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Year 5

Our top Doodlers in Maths are:  Aariz, Amelia, Daniya, Dylan, Helen, Jacob V, Jacob P, Maisie, Scarlett K, Scarlett W, Aryan, Cole, Conrad, Eesa, Elliot, Ellis, Frankie, Jake, Jayden, Queen and Rylan.  Well done!


Our top Doodlers in English are:  Ava, Daniya, Dylan, Helen, Jacob P, Maneet, Scarlett K, Scarlett W, Abigail, Ahmed, Aryan, Conrad, Elliot, Ellis, Frankie, Isabella, Jayden, Maisy, Matilda and Rylan.  Fantastic!






We are really looking forward to meeting up again next week.  Invitations to join the Zoom meeting will be sent by Monday.  Meeting times and days will differ according to each class as individual teachers will now be holding their own Zoom meetings.


Mrs Humphries will be holding her Zoom meeting on Tuesday between 3.45 – 4.45.  This is later than usual as she will be teaching in school next week. 


Miss Faulkner will hold her Zoom meeting on Tuesday at 10 - 10.45am.


You should expect to receive your invitation link no later than Monday. 



To ensure that these meetings run as smoothly and safely as possible, we will post a reminder about Zoom etiquette and expectations on Monday. 


If your child has not yet taken part in a Zoom meeting and would like to, please use the email address to request being added to a Zoom meeting..  



Our learning for today looks like this: 



Consolidating Prime Numbers 

Guided Reading 

Reading for enjoyment, 'The Jamie Drake Equation'.


Dangle – Creative writing 


Joe Wicks workout

Computing PowerPoint animations




Yesterday you were introduced to prime numbers - numbers that are greater than one and have exactly two factors, themselves and 1. 

Watch the Bitesize below to remind yourself of yesterday’s learning.


After you have watched the Bitesize clip and had a go at the quiz, complete the two Doodle activities that have been set. Also attached is an activity that you might want to do as an ‘extra’.  Here, you will become a ‘Prime Time Detective’; using your knowledge of prime numbers to generate dates, you will then research them (using the internet) to find out which interesting events took place on that date! 




We have had so many comments from your parents of how good your computing skills are! Well done. Today, we are going to extend our understanding of Power Point animation by beginning to create an orrery. This is the name for a model of the solar system, that shows the relative sizes and orbits of the planets. 


We will be working on this project over the next few weeks. For today, we would like you to be able to animate the planets so that they travel around the sun (Copernicus would be pleased!) Watch Miss F’s video to learn how to do complete the animations. 



As we finish our third week of home learning, we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work.  To all our Mapledene family, you’re the best!  


REMEMBER!  Follow yesterday’s link to watch the final programme of ‘Space Week’ on CBeeBies.


Have a restful weekend and be safe! 



Mrs H & Miss F  

Belong, Believe, Be You … Achieve 



Thursday 21st January 


Good morning Year 5 πŸ˜Š It’s hard to believe that it is now Thursday and another week is drawing to a close.  Thank you so much for all your efforts and hard work.  We can tell that you are working hard to earn your next mission badge.  The distinction badges are going to be very hard to choose as the standard of work is so high. 


Well done to all those children who are continuing to ‘Doodle’ - these children are keeping in the green!  In Maths, we have:  Ava, Daniya, Helen, Jacob P, Jacob V, Maja, Maneet, Mia, Scarlett W, Ahmed, Aryan, Cole, Eesa, Elliot, Frankie, Jessie, Maisy, Queen, Ryan and Rylan.   



In English, our top Doodlers are: Ava, Daniya, Dylan, Erin, Ewan, Harley, Helen, Jacob P, Jonathon, Maja, Mia, Scarlett K, Scarlett W, Abigail, Ahmed, Alex, Cole, Eesa, Elliot, Esmay, Frankie, Jayden, Jessica, Maisy, Matilda, Queen, Ryan, Rylan and Sophie πŸ˜Š   


We would like to add more of your fabulous work on tomorrow’s class page so please send us your favourite piece of work, if you haven’t already done so. 



