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Week Beginning 22 February 2021

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Hi nursery, I hope you all had a lovely half term break and had a good rest! This term we are going to be learning about a new topic. Our new topic this half term is going to be about People who help us.



I have added some activities for this week for you to have a go at. Remember I am looking for my shooting stars so don’t forget to send me photos of all your fantastic work. Also don’t forget to have a go at your Doodle.

Keep a look out on our star titled celebrating your work. I will add lots of your photos you send me to the gallery and you will be able to see your friends!

This week is Workout Week so we are going to have a go at some Go Noodle activities to improve balance, agility and co-ordination.

  1. Warm up with this Frozen 2 game Make Your Move
  1. Have a go at the workouts Get Your Body Moving and  Yes I Want to Build a Snowman .
  1. Cool/ wind down to On and Off 

If you enjoy these activities, there are many more workout and brain break videos from Go Noodle on YouTube- so what not give them a go?

Don't forget to join Miss Ellgood and some of Year 2 in Friday's Fit Friday Assembly on our Move it With Mapledene YouTube channel.



Home learning activities week beginning 22.02.21


  • C&L & PSED - With an adult have a talk about who you think are people that help us? What do they do? How do they help us?



  • Literacy – Watch the YouTube link below of Mrs Walsh reading the story ‘ Topsy and Tim meet the Police.’ Here are some questions for you to answer.
    1. Who came to visit Topsy and Tim’s school?
    2. The children did all did a play, can you remember what it was about?
    3. On the way home from school what did Topsy find on the floor? Where did she take it?


  • UW - This week we are learning about the Police. I have attached a power point below for you to watch. An adult will need to help read lots of the interesting information about the police.  


  • Literacy & EAD – Police have special identity badges to tell you who they are. Can you make your own police badge? You will need to draw a picture of yourself and write your name so people know who you are.  There is an attachment below if you would like to use it.


  • Phonics – This week we are learning about the letter sound i. This is a bouncy sound i-i-i-i-i.




  • Phonics- Go on a phonic hunt around your house and see what objects you can find beginning with i.


  • Maths - Fill cups with different amounts of liquid.   What do you notice?

Use the key vocabulary to talk about and compare each cup.

Key vocabulary to use



half full


At bath time have a go at filling different containers. Can you fill them to show they are full, nearly full or half full?

  • Maths – Watch the prepositions PowerPoint below. Can you say where teddy is? Then have a go at the prepositions tree activity attached below. Mainly concentrate on the preposition activity cards; under, between, in, beside, in front and above.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a printer.  Gather some of your toys or teddies. An adult will need to tell you where to put them, e.g. ‘Go and put teddy under the table.’ ‘Go and put your train beside the chair.’ You can have lots of fun playing this game.


  • Maths - Have a go at exploring the composition of numbers to 5.

Place a group of teddies or toys on the bed. Place another group of teddies/toys in a different place, such as on the floor.


How many teddies are in each group? How many teddies do you have altogether? Now try and different number?


  • Maths and UW – Here is a fun experiment to try. See what how many different colours and patterns you can make using skittles!! All you need are;

1) Skittles.

2) Warm water  

3) A plate.

Have your plate and organise the Skittles in a circle around the edge of the plate. Gently pour water in the centre of the plate. Warm water works better than cold. Make sure there is enough water to go past the Skittles while filling the plate. Wait and watch the Skittle colours move towards the centre of the plate with beautiful rainbow streaks. You can try different colour patterns each time they do the experiment! I can’t wait to see some photos of yours!







UW & PSED - Calling for help in an emergency. Talk to your children about how they would call for help if they needed to. If you have a home phone, show them the number 9 and explain that they have to press it 3 times. If you have a mobile, show them how to unlock your phone and use the keypad. Talk to them about how they need to talk calmly and slowly and not to hang up before the man or lady on the phone asks them to. Talk to your child about telling them their name and the address you live at.  Maybe you could start practising this together. Remember to explain to your child that the emergency services are very busy, so you must only call in an emergency. You could make this into a fun game and record your child practising! Watch the animated video attached below, with ‘Look out Lion,’ who shows you what to do.




  • EAD - Police Car Painting - Have a go at painting a police car using your hands. Maybe you could have a go at writing your name on your piece of art work and send me a photo of it.


Or instead maybe a paper plate police car.  You will need a paper plate and some coloured card.  Talk about some of the shapes you have used on your police car.




  • PD - Fine Motor - Today you will need 1 peg and some pasta/buttons/pieces of lego or something else small that can be picked up with a peg! You will also need something like an ice cube tray, but you could use an empty egg box, a cupcake, baking tray or cupcake cases. Then set a timer for one minute and see how many items you can pick up with the peg and put into the compartments of the ice cube tray. When the minute is up, count how many you managed. Then, start the timer again and see if you can beat how many you managed the first time. 



  • PE & PSED – Try this  Cosmic kids yoga all about Sheriff Updown the rabbit. See YouTube link below




























Topsy and Tim Meet the Police

All about the police power point

Prepositions power point

Prepositions tree activity

Teaching children how to call 999 in an emergency with Lookout Lion

Created in partnership with Staffordshire Fire & Rescue and West Midlands Ambulance Services.

Sheriff Updown the Rabbit | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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