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Parents and Carers

Sometimes we all need someone to turn to for advice and support. We're glad to help and are happy for you to talk to us. In addition to what we can offer, please click on the following link where you will find information about organisations that you might find useful. Thank you. 

If you would like to share the work your child has completed, or require any help or advice with the work that has been set, please contact us at

Thank you. 


Doodlers of the day!!


Massive shout out to all of these amazing Mapledeners who have made it into the green zone on their English today.


5F, 69% green: Abi, Ahmed, Alex, Cole, Conrad, Ellis, Esmay, Frankie, Jake, Jayden, Jess, Maisy, Matilda, Millie, Queen, Ryan, Rylan


5H, 56% green: Aariz, Ava, Daniya, Dylan, Erin, Ewan, Harley, Jasper, Jack, Jacob P, Jacob V, Maisie, Maja, Scarlett, Will


Wednesday 25th November

Good morning Mapledeners!  


Look at the date!


Before we know it, the big man in the red suit will have arrived! But for now, we have the next best thing…home learning! Ok, not quite the same BUT we’re nearly there now πŸ˜Š Let’s buckle down and build upon our learning over the last few days. As always, a big thank you to YOU and your families πŸ˜Š



Our timetable today is :



Ordering decimals



Pig Heart Boy Chapter 6 part 1 and comprehension task



Doodle-tenses (and getting into the green zone!)



Parts of the body

PSHE Who is your community?




Over the last few days, we have been learning about the place value of decimal numbers. Today, we would like you to use this understanding to help you to order and compare decimals.  First, watch the slideshow and play the game on BBC Bitesize

Once you have done this, watch the next video - the hungry alligator will help you to recap using the less than < and more than > signs.

Comparing Decimals | Less Than and Greater Than Decimals

Once you have done this, choose your task from the deci-ometer. Merits will be awarded for children who really challenge themselves.


Yesterday, we found out that Cam had decided that he wanted to go and meet Trudy, the pig who was going to save his life. Today, the time has come for the family to go and visit the research centre. Will the centre be able to make Mum feel less anxious? Will Cam get his wish to meet Trudy? Read Chapter 6, Part 1 to find out.


Read the first part of the chapter, then have a go at the comprehension questions. Make sure that you read the questions carefully, as some of them are deliberately written to catch you out!

Mrs Milnes’ group


We have a new text to look at over the next couple of days, ‘Mrs Fairborn’s baby’.  


Once you've read it, download your writing task. Remember, you don’t need to print the document off, you can record on the document or you can complete your work on a separate piece of paper.


Today Miss Faulkner is feeling very tense…her shoulders are in the past tense; her feet are in the present tense, but her brain is in the future tense! Help her to relax by recapping on your understanding of which tense is which. First, watch the two videos on Bitesize, then have a go at the quiz. There are then three tasks for you to have a go at on Doodle. Make sure that you challenge yourself to get into your English green zone…we will be giving a massive shout out to those who manage it.


Buenas tardes! 


This afternoon you will be learning the Spanish words for body parts – this is so you can ‘wow’ Mr. Collett upon our return to school! Have fun learning these. You will also be considering the community that you live in for this week’s PSHE activity. 



Hola! As we are learning about the heart in Science, we thought that you may also like to learn body part words in Spanish! Watch the video and then draw the outline of a person. Using the video as a guide, label the different parts of the body with both the English and Spanish words. 


Muchas gracias πŸ˜Š  


Learn The Body Parts in Spanish: El Cuerpo (The Body)



For this activity we want you to brainstorm what your local community means to you.  Draw a picture of you in the middle of the brainstorm, then start to fill out the rest of the brainstorm with other parts of the community that means something to you.  So, I might draw a picture of myself (Mrs Humphries πŸ˜Š ) in the middle, then draw and label a picture of my home and family, Mapledene.  I might to decide to draw a picture of my local church or mosque etc...  We’ll carry on with this learning when we return to school next week. 