Our learning for today looks like this: 



Introducing Prime Numbers 

Guided Reading 

Information retrieval – The Moon 


Dangle – Creative writing 


Chalk drawing of the moon 





Today we will be building upon our knowledge of factor pairs and extend our learning to prime numbers.  Watch the video below and see if you can identify the prime numbers in the task below and join in with the Prime Number Rap Song!  Challenge yourself and become prime detectives! 

Finding Prime Numbers

For students of all ages. Gotta wrap your head around primes? Here's how you can think of it so that it makes sense, rather than just learning a bunch of num...






No Gromit, the Moon isn’t actually made of cheese! Although it would be delicious if it was! As part of your planet badge, today in reading, we would like you to find out about our moon. I say our moon, because many of the planets in the solar system have one. In fact, the word moon just means that it is a satellite of a planet. In this text, you will also find out about why the moon sometimes looks a different shape, depending on the time of the month. These are called the ‘phases’ of the moon. Watch this video to find out a little bit more. 


Read the text, then answer the questions given. 




Today we are going to begin the final part of our Earth, Moon and Sun badge. By Friday, we will have written our own version of Dangle. Today we are going to set the scene. Watch Miss F’s video to help you. You do not need to send this work in today, as we will be continuing with it tomorrow. 

Remember to check out Cbeebies at 4.50 - today's programme is all about robots!


Thank you to all of our families.  Keep safe.


Love Mrs H and Miss F


Belong, Believe, Be You ... Achieve 


Wednesday 20th January 


Good morning Year 5.  It was wonderful to see and speak to so many of you on Zoom yesterday.  Thank you to both parents and children for your patience – it was a new learning experience for us all!  We will definitely be holding a new Zoom at the beginning of next week and will give further details on Friday.  We are already thinking of ways that we can improve the meetings and will keep you updated on these. 


Thank you for all your hard work and the fantastic work that you are sending into school.  Here are some photographs of the work that has been sent into us so far this week.


Well done to those children who are working hard to ‘keep it in the green’ on Doodle πŸ˜Š These children are in the green for Maths:  Alex, Aryan, Cole, Conrad, Elliot, Ellis, Esmay, Frankie, Jake, Jayden, Joshua, Maisy, Millie, Ryan, Rylan, Aariz, Amelia, Daniya, Helen, Jasper, Maisie and Scarlett  😊   

Mission Badge: Sun, Moon and Earth


Remember that you are working towards your next mission badge.  To be awarded your second badge, you must be able to explain:


*   Day and night

*   Seasons

*   Phases of the moon


The silver distinction badge will be awarded to those that produce work of the highest standard, where content and presentation far exceeds expectations ... reach for the top!


Our learning for today looks like this: 



Consolidation of factors. 

Guided Reading 

Summarising fictional text. 


Main and subordinate clauses. 


Becoming a ‘critical consumer’. 


Las matematicas 




For the last few days, we have been learning about factor pairs.  

Test to see how well you know your factors by playing the game below: 

You may want to use the document attached or produce your own.  Generate a number that you will try and find factor pairs for, you could do this by rolling a dice twice.  Each planet can then be given a number that you have to find all the factor pairs for. 




You may prefer to design a game that tests a player’s knowledge of factor pairs.  Again, you could roll a dice twice to generate numbers that you find factor pairs for.  You should aim to have space as the theme for your game.  Make your players move forwards/backwards and answer questions for rewards! 





In Reading this week, we have been working on summarising information from a non-fiction text. How did we do this? We looked for the main idea! We also used who, what, why, where and when to help us. When reading a fiction text, we are constantly summarising the story so far, as it helps us to make sense of what we are currently reading. It also helps us to predict what might happen further on in the story. Watch this video to help you understand the difference when summarising a fiction text.



So, when summarising a story, we need to makes sure that we use the keys events (in the order they happen), the characters and any problems that they face.


For your task today, we would like you to choose a story of your choice, and, like they did on the video, summarise it! It can be any story, just don’t tell us what it is. If we can guess your story just by reading your summary, you will get three house points.





Last week, we looked at main and subordinate clauses. Can you remember the difference between the two? We also practised swapping the clauses around to change the emphasis of the sentence. Remind yourself of main and subordinate clauses by watching Miss F’s recording.


