of you should feel confident with adding fractions that have the same denominator.  If you are still feel a little unsure, watch this YouTube link:

Learn How to Add Fractions - Same Denominator - Math for Kids

Educational video for children to learn how to add fractions with the same denominator. A fraction is a number which indicates the division of a whole number...


Now have a go at using fraction bars to add fractions with the same denominator.  Move onto the fraction puzzle task when you have completed your first task!


Guided Reading



Today in Guided Reading we are going to use our information retrieval skills to find out more information about the Vikings.  Where did they come from? When did they arrive?  This will help you with your learning this afternoon.






In English today, we are going to explore a form of poetry that originated from the Old Norse word ‘kenna eitt við’, which means ‘to express a thing in terms of another’.  You will create your own kennings.  Read through the following PowerPoint:






We would like you to create your own kenning now - choosing from at least 3 of these words:


Good Afternoon Year 5!


This afternoon you will:


*  Finish your Viking artefact.

*  Find out where the Vikings came from.

*  Place the Vikings into the correct chronological order.



Watch the first clip from BBC Bitesize link.  It explains clearly where the Vikings travelled from.  Once you have watched the video clip, complete the map to show where the Vikings travelled from and to.  Remember to use a key!




This YouTube clip sets the scene for the Viking invasion :

Viking invaders and settlers | History - The Vikings

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Archaeologist Neil Oliver visits Lindisfarne, Repton and York to trace the Viking invasion and settlement in Anglo Saxon England...



It is important to know where we place the Viking invasion in time.  Do we place the Vikings before or after the Celts?   Using the timeline PowerPoint, create your own timeline.  





Thank you once again for all your efforts.  We are drawing nearer to being reunited once again!  Time now to put your feet up and relax! 


See you in the morning smiley


Mrs H & Miss F


Monday 22nd February



Good morning Year 5 and welcome back! We hope that you and your families had a restful half term!  We have an exciting half term ahead of us, and yesterday it got even more exciting! We have received a message from the CEO of TRIC! We’ll share what he had to say down below, but before we do, this is how our day ahead looks:




Stepping into the world of The Vikings!


Music with Miss Sanders


Workout Week – Miss Ellgood


Go Noodle activities.


5H – Meeting at 11.


5F – Meeting at 3.45 pm.



Before we watch the message from the CEO of TRIC, let's remind ourselves of the theme of our new learning!



Message from the CEO of TRIC


We received this message from the CEO of TRIC yesterday. Take a look at the link below to see what he has to say!

- YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Here is Miss Faulkner with more information about your morning task:



Think about the artefacts shown in the video. What were they made from? What were they used for? Look at the artefacts carefully and justify your responses.  We have attached the PowerPoint that the CEO sent to us.

- YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


Making a Viking Artefact



Once you have investigated and researched the artefacts that were sent from TRIC, you can begin to think about making your own Viking artefact!  You may wish to make a Viking helmet, shield, sword, or even an axe! You do not need to finish your artefact today, you can finish it off tomorrow afternoon.


We have attached some documents to help you choose which artefact you might like to make. You may wish do carry out some more research independently.


Today we shall also be catching up in our Zoom meetings – it will be wonderful to see you all after the half term break.  You have been setting fantastic examples during our Zoom meetings and we want to say a great big thank you for this. We would like to remind you of the following:


  • Please do not enter and leave the meeting. We love to see you all – once you have been admitted to the meeting we’d like to see you right up until the end!


  • Please don’t use profile pictures/screen savers to replace your gorgeous faces! We are having Zoom meetings so that we can see and interact with each other! It also looks as if you are not participating and engaging in the meeting.


We can’t wait to catch up with you all πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚


Good afternoon Year 5



We are starting off our learning with Miss Sanders and Music!



In preparation for World Book Day next week, I would like you to listen to and learn the song ‘World of Books’. Click on this link;




Then enter the details below


USERNAME : mapledene
PASSWORD : mapledenec4s 


Click onto ‘Browse Music’ and ‘World of Books’ is the 3rd option. Scroll down to the submixes and start by listening to the chorus and bridge. 


Rhythm work:


This week’s musical challenge is called ‘Body Groove’ on the same web-site.  Click on ‘Browse Music’ and then ‘performance’ in the menu on the left. Finally, click on ‘rhythm work’ – it is the third option. Scroll down to the video , watch and join in. It is great fun!


PE with Miss Ellgood


This week is ‘Workout Week’ so we are going to have a go at some Go Noodle activities to improve balance, agility and co-ordination.


  1. Warm up with:
  2. Have a go at the Fresh Start Fitness video (prepare to increase that heart rate!)
  3. Cool down to the Strengthen Your Focus exercise


If you enjoy these activities, there are many more workout and brain break videos from Go Noodle on YouTube- so what not give them a go?

Don't forget to join Miss Ellgood and some of Year 2 in Friday's Fit Friday Assembly on our Move it With Mapledene YouTube channel.


We hope that you have enjoyed your first day back after half term! We look forward to seeing all your learning! A job well done and a big thank you for all of your efforts. 



Mrs H & Miss F