Seven days of home learning is now complete! Well done on completing your activities – just two more days to go πŸ˜Š  


Missing you all lots and sending lots of Mapledene virtual hugs to you all πŸ˜Š  


Mrs H and Miss F xxxxx 

                                           Breaking News

Well done to these children who have made it into the Maths green zone so far today. Can you join them? Cyber fist bump to these amazing Mathematicians!


5F, 69% green: Abi, Ahmed, Alex, Cole, Conrad, Elliot, Ellis, Esmay, Frankie, Jake, Jayden, Maisy, Matilda, Millie, Queen, Ryan, Rylan             

5H, 44% green: Amelia, Aariz, Dylan, Erin, Ewan, Harley, Jacob, Maja, Maisie, Mia, Scarlett, Will                                             

Tuesday 24th November


Good Morning Year 5 πŸ˜Š 

So, it’s been a week since we were last together and we are missing you lots!  Thank you so much for all your efforts.  We love hearing from you so keep sending your work into us, using the advice email, Today we will continue with our usual morning routine and then this afternoon you will begin researching and planning for your new Art project. Have a fabulous day.  


Our timetable today:


Doodle-decimal place value


Chapter 5 part 2-words in context


Synonyms and antonyms


Piggy bank/pencil pot design



Yesterday in Maths, we learnt about the place value of decimal numbers, and how fractions (tenths and hundredths) were another way of representing parts of a whole. Today, we would like you to learn how to write thousandths. Remember, yesterday we learnt that in our base ten number system, as you move to the right, the columns get ten times smaller. So, ten tenths make a whole, and that ten hundredths make a tenth. Likewise, ten thousandths make a hundredth.

Watch the video on bitesize to understand how to write thousandths. In this video, Jade uses cereal in her place value grid - this is a really good idea if you are struggling with the concept.

After you have watched the video, have a go at the three tasks on your Doodle maths app. We would love a Year 5 class to win the Doodle certificates this week, so try to make sure that you are in the green at the end of this lesson.

Guided Reading

Yesterday, Cameron told Marlon about his meeting with Dr Bryce. Understandably, Marlon was worried for his friend, and the impact it could have on his life. Cameron has now been waiting for three long, long days to see whether Dr Bryce has decided to choose him to receive the transplant. In Chapter 5, part 2, we will find out what Dr Bryce’s decision is. Before you read, predict what you think will happen. As you are reading, make a note of any new words, remembering to look them up so that you can fully understand the text.


After you have read the chapter, have a go at the second words in the context task. Make sure you read the questions carefully - some of them are there to catch you out!

Mrs Milnes’ group

Activity 1

Please re-read ‘A good win for the red shirts’. You can find this on yesterday's page.

Complete the questions and practise reading the sight words.


Activity 2

Your writing activity today will be to re-write the story in your own words.  Remember to use punctuation – can you challenge yourself to use brackets?  Check your spellings!


Yesterday in English, we discovered that words that mean the same (or almost the same) are called synonyms. Can you think of any examples of these? Antonyms are the opposite of words, so for example, one antonym of sleepy would be awake. Can you think of any other examples?

For your task, choose from brain tingling, brain boggling or brain busting. Or for merits, have a go at all three!


This afternoon we would like you to start researching for your latest Art project.  Decisions, decisions!  Would you like to design your very own piggy bank … or would you prefer to design your own pencil pot?  The decision is yours! By the end of the term, we will have used papier mache to build up your design, but what will it look like? Will it be based around a theme? Will it be for you, or a gift for someone else? Remember, although they are called piggy banks, it does not have to be in the shape of a pig. For example, Frankie might decide to make a piggy bank in the shape of a sloth! Or Jack might create Iron Man’s helmet.

 Use Miss Faulkner’s design ideas to help you to make a start. Remember to label your pictures using a ruler. If you have access to a printer, you might wish to print off some pictures to help with your design. 