For your English work today, we would like you to complete your two Doodle tasks on clauses. Can you please also make sure that you are in the green zone across all areas.


Good afternoon Year 5. 


This week we are going to continue with our PSHE and Spanish learning.




Today we are going to raise our awareness of becoming a ‘critical consumer’.  When we buy products from a shop, we become a consumer.  It’s important to consider the ways in which shops entice people to spend their money. Do you, as a consumer, always benefit?  Look through the PowerPoint presentation and discuss.  Attached below are scenario cards that can be discussed and the product comparison sheet that is referenced in the PowerPoint. 




Buenos dias Year 5! Time for some more Spanish learning. Today we are going to be working on las matematicas... IN SPANISH! You may remember some of the numbers in Spanish but today we are going to learn them all the way to 50 so we can practise some Maths too...IN SPANISH!  


Watch the video then have a go at the sums in the document...IN SPANISH! 



Los números. Song to learn numbers in Spanish for kids

Learn the numbers in Spanish through songs and videos.Learn the numbers with this fun and catchy song.Visit to watch more Spanish vid...



We hope that you have enjoyed your days learning.  Thank you to all the adults that are helping to support our wonderful Mapledene children, your continued hard work is much appreciated.  Now, Year 5, you may wish to put your feet up and watch the next programme, which is part of Cbeebies' Space Week. Today's programme is all about the international space station.


Good evening ... we'll see you in the  morning :) 



Mrs H & Miss F


Belong, Believe, Be You ... Achieve  :)

Tuesday 19th January, 2021



Good morning recruits!  It’s an exciting day today, as later on we shall be meeting for our very first Zoom catch up – it will be so lovely to see you all later. 5H, your meeting is at 2.00pm and 5F, your will be meeting at 2.30.  If you still haven’t completed the Zoom form, but would like to join the meeting, you still have time to join the meeting, but forms (see below) must be sent into school by midday.



Thank you for all your hard work.  We will share some of your brilliant learning tomorrow. Well done Year 5, both classes are in the top 3 for being top doodlers in the school for Maths!  77% of 5F are on target, as are 55% of 5H.  Come on 5H, give 5F a run for their money! 


Those seen to be green in 5H are: Amelia, Ava, Daniya, Dylan, Ewan, Harley, Jack, Jacob P, Jacob V, Jasper, Jonathon, KM, Maisie, Maja, Mia, Scarlett and Will πŸ˜Š  


Those seen to be green in 5F are:  Abigail, Ahmed, Alex, Aryan, Cole, Conrad, Eesa, Elliot,  Ellis, Esmay, Frankie, Jake, Jayden, Jessica, Maisy, Millie, Queen and Ryan. 


We are also at the top of the times table board!  62% of 5F are on target and 42% of 5H are!  Well done to Aryan, Cole, Conrad, Elliot, Ellis, Jayden, Ryan, Sophie, Maja, Rahil, Scarlett K, Scarlett W and Will. 

Our learning for today looks like this: 



Consolidation of factors. 

Guided Reading 

Consolidating summarising a text. 


'Show, don't tell' - written task.


The earth orbiting the sun – The Seasons 


Year 5 ‘Catch up’ 



Yesterday you were introduced to factor pairs.  Today, you are going to continue to develop your understanding.  Mrs Humphries has made 3 videos that show the different methods or strategies that may help you with finding factor pairs.  Choose a strategy that you prefer and have a go at completing the tasks that you can find below. 


Finding factor pairs using arrays.



Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Finding factor pairs using the rainbow method.



Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


Finding factor pairs using a systematic approach.


Feeling confident - Use a systematic approach!

For those that feel confident with their times tables knowledge.




Yesterday in Reading, we found out what it means to summarise. We read the information about day and night, then picked out the main points. When summarising, it is a good idea to try to find out who, what, why, where and when to help you to easily pick out the main point. Watch Mr Firth in this Bitesize video, and have a go at activity 3. 


When you have finished that. Read the text about the sun. Summarise the information using who, what, where, why and when. 




What did you think of the video we shared with you yesterday? Let’s watch it again. 


