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Virtual Story Club

Welcome to all things Virtual Story Club!

I can't wait to get Virtual Story Club up and running! Reading and stories are both things that myself and all of the teachers at Mapledene are passionate about and we can't wait to share this with you. We will be sharing some of our favourite stories, asking for your recommendations, thinking about crafts linked to the books and just generally sharing our LOVE of reading. We will hopefully have some guest readers too! 

We can’t wait to get started, so check out the details below and we hope you can join us: 

When does it start - Tuesday 3rd November

Where - Learn it With Mapledene on You Tube


When- Every Tuesday at 4pm 

Want a taste of what's to come? Check out the videos below!

Do you love the book 'Wanted, Ralphy Rabbit, Book Burglar'? I know I certainly do! 


Check out Emily MacKenzie, the author, reading it here:


Fancy yourself as an illustrator, check out how to draw Ralphy Rabbit here:

Can't wait for our first session!
Miss Johnson

16 days to go!

Only 16 days till Virtual Story Club starts and I can't wait. I am very busy recording and editing videos ready for our first session. It is going to be a good one!

Who enjoyed the video of 'WANTED: Ralphy Rabbit, Book Thief'? Did anyone have a go at drawing him using the video? If so, you could ask an adult to send a picture to or put it in the Story Club Album on Facebook.  Don't forget to put Virtual Story Club in the subject line if you are sending it as an email.


Have a look at this video below, which is the story 'Do Not Disturb the Dragons' by Michelle Robinson. It also shows how to draw a dragon by illustrator Sharon Davey.


Enjoy and I hope you are counting down the days too!

Miss Johnson 



If you have any recommendations of stories and want to feature on our first ever Virtual Story Club, then ask your adult to send a short email to with your recommendation. You could do this as a video and send it to the same email address. Please ask your adult to put 'Virtual Story Club' in the subject line. When making your recommendation you may want to think about:

- The name and author of the book

- Why you like the book

- Who are you recommending it to and why? You might think about ages or children's interests

- Give it a star rating