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We need your help in voting for the Christmas Story that I read in the last session of the term. Remember you can choose from:

Book A - A story about some people's least favourite vegetable and it's journey on Christmas day.

Book B - A book about a very small yak and her wish to grow up quickly until one day her herd needs help and only she can do it.

Book C - A story about two children who become Santa's special helpers.

Click on the link below and follow the instructions to cast your vote. Remember, you will need an adult's email address to cast your vote and you can only vote once per email address.

Voting opens on Friday 4th December and closes on Friday 11th December. The book with the most votes will be read on Tuesday 15th December.


Week 6 Virtual Story Club

Join me for week 6 of virtual story club. Find out our next clue for next week's special guest too! Can you guess who it is?

Virtual Story Club - Week 5

Join Miss Johnson and Miss Faulkner for week 5 of Virtual Story Club. Enjoy our first craft activity and find out your first clue to our next special guest.

Week 4

Join me for two short stories this week. Also, find out about what you will need for our craft activity next week!

What do you need for next weeks craft activity?

  • Strips of paper

  • Glue or sticky tape

  • A circle of paper

  • Pencils or felt tips

Virtual Story Club - Week 3

Join Miss Faulkner and our first ever special guess for week 3 of virtual story club.

I hope you enjoyed week 1 and week 2 of virtual story club. Which story has been your favourite so far and why?

Have a look at Roald Dahl's fantastic website here:

Don't forget, if you have any illustrations for this week's short story 'A way to the Stars' or would like to tell us about your favourite book character, then ask your adult to send it to or get them to add them to the album on the Facebook page 'At Mapledene we share and care for our little people'



Happy reading!

Miss Johnson

Virtual Story Club - Week 2

Join Miss Johnson and Mr Mac for the second week of virtual story club. Mr Mac will be reading part 2 of 'The Magic Finger' and get your guessing hats on for...

Week 1 - Virtual Story Club

Join Miss Johnson and Mr Mac for the first ever Virtual Story Club.

16 days to go!

Only 16 days till Virtual Story Club starts and I can't wait. I am very busy recording and editing videos ready for our first session. It is going to be a good one!

Who enjoyed the video of 'WANTED: Ralphy Rabbit, Book Thief'? Did anyone have a go at drawing him using the video? If so, you could ask an adult to send a picture to or put it in the Story Club Album on Facebook.  Don't forget to put Virtual Story Club in the subject line if you are sending it as an email.


Have a look at this video below, which is the story 'Do Not Disturb the Dragons' by Michelle Robinson. It also shows how to draw a dragon by illustrator Sharon Davey.


Enjoy and I hope you are counting down the days too!

Miss Johnson 



If you have any recommendations of stories and want to feature on our first ever Virtual Story Club, then ask your adult to send a short email to with your recommendation. You could do this as a video and send it to the same email address. Please ask your adult to put 'Virtual Story Club' in the subject line. When making your recommendation you may want to think about:

- The name and author of the book

- Why you like the book

- Who are you recommending it to and why? You might think about ages or children's interests

- Give it a star rating