Dangle | A Short film by Philip Traill

A man is going for a walk and discovers a rope hanging down from the sky. Pulling it, he discovers he can switch the sunlight off. On and off, on and off again...

Imagine having the power to turn day to night! When you were watching yesterday, how did you know how the character was feeling at different parts of the story? That’s right! His body language and facial expressions showed us how he felt. When writing, we don’t have the ability to show our reader a picture of our character, so we have to paint an image of what of character does instead. This is called ‘Show, don’t tell’. Watch this clip for a bit more information. 


In our story, our character shows three main emotions. Can you think what they might be? When he discovers the rope, he is shocked; when he realises its power he becomes very excited, and when he breaks the rope, he is terrified. Think about what you do in these situations. For example, when you are shocked, your eyes widen and your jaw might drop. Try to think of three ideas for face, body and voice. 


Good afternoon Year 5 


We’re really excited about catching up with you this afternoon.  If we didn’t manage to catch up with each other this afternoon, there will be plenty of other times to catch up, we’re hoping to do this lots more times. Before we catch up though, it’s time for Science! 





Cadets, this afternoon you are going to be learning about how the earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun, thus providing us with the seasons!  Watch the link below to learn all about the northern and southern hemispheres and how the tilt of the earth towards and away from the sun determines the seasons. 


Rotation and Revolution of Earth - Movements of the Earth - Earth's Revolution & Rotation

Educational video for kids to learn about the rotation and revolution movements of the earth. Kids will find out what each movement involves, how long the ea...


See the attached document.  You may wish to make a poster that depicts the earth’s orbit around the sun and how the seasons change depending on which surface of the earth is facing the moon.  Alternatively, you may wish to make a model or a short video clip. 


Another day of learning is now over.  Remember that this week Cbeebies have a series of programmes running this week on space - today's programme is all about the solar system!


Thank you again for working so hard and sending us in your learning - we do love hearing the ping of our email box :)  Take care, keep safe and have a good evening.



Mrs H & Miss F


Belong, Believe, Be You ... Achieve

MASA Mission 1-Planet Badge


Well done to these recruits for passing their planet badge. Your badges will be with you within the next few days. Well done.

Year 5 - Planet Badge Awards





Our Celebration Assembly is now live! 


Monday 18th January


Good morning recruits!  We hope that you had a relaxing weekend and are now ready for a fresh week of training.  This week you will be striving to achieve your Earth, Moon and Sun badge. Later this afternoon, we shall be announcing those who have been awarded their first mission badge, the highly esteemed 'Planets' badge.



We shall be announcing mission badge winners this afternoon.  If you wish to receive your badge, you will need to have completed all tasks from your mission.  If you haven't already done so, please send in your heliocentric and geocentric orbit work by the end of the school day.

May the force be with you!


This week, we shall explore day and night, how the seasons change, put our creative writing skills into practise and develop our knowledge of factors and prime numbers … to name but a few!  We are also incredibly excited to be holding our very first MASA Zoom meet up on Tuesday, thank you to all those cadets who have signed up.


Our learning for today looks like this:  



Introduction to factors. 

Guided Reading 

An introduction to summarising a text. 


Using descriptive language to describe an object. 


MASA training 


Urban Strides 



As a space cadet, you need to be able to react quickly, and being able to recall multiples of a given number, is one way of ensuring that your reaction times are in tip top condition.  Today we are going to be learning about factors, to be more precise, factor pairs.  Watch the video clip below, it will show a strategy that will make finding factor pairs easier. 


Factors for the First Time

Defines factors so learners of all ages can understand. Easy, rigorous multiplication method to list all factors of a given number. Uses paired factors, outsid...

Then watch this Bitesize link to consolidate your understanding: 



After watching the clips from above, complete your Doodle tasks.



Last week, we used our skimming and scanning skills to quickly pick out key details from a text. This week, we are going to learn how to summarise. When we write, we use lots of descriptive phrases to paint a vivid image in our reader’s head. This enables our reader to picture what we see in our head when we are writing. When we read, we use our summarising skills to pick out the main details in order to make sense of what we read. Watch this cartoon to find out how to summarise. 


