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Welcome to Year 4

Friday 3rd April


                   ***STOP  PRESS***


WOW!!!  Did you see our 'Shooting Star' virtual assembly?!  It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces.  Did you guess correctly?  KEVIN McNALLY!!  Pretty impressive, eh?!  What a wonderful message to receive from him.


Well done to our shooting stars, Will and Frankie!  A double triumph for Will, who was also a top Doodler too!  We are very proud of you.


As Easter draws near, we wish you all, our Mapledene family, lots of love and best wishes.  We miss you all lots.


Take care and be safe!


Mrs H & Miss F

Belong, Believe, Be you ... Achieve

Watching, always watching!



Good morning Year 4 ... 


Are you ready for our virtual Shooting Star assembly?  We are very much looking forward to seeing who our Shooting Stars are going to be this week smiley  Who will be our special guest?


Did you join in with the 'Clap for the NHS'?  Thank you to our wonderful NHS and all of our key workers heart


Watch this space for another update later smiley



Thursday 2nd April 


Hello!  It’s Thursday already πŸ˜Š 


JK Rowling has launched a website to keep you all entertained, here’s the link:


As requested, there are some dictated sentences attached above.  Children, remember to ‘red ink’ your work!


Keep Doodling, it’s neck and neck as to which class is going to be the top Doodlers!  


We’ve seen some more fantastic dinosaur work from FB.  We’re looking forward to seeing some Easter creations πŸ˜Š


Remember that tomorrow will be our virtual Shooting Star assembly!  Who will be our very special guest?  Time will tell! 


Have a good day



Mrs H & Miss F


Belong, Believe, Be you ... Achieve

Watching, always watching 


Learning at home updates:

Wednesday 1st April


It's the 1st of April!  We've been seeing some great efforts from Year 4: fossils, dinosaur and dog poems.  Fabulous work, well done yesheart


Did you see the 'Dog in the Playground' video?!  Have you guessed who our virtual guest is for Friday?  We don't know either and are guessing with you!



Check out all the new links, the Doodle Easter Challenge looks like good fun!  Get Doodling!



Here's a good link for keeping your maths skills in tiptop shape:



Remember - Steve Backshall is on FB/Twitter this morning (9.30)



Have a good day,


Mrs H & Miss F

Belong, Believe, Be you ... Achieve

Watching, always watching



Tuesday 31st March 


Hello Year 4!!  It was wonderful to read some of your dog poems!  They were beautifully presented, well done! 


A little later, you may well see a familiar face on YouTube...or maybe more if you are really paying attention!  


Well done to all those Doodlers...keep going, you do have competition from other year groups! 


Mr Mac has a coding link for you: 


Tomorrow, Steve Backshall is back on FB/Twitter (9.30)  If you haven’t already done so, complete the Steve Backshall reading comprehension on Doodle. 


Stay safe, 


Mrs H & Miss F 


Belong, Believe, Be you … Achieve 

Watching, always watching ! 

                           Easter Activities


Below are some activities that you may like to have a go at.  They all have an Easter theme:



                                 Easter Story Activity 



Here is a link to the Easter Story.  You may wish to write your own version of the Easter Story. 


                            Spelling Request


We have had a request for some dictated sentence work.  We have attached some spellings that should be revised this week.  On Thursday we will upload some sentences that can be dictated.

Monday 30th March


Welcome to a new week, we hope that you all had a good weekend.


Did you watch our virtual Shooting Star assembly?!  Well done to our Shooting Stars, Scarlett and Aryan smiley  Big congratulations to Maja and 4F for being top Doodlers.  


Doodle is all set and ready to go...Will 4F win again this week?  4H, can you storm ahead this week?!  


We are looking forward to seeing all of your creations on the Mapledene FB page; with Easter coming along, it would be wonderful to see some of your masterpieces.


Have a good day and remember...


Belong, Believe, Be you ... Achieve


Mrs H & Miss F

Watching, always watching!

Easter Activity Ideas 


Below are a couple of websites where you can find lots of creative ideas for Easter!  It would be fantastic to see some of your creations on the Mapledene FB page 😊  




Happy making 😊😊😊 

Friday 27th March 


Morning Year 4, it’s Friday! 