Whilst drawing, why not bring some Christmas cheer to your house and practise the songs that you learnt yesterday 😊  



And there we are, another day down and another day closer to being back together.  We can’t wait!  Thanks again for all your efforts and doing yourself proud.  See you bright and early in the morning πŸ˜Š  


Big Mapledene cyber hug, 

Mrs H and Miss F  xxxx 


Monday 23rd November


Good morning Year 5!  We hope that you had a good weekend and that you and your families are well. Miss Faulkner and I have been planning your home learning and hope that you enjoy what we have lined up!  Once again, a huge thank you to you and your families, we know that it is tricky, but having seen your work and spoken with you all, you are all doing a grand job 🀩🀩🀩πŸ₯° Keep an eye out for the Celebration Assembly on the school website, we have tried hard to include all of the Anti-Bullying work that has been emailed to us - see if you can spot yours! 


So, here we go, our final week of home learning, grab some paper and a pencil (or keyboard πŸ˜‰) and let’s do this!

Our timetable today:


Decimal place value


Chapter 5 part 1-words in context


Synonyms and antonyms


Christmas songs

PE Gym/Fitness


This week, we are going to move our learning on to decimal place value. Decimals and fractions are different ways of representing whole numbers, and parts of whole numbers. You can convert fractions to decimals by understanding your place value.  Watch these videos from Maths Antics and Maths Mansion, then have a go at the tasks below.

Math Antics - Decimal Place Value

Learn More at Visit for more Free math videos and additional subscription based content!

3 The Deciworm

decimal notation tenths and hundredths

How much heat can you take with your understanding of decimals and fractions? Choose your tasks from the Deci-ometer!

Guided Reading.

Last week, Cameron made the decision of his life…he wanted to go ahead with the pig heart transplant. Today, we would like you to read Chapter 5 part 1. In this chapter, Cameron tells Marlon his decision. Read the chapter aloud, using your storyteller voice - remember to look up any words that you are unsure of. As you are reading, think about what Marlon is like as a friend. Is he the kind of friend you would want to have?


After you have read it, have a go at the words in context task. Try not to use a dictionary to start with. Read the words in the sentence and try to think of another word that would make sense. Once you have completed the task, then you can use a dictionary to check whether you were correct or not!


Mrs Milnes’ Group

Please read through ‘A good win for the red shirts.’  After reading through the text, complete the following activities:


Activity 1


Grapheme = is a letter or group of letters that produce a sound, e.g -  sh ou t    

The word ‘shout’ has 3 graphemes.


Best friends’ are the number of diagraphs in a word. Diagraphs are two letters (graphemes) that produce one sound.

E.g. - sh ou t


The word ‘shout’ has 2 ‘best friends’.


Activity 2

Re-write the paragraph, making sure that you correct the capital letters and full stops.  Please correct the spelling mistakes.  Once you have done this, answer the questions using full sentences.



In our reading work, we have been learning how to understand new vocabulary by reading around the sentence, then trying a new word to see if it makes sense. Words that mean the same thing are called synonyms. Can you think of a synonym for big? Yes, words such as huge, large and massive are all synonyms for the word big. Antonyms mean the opposite of a word. What would an antonym of big be?


Watch this video on Bitesize, then have a go at the quiz.

For your task today, we would like you to log onto your Doodle English app and complete two added extras on synonyms and antonyms.


Good afternoon Year 5. It’s that time of the week where Mr Hyde and Miss Sanders would be taking over the reins of Year 5. It’s time to get physical and LOUD! 



Miss Sanders would like you to practise two Christmas songs so that when we return to school, we will be ready to record our part in the KS2 carol service!  Happy singing! Parents, feel free to get into the festive spirit.

08 - Yeah! Tomorrows Christmas.mp3

06 - Let all the earth rejoice.mp3


We have uploaded some activity cards so that you can order them into a routine.  Can your parent order the cards into a sequence and can you perform that sequence? Now switch!  Can you organise the cards into a sequence that you and your family can perform?  Give it a go!