How to find the main idea and supporting details - reading skills for beginners

Help students learn how to find the main idea and supporting details in a text with this fun, engaging animation. Visit to learn ...



Now read the text and watch the video at DK Findout,  Day to Night video | DK Find Out! to learn why we have day and night.  Using no more than 50 words, summarise why we have day and night. Your summary will not need lots of descriptive language – just the main ideas, or the main points. 




In Reading, we have just found out how we have day and night. Watch this video called Dangle. In the story, the man above, discovers an incredibly special switch! 


Dangle | A Short film by Philip Traill

A man is going for a walk and discovers a rope hanging down from the sky. Pulling it, he discovers he can switch the sunlight off. On and off, on and off aga...

What do you think will happen to the man now? How would you feel if you had broken daytime? For your task today, we would like you to imagine that you find a magical object. What is it? What does it do? What happens if it is broken? For example, maybe you find a hidden lever in the woods which when you pull it, it makes it snow, or there is a button under a rock that when you press it, all humans shrink. Write your idea on the sheet. Merits will be awarded to the most creative ideas. 


Good afternoon Cadets,


Here at MASA, we wish to celebrate the many achievements of our cadets.  You have gone above and beyond with your learning, so before we embark on our afternoon's training, please sit back and celebrate the achievements of your fellow recruits.  


Masa Planet Badge Coursework


All MASA cadets must go through stringent, physical training.  This afternoon, you will be following in the footsteps of fellow astronauts  and undertake some exercises.  Watch the following link and take part in your MASA exercises! 


Music with Miss Sanders


This week to get you all moving and listening to the beat I would like you to follow and copy the moves in this warm up video. Andy, the dance instructor, is full of energy and always makes me smile. 

To access the videos you will need to click on the links below. The password for the Music Room is YV2021; Then go to Dance videos and scroll down to Urban Strides Interactive. 

We have a new song to learn today and this time it has a totally different vibe. This song is all about having the power to get through this tricky time and persevering whatever situation you find yourself in. It is great fun. Have a go and I bet you will end up singing it all the time in your head. 


First of all, just play the song using the lyrics video and follow the words on screen. Go to ‘Power in me lyric video’. 

Then I would like you to have a go at learning the actions for the chorus. Watch the videos using the attached link and have fun! If the link doesn’t take you directly to the correct clip then go onto dance videos and click on ‘Power in me breakdown 1’ 


If anyone would like to challenge themselves further, you can also click on the link below to follow a lesson all about Rhythm. 


So now our Monday learning is over.  We are very much looking forward to our Zoom meeting tomorrow.  5H, we will be meeting at 2.00pm and 5F we shall be meeting at 2.30.  Mrs Humphries will be leading these meetings as Miss Faulkner is in class, but fingers crossed, she may be able to make an appearance! Links inviting those who have requested a meeting will be sent tomorrow. 


As part of their ‘Space Week’, CBeebies will be airing programmes about space at 4.50pm each day this week.  Today’s programme is all about rockets – check it out by following the link below πŸ˜Š 


Well done on all your efforts today.  Remember to keep sending your learning into us, we love seeing your work😊  




Mrs H & Miss F 


Belong, Believe, Be You … Achieve  

Next week, we will be holding a story time for the children over Zoom, which will be a great opportunity for the children to see their friends.  If your child would like to take part in the Zoom at 2:30 on Tuesday, then you MUST fill in the survey below (even if you have indicated to either Miss F or Mrs H by email).


and also read the letters and acceptable use policy that can be found at:


We can't wait to see lots of you on Zoom on Tuesday!


This is our timetable for today:




Multiples Race to Space



The Jamie Drake Equation







Fit Friday Mash Up


Heliocentric vs Geocentric




Cadets, it’s your final day to work towards your planet badge. By Monday, you must have sent us three key pieces of work.

  1. Your work on naming the planets of our solar system.
  2. Your planet report.
  3. Your explanation on heliocentric and geocentric orbits.


You have done some amazing work so far, and we are very proud of you. Our awards ceremony will be available at the end of Monday, after our senior officers have assessed the standard of your work.

A big thank you to our MASA recruits who are in school at the moment, for their help with making today’s learning video.

Good luck. Over and out.