Miss Johnson has shared some more wonderful photos πŸ˜Š We were very proud to see that some of you are learning sign language 😊 Errrrm, did you see a familiar face on FB?  We hope that you found it funny!  Now, how many of you eagle eyed people spotted what was in the background?!  You might want to go back and check out the video again! 


Well done Doodlers – There are some early risers!  We will be uploading some Easter activities shortly.  It would be wonderful to see some of your creations on FB 😊


Did you join in with the ‘Clap for the NHS’?  We did heart Thank you to our wonderful NHS and keyworkers; all the beautiful artwork that you have been creating will bring great comfort and support.


As this week draws to a close, we just wanted to say how proud we are to be part of the wonderful Mapledene family.  What a team!  


Lots of Mapledene love, 

Mrs H and Miss F 

Belong, Believe, Be you … Achieve 

Watching, always watching... 

Thursday 26th March

Good morning Year 4, 


Miss Johnson has been telling us all about the fun things that you have been doing at home.  It has been nice to see some of your photos 😊 Loved the banner, it made us smile 😊  How are the seeds progressing?  Check out FB later today, you may see a familiar face! 


Here’s a poem for you:


Yes, I Ate His Homework 

Yes, I ate his homework. 
You think I'm a liar! 
So kind of you, teacher, 
to go and inquire. 
It's just that when hungry, 
despite what you think, 
there's nothing more tasty 
than paper and ink, 
unless it's some slippers 
or brand-new soft shoes, 
or maybe a sheet 
of some basted raw chews. 
I ate all the homework 
and part of the couch. 
There's so much to eat 
and I'm hardly a slouch. 
So that is my story. 
I'll swear that it's true. 
Excuse me for now, 
I have text books to chew. 

by Denise Rodgers 
Copyright©Denise Rodgers 

Who do you think wrote the poem?  Have a go at performing it! 


It’s that means only one thing...mediation with Miss F!  Here’s a link for you: 


Missing you all. 



Look at the stars, not at your toes. 

Belong, Believe, Be you … Achieve 



Mrs H and Miss F



Wednesday 25th March



Hello Year 4! 


It’s an exciting morning!  Steve Backshall is on FB/Twitter/YouTube this morning at 9.30.  Did you prepare any questions?  There is also a reading comprehension all about Steve on Doodle, check it out! 






Congratulations to 4F, you are the top Mapledene Doodlers at the moment, with 1408 stars!  4H, you are in 4th place, with 1296 stars.  Get Doodling! 


You can be practising your tables on ‘Hit the Button’. 



Belong, Believe, Be You … Achieve 


Love Mrs H and Miss F 


Watching, always watching!

Tuesday 24th March

Morning Year 4. 


We hope that you are well. 


Well done Doodlers!  We are not quite the top Doodlers at the moment though – let the Doodle challenge begin!                                                                                                       


If you want to be a ‘fascinating factfinder’, find out: 

What was the Golden Hind and who is it associated with? 

Remember to join Miss Ellgood on FB for your daily fitness, the whole family can join in  we sure will be! 

Take care and remember... 

Belong, Believe, Be you... Achieve! 



Mrs H and Miss F 

Watching, always watching!  

Monday 23rd March

                                                      ****** STOP PRESS ******


Keep Fit !!


Join Miss Ellgood in a super workout!


She will be doing a fitness/dance/zumba class on Facebook (make sure you ask permission!) everyday this week, at 1.30.


Let's Keep Moving smiley




Joe Wicks will also be doing online, YouTube PE lessons, 9.00am, daily.




Steve Backshall will now be broadcasting at 9.30am, Wednesday 25th.



Monday 23rd March, 2020 


Hello Year 4, 

We hope that you had a nice weekend.  Like we said last week, we hope that you are reading this in your pyjamas! 

Check out Doodle, there are some tasks for you to complete 😊 

If you are starting your Tudor project, this is a useful link:  

We’ve also added a world map, just in case you are going for bonus points! 

On Wednesday 25th, at 1.00pm, Steve Backshall will be live on Twitter.  Check it out, he’ll be answering questions on wildlife, so maybe you could prepare some questions.  Remember to ask permission! 

Have a good day and remember 

Watching, always watching! 


Mrs H and Miss F xxxx 

Hi Year 4,


We told you that we would pop online tonight! This is your test to see if you can access our page.


This is Roz from Monsters Inc. What is her famous catchphrase? We shall look forward to hearing your answers tomorrow!


Good luck,

Mrs H and Miss F