Thank you for all of your AMAZING efforts today. We look forward to receiving lots of emails and giving out lots of merits…many of you are close to your 25 merits certificate! Throughout this week, Miss Faulkner and I shall start ringing you for a catch up - we’re really looking forward to speaking to youπŸ™‚πŸ™‚ 


Rest up this evening and we’ll be right here in the morning for lots more fun learning! 



Mrs H and Miss F 


Belong, Believe, Be you…Achieve

Friday 20th November


Wow!  It’s Friday already!  First of all, we want to say how proud we are of you and your families.  We have loved catching up with you and whilst it’s challenging, you are all doing your very best.  Thank you all so much.


So, we’ve decided that we’re going to be ending this week’s home learning in style!  Yes, you’re going to be challenged with your Reading, Writing and Maths - challenge is good!  This afternoon you have PE and ICT.  The whole family can join in with the PE and you get to choose from two activities - send photos if you wish!  You’re going to have to read further down to read about ICT …  😊


Our timetable today:


Arithmetic and tables challenge


Chapter 4 part 2-words in context





PE Joe Wicks or Disney workout



You have all worked super hard this week at your multiplication methods, and should be very proud of yourselves. For today’s Maths…we feel the need…for speed! We would like you to complete our tables and arithmetic challenges.




You are a very talented bunch, and your arithmetic work reflects this. 5F, you are used to this challenge, and know how to work your way through the columns (we have added a rainbow challenge of very tricky sums - we can hear Ahmed cheering from here!) 5H, you start your challenge at either red or amber depending how confident you feel. Work your way through the sums, remembering to write down your working out. Once you have completed the one column, move onto the next (rainbow level is optional). You should aim to complete it in about 20 minutes.


Tables challenge

This challenges your ability to recall your tables facts quickly and accurately. The challenge is a set ten-minute timed challenge. You work your way through the tables grid. Both classes have completed a grid like this before, so you know how to fill it in. If you complete the challenge within the ten minutes, note down your time. In 5F, Ellis is able to complete the grid in 2 minutes 15 seconds and is our reigning tables champ! If you don’t finish within the ten minutes, mark your work, then count up how many you have got correct. We have provided you with a grid if you have a printer, if not, you can draw the grid in your workbooks. Email us with your times (no cheating please!).

Guided Reading

Yesterday, we met the potentially lifesaving surgeon, Dr Bryce. He explained to Cam what the pros and cons of having a pig heart would be…Cam and his parents certainly had a lot to think about. Today, we are going to finish off reading chapter 4. This is a tricky read as there is a lot of technical language. By the end of this chapter, we will find out whether Cam is going to put himself forward for the transplant or not.

For your task, we would like you to research some of the tricky vocabulary that you come across. There are two choices for this task, brain boggling or brain busting. On both of the challenges, we would like you to have a guess at what you think the word means (remember to read it in the sentence as this will give you a clue!), then research the word online. We like to use the Oxford online dictionary

Mrs Milnes' group

The people of America have voted to elect the first female Vice President, Kamala Harris! In guided reading we would like you to complete this reading comprehension about Shirley Chislom, who was the first black woman to be elected to congress.


Miss Faulkner is struggling with her spelling today…she keeps on muddling up her homophones. Look at the task that she has written for you to do!

Four English today, wee wood like you two focus on using the correct spellings fur homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same butt are spelled differently and have a different meaning.

She must have been half asleep when she wrote that! Can you spot which words are incorrect?

Watch the video on BBC Bitesize and have a go at the quizzes at:

You have a choice of tasks today. You can either use Doodle spell to practise your homophones, or have a go at the written tasks below. If you choose to do the written work, you can write out the sentence with the correct word choice in. If you really are determined to earn a merit… you might choose to do both!


Good afternoon Year 5. We know that you all love your Computing lessons and we think that you will be really bored by this activity … OK, we’re joking!! You’re going to love it! This afternoon you need to create your own computer game, and to be able to do this, you need to be able to code!

You will need to go to this website:

Don’t worry, you do not need to worry about logging in – just click on the ‘Flappy Code’ link.

Watch this clip:

Once the video has stopped playing and you have closed the video box down, you get creating!!

Have fun!!




We have been learning all about the heart this week and now it’s time to get that heart really pumping! You may wish to work out with none other than … Spider-Man! Click on this link: 


Or, you may prefer an aerobics session! This routine is 20 minutes, so you may need to take a break! Here is the link: 


Maybe the whole family would like to take part?! Send photos if you wish! Remember to send any work to


Once again, well done for having such a positive attitude this week. You have done Mapledene proud, and we are both so pleased to be your teachers. Now it’s the weekend, time to relax…


Take care,

Love Miss F and Mrs H


Belong, Believe, Be you…Achieve


                                                        STOP  PRESS!


We were really sad that we weren't able to take photos of you all in your odd socks, and share all your anti-bullying work before having to close our bubble on Tuesday. We have already had some photos sent to us with the superb posters that you produced for yesterday's PSHE work.  It would be brilliant if you could email us a photo of you with your poster ... and odd socks!! Please email your photo to  All photos will be added to our virtual assembly on Friday.  Photos must be received by no later than 3pm today.

Thursday 19th November


Good morning Year 5! 


So, here we go, ready for Day 2. Firstly, we hope that you are all well – you are doing yourselves proud!


We have an action-packed day planned for you … this afternoon you will be learning all about the heart!  Below you will be able to see what we are covering today, from Guided Reading, Maths, English and Science.  Remember, you can email your work to us through the advice email.


Our timetable today is :



Multiplication-finishing off from yesterday and Doodle.


Chapter 4 part 1-Pros and cons of having a pig heart transplant


Writing about an ethical decision


The Heart


Happy learning and keep smiling πŸ™‚



You did brilliantly with your multiplication work yesterday. We’re really pleased to see that you are challenging yourself to work as hard as you can. For our Maths lesson today, we would like you to complete any work from yesterday (if you are ready to move onto the next task then do), then complete the extra set for you on Doodle. Use the videos that we posted yesterday to help you if you get stuck with the method.


Guided Reading

Yesterday, we found out that Dad had arranged for Dr Bryce (a transplant expert) to talk to Cam about the possibility of him having a pig’s heart in order to help him live. Mum and Dad had disagreed and had a massive argument. Today for our Guided Reading lesson, we would like you to read chapter four, part 1 and find out what happens when Dr Bryce visits. Remember to research any words you are unsure of.


As you read, imagine that you are Cam. He is about to make one of the most difficult decisions of his life. What are the pros (the good points) for having the transplant, and what are the cons (the bad points)? For example, a major pro is the fact that it could save his life! A con might be that people might make fun of him. Try to find as many reasons for and against as you can. Use the example to help you structure your work.

Mrs Milnes' group

Along with your reading activities you have been sharing some of Malorie Blackman’s, ‘Pig Heart Boy’.  Attached is a reading comprehension about Malorie Blackman. Read aloud the information and then have a go at answering the questions.  You don’t have to print the sheets off, just record on the paper we provided you with.


Imagine that you are Cam. How would you feel if your heart didn’t work, and you had the possibility to have a pig’s heart transplanted? Write a short piece of writing, telling us why you would, or wouldn’t want to have the transplant. Remember to use your knowledge of paragraphs to help you structure your work.


If you are unsure of how to start, use Miss F’s example text to help you. We have also given you a list of adverbials to help make your writing sound interesting. This is a very grown up piece of writing, so we will be looking to give out lots of merits for this work. If you are writing in your workbook, remember to use the joins that you know.


Good afternoon Year 5. It’s Thursday afternoon…time to don your lab coats and goggles as we investigate the human circulatory system.