Yesterday, we learnt that a multiple just means that it’s in that times table. However, some numbers are multiples of more than one times table at once? Can you think of a number that is in two tables? Three tables?

For your work today, we would like you to play ‘The Race to Space’. You will need a dice to place this game. If you don’t have a dice at home, you could use this online version, or make one using the template below. The instructions on how to play are on the sheet-enjoy!


Online dice




Yesterday, you listened to Miss Faulkner read the first two chapters of The Jamie Drake equation. What did you think? How cool would it be to have a family member who was an astronaut? For reading today, we would like you to read Chapter 3. Today, we would just like you to read and enjoy the story, there are no questions. However, as you read, think about the evidence so far. What do we know about Jamie? What do you think about Dad and his job? If you didn’t listen to Miss F’s story time yesterday, make sure that you listen to this first!


Year 5- Story -14. 01. 21




First of all, we want to say a massive well done to those of you who have completed your planet reports. So far, they have been of an incredibly high standard. Your work has put a big smile on our faces. For those of you that haven’t finished your report yet, use today’s English lesson to finish up. Really work hard to include some of the different sentence types that we practised the other day.

If you have finished this, could you please use your time to ensure that you are in the green zone on Doodle in English, Tables and Maths- we want to be the champions this week!!

Good afternoon Year 5, 



To start off our afternoon learning we are going to beat Joe Wicks at his own game, with our very own Miss Ellgood!  Shake off the cobwebs and join her in several Fit Friday Favourites! 


Fit Friday Favourites Mash Up


The work of Nicolaus Copernicus | Primary Science - SciTube

Recruits – you may now step down and rest over the weekend.  You have had an excellent week and have really impressed all at MASA.  A big thank you also to those supporting our cadets, we value all that you are doing – you are amazing.


Take care…over and out.


Flight Commander Luna Polaris and Mission Specialist Stella Nova


Thursday 14th January


Good morning cadets. Another fantastic day of learning yesterday. Lots of you were able to use your negative number skills to be able to guide the aliens back to their home planet. Well done to those of you who also completed the fact-finding mission about our solar system. Today, you are going to complete the second big task towards your planet badge - a report about a planet of your choice.


A big shout out to those of you in the green. At the moment, 4S are storming to victory in all areas so let’s work as a team to get to the green. Remember, if we can get at least 50% in the green across English, Maths and Tables, Mr Mac will tell us some very silly jokes!

Right recruits, let’s get learning!


This is our timetable for today:







Planet notes



Report planning




Planet report


The Jamie Drake Equation




Today we are going to find out about multiples. What do you think a multiple might be? What does it sound like? That’s right, it sounds like multiplication. In fact, a multiple just means that it’s in that times table. For example, a multiple of 4 is 12. Can you think of another multiple of 4? Get on your feet and dance along to this Supermover video with Mr P. When the screen goes blue, you need to shout out a number to multiply by.

Once you have watched the videos, have a go at this multiple game. You can choose the tables you want to find the multiples of, or mix them up a bit.



For the rest of the day, we are going to be researching and planning our report about our planet. The first thing that we would like you to do it to research your planet in greater depth. You can read all about your planet at our sister organisation NASA’s website.


As you are reading, you will need to make notes about your planet. As there is so much information, you will need to organise your notes under these subheadings:

  • Introduction (facts about the planet)
  • Appearance
  • What it is like on ________?
  • Atmosphere
  • Fascinating Facts


Remember to use your scanning techniques to help you pick out the key details.


Good afternoon recruits,


This afternoon, we would like you to carry out your second big task towards your planet badge: a report on a planet of your choice. Your report may be presented three ways:

  1. A written report
  2. A power point presentation
  3. A filmed report where you present your information


You must remember that this report has a direct impact on whether you gain your badge or not, so its presentation must be of the standard required at MASA. Don’t worry if you don’t finish this today, it will also be part of our English lesson tomorrow.

Our solar system is an amazing place. Watch this trailer to inspire you.

When writing your report, you can use Miss F’s example to help you, to make your report sound factual and interesting.



Good luck recruits. We look forward to receiving your reports.




Listen to the first two chapters of our class reader, The Jamