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Week Beginning 1 March 2021

Parents and Carers


Sometimes we all need someone to turn to for advice and support. We're glad to help and are happy for you to talk to us. In addition to what we can offer, please click on the following link where you will find information about organisations that you might find useful. Thank you.


To share completed work, or if you require any help or advice with the work that has been set,

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I have attached a little over view below for your child to look at to remind them about nursery for their return. It has been a long time that we have been away and I understand that some children may be feeling nervous. We can't wait to see all the children on Mondaysmiley

Returning to nursery


Hi Nursery!! Well this is the final week of home learning and I am finally going to get to see you all next week. How exciting!!! J  I cannot wait to see you. It will be lovely for you all to see your friends and we are going to make sure you have a lovely time coming back! We have lots of lovely activities for you to enjoy. One last week of home learning so give it your best. I am so proud of you all.

This week is also Book week. Each day there will be a door with a clue, see if you can guess which story is behind the door?  World book day is Thursday 4th March, if you would like to dress up as your favourite book character send me a photo.



Friday 5th March


Here is today's final clue. Who is behind the door today? This character is known for having very colourful patchwork! Scroll down to reveal today's story and see if you guessed correctly! 





Thursday 4th March

Today is World book day! If you've decided to dress up I would love you to send me some photos today of you dressed as your chosen book character.


Can you guess the character next to the door today? Which story could it be? 

This character was invited for afternoon tea and ate all the food!! 

Scroll down to reveal today's story and see if you guessed correctly.





Wednesday 3rd March

Can you guess the characters next to the door for today's story? These characters are waiting for their Mummy to fly home to them! Scroll down for today's link to reveal the story and see if you guessed correctly.  



Tuesday 2nd March


Can you guess the character behind the door for today's story?

His eyes are orange, his tongue is black!

Scroll down for today's link to reveal the story and see if you are right!



Monday 1st March

Can you guess the character behind the door for today's story? This character is very hungry!!! Scroll down for the link to reveal the story.



Home learning activities week beginning 1.03.21

  • C&L & UW - With an adult talk about what you think firefighters do? What vehicle do fire fighters drive? What colour is it?


  • Literacy - Watch the YouTube link below of Mrs Walsh reading the book ‘Firefighter.

Have a go at answering these questions;

  1. What does Jack the firefighter have to wear? You can name any of the clothes Jack has to wear for his job.
  2. What does Jack fit on the ceiling in Mrs Patel’s house?
  3. How do the firefighters put the fire out at the school?


  • UW & PD - Watch the power point attached below all about fire fighters

Attached below is a cut and paste activity; dress the fire fighter. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a printer; draw your own picture of a fire fighter using the correct colours for their uniform.




  • Literacy - What is your favourite book or character from a book? Can you draw, paint, collage or maybe junk model your favourite character/animal from a book? It might be a butterfly from the very hungry caterpillar, or a dinosaur from Harry and the dinosaurs, your favourite Disney princess? Whatever it may be, I would love to see a picture of your creation.


  • Literacy & EAD - Using the attachment below can you design your favourite book character mask? Don’t worry if you haven’t got a printer you can create your own mask using a paper plate, card or paper and straws.  I can’t wait to see your mask designs. Mrs Walsh will have to guess who’s behind the mask!! J




  • Phonics – This week’s sound of the week is week n. This is a stretchy sound nnnnnnnn.




Can you go on a phonic hunt around your house and find any objects beginning with n.


  • Maths – can you order the people who help us pictures from biggest to smallest?  See attachment below.


Key vocab: Biggest, bigger, smallest, smaller.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a printer, ask an adult to help you find some objects from around your home of different sizes. Have a go at ordering them biggest to smallest.

  • Maths – Counting buttons on a plate. Use 2 plates to explore the composition of numbers to 5.

Place some of your buttons on one plate and the rest on another plate.





How many buttons are on each plate? How many buttons do you have altogether? Can you use some bigger numbers than 5 to explore?


  • Maths – Ask an adult to help draw some numbers with chalk outside, the adult calls out a number and you have to squirt the correct number. Ask the adult to time you, can you beat your time on your next go.




  • EAD - Have a go at making your own shape fire engine or some junk modelling, having a go at making your own fire engine from a cardboard box, paints and straws!





  • EAD - Have a go at making your own handprint fire fighter. See attachment below for instructions.



  • PE – If you have a football, work with a partner to gently kick the ball to them and for your partner to kick it back. When your partner kicks the football back to you try and stop if with your foot. If you feel more confident stand a little further back from your partner.


  • PE – Have a go at this Jungle theme exercise work out, see link below.














Fire fighter

People who help us size ordering activity

Face mask templates

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