Your body is amazing…one of a kind…the only one in the whole universe! Lots of different systems help it to work properly: your skeleton holds you up; your muscles help your skeleton to move; your digestive system helps you to get nutrition and water from food. These are systems that you learnt about in Year 3 and Year 4.


Now it’s time to find out about another very important body system: the circulatory system. Last week we found out how to measure our pulse, and how that increases with exercise. Today we are going to find out why the heart beats, what job it does and how the heart works.


Why does the heart need to beat?

Have a look at this Bitesize link, watch the video and have a go at the quiz

Once you have done that, use this PowerPoint and these videos to find out how the heart works? Once you have found out, use your creativity to present your work to us. You might want to create a model, or film yourself explaining how it works. How you present your work is up to you. We will be giving merits and smelly certificates for the most creative ideas.


Introduction to the heart


Different parts of the heart


What the heart actually looks like (this has a real pig’s heart being cut open-if you are squeamish, you might want to give this one a miss!)


We hope you had a fun day, and can’t wait to see more of the amazing work that you are doing. Remember to send any work to


Take care,

Love Mrs H and Miss F

Belong, Believe, Be you…Achieve

Wednesday 18th November

Good morning Year 5!


You have worked incredibly hard since you returned to school in September, we hope this will continue over the next ten days.


You can record your answers in your workbooks, or, if you want to, answer the questions on the word document itself. Remember to check your answers after you have finished.


If there is anything that you need help with, email, and Mrs H or I will get back to you. Remember, just like school, excellent work will be rewarded with house points and smelly certificates - we will also be choosing our shooting stars.


Our timetable today is :






Using evidence-Pig Heart Boy






Days of the week



‘This is me’ challenge


Remember to make sure you have breaktime and lunchtime too!



For our Maths lesson today, we will be continuing our work on multiplication. We are all at different stages with this work so we would like you to choose the work that you feel you are ready for. You do not need to complete all the sums today. This work will continue tomorrow.


1. Short multiplication


If you have been working on multiplying numbers by a single digit e.g. 34 x 4, watch this video to recap the method, then have a go at the questions below. For Year 5, you need to be able to multiply 4 digits by a single digit e.g. 5436 x 4.







Year 5 Multiplication using the Short Method

Year 5 Multiplication using the Short Method

2. Long multiplication


If you are confident multiplying by one digit, have a go at multiplying by two. Use the video to help you. For some of you, this is brand new learning, so remember to persevere and practise until you’re confident.

Year 5 Multiplication using the long method for 2, 2 digit numbers

Year 5 Multiplication using the long method for 2, 2 digit numbers

3. Problem solving


Some of you are confident with both methods. If this is the case, have a go at these problems…make sure that you read the question carefully and show your working out.


If you want to challenge yourself further, make sure that you are in the green on your Doodle maths account.



Guided Reading

We are going to continue our work today on our fantastic class reader, Pig Heart Boy. First of all, read chapter three (5H make sure that you have read chapter 2-Mrs H sent this home with you yesterday). Make a note of any words that you are unsure of- you can look them up online afterwards. If you can, try to read the text aloud so that you can practise your storyteller voice.

For your task today, we would like you to become story detectives. Look at the statement that you are given, then find the evidence in the text to back it up. You might be able to find more than one bit of evidence.


E.g Cameron doesn’t like it when his parents argue.

“I recognised that tone of voice. It burnt like a laser. I winced.”


You can either complete your work in the table, or write each statement as a subheading, with your evidence underneath.



Mrs Milnes' group

Yesterday, Mrs Humphries sent home a comprehension on Anti Bullying week.  Please could you read the text carefully, then answer the comprehension questions.


Today, we would like you to recap your understanding of paragraphs. First of all, watch the two videos on BBC Bitesize (you do not need to do the tasks on Bitesize).

Now have a go at the extra set for you on your Doodle English login.

Good afternoon Year 5!  So, let’s transport ourselves to a normal Wednesday afternoon … it can only mean … Spanish and PSHE!




