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Week beginning Monday 30th March


Morning Nursery!!


Missing you all lots! I have added a few activity ideas for this week. Also please try and keep doodling! 


Here are a few activity suggestions for this week!


1) Why don't you have a go at some rainbow name writing! Practise writing your name and do it in lots of different colours. It's best to use colour pencils because you can go over the top of the name you wrote before.   


2) Construction challenge. - Using Duplo, Lego, Megablocks, Sticklebricks, whatever you like. Your challenge is to make a house that one of your toys can fit in. It will need a roof in case it rains!!


3) Go on a number hunt either around the house or on a walk. Can you spot the numbers on wheelie bins, houses etc? 


4) Bath time - Play with plastic cups and jugs in the bath and use capacity language, such as full/empty/half/full etc. How many cups does it take to fill the jug?


5) Number hunt - Hide numbers on paper around the house or garden and get your child to find them and tell them you what they are. Challenges: Can they find that many objects! e.g. stones, dolls etc.

Can they add the objects together to give you a total?


6) Throwing and Catching - Practise throwing and catching a ball.


Welcome to Nursery!


In Nursery we aim to provide a welcoming, secure and happy environment where children can explore and become independent learners.


The Nursery team for the 2018-2019 academic year is Mrs Walsh (class teacher) and Mrs Wynn.




​ Our new children have settled into Nursery so well. It is lovely to see them coming in each morning with a big smile.smiley