You shared some really thoughtful contributions when we discussed Anti-Bullying Week.  You were able to produce some effective posters.  To support your learning in class, we would like you to produce a poster about YOU! What makes you, YOU? How are you the most wonderfully, unique person? Maybe you can play ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ on recorder… using your nose?! This can be a hand drawn poster, or you may wish to produce a poster on Word or PowerPoint (you could insert photos that display your many talents!) If you are producing by hand … remember presentation!




A huge thank you to Mr Collett who has provided us with some excellent resources!  This week Mr Collett would like you to practise… the days of the week! Your task is to teach the members of your household the days of the week! 


Here are two excellent YouTube videos:

Days of the Week in Spanish Song!

SUBSCRIBE for more Spanish videos: Follow me on Facebook: Tweet me:

If you want to challenge yourself … here’s some more vocabulary:

Learn The days of the week in Spanish

Learn The days of the week in Spanish This video will teach you los dias de la semana in no time! If you enjoy our content, please support what we do. For le...

We hope you have a great day. Remember, you can send us your work at


Don't forget how immensely proud we are of you all.


Take care,

Love Miss F and Mrs H


Belong, Believe, Be you... Achieve

Story Club


Join Mapledene's Virtual Story Club at 4pm tonight. Miss Faulkner will be reading the first half of 'Diary of a Killer Cat' (with a very dodgy American accent). Miss Johnson has also arranged for a special guest to read to us. You can find the premiere at

Virtual Story Club - Week 3

Join Miss Faulkner and our first ever special guest for week 3 of virtual story club.

Year 5 Home Learning

Hello Year 5,

We hope you are all home, safe and well. We know that the Year 5 bubble closing might feel a little bit strange, but it is really important that we continue to work hard and do our very best. Every day, Mrs Humphries and I will put up the timetable for the day. It will follow the subjects that we do at school, so for example, on a Wednesday afternoon, we usually have a Spanish lesson, Friday is Computing etc. You do not need to print the worksheets off. If you have them on your computer screen, you can copy the work down into your workbooks. We will also provide you with the answers, so, like we do at school you can tick or check your work.


If you have got work that you need help with, or would like to show us, please get your parents to email us at:


Take care, we miss you already,

Love Miss F and Mrs H


Belong, Believe, Be You...Achieve



Wonka challenge

Yesterday afternoon, Miss Faulkner received a very strange text message.

It turned out to be from the master chocolatier himself-Willy Wonka. As he has been called away to Oompa Land, he has asked Year 5 to help him to design his most forward thinking bar to date-'Every Chew is New'. With creative ideas buzzing around both classrooms, Wonka is sure to be over the moon with ingenious ideas such as, 'The All Day Breakfast Bite' and  'The Packed Lunch in a Bar' (for stressed mums and dads!). The classes have come up with fantastic ingredient ideas too, such as: Grandma's dentures (for extra chew),glass (for a clear shine), and a rolled up rainbow (for colour). We are already looking forward to writing our ideas out, ready to send off to Wonka by the end of the week.


Year 5 had a surprise visit this afternoon-all the way from Wonka's famous factory. The children spent the afternoon finding out some fascinating facts about the sweet stuff. Did you know that in Japan they have over 200 varieties of KitKat? Soy sauce and baked potato being just two of the delicious flavours! The children were very surprised to learn that chocolate comes from beans (not the baked variety) and that some types of chocolate are even thought to have health benefits!



Welcome back Year 5!!!


It's been a fantastic start to the new academic year, we are so thrilled to be reunited smiley  Already we have earned lots of house points and merits for brilliant work and effort.


PE Days


This year, our PE days will be Monday and Friday.  Children should come to school dressed in their PE kits.  This should be weather appropriate as the children will remain in their kit all day. The children are allowed to wear joggers or leggings to keep them warm. They do not need to bring their school uniform to school on these days.


Reading Scheme


Children will no longer be given comprehensions to complete after reading their book.  All children have been given a reading record that should be signed and dated by an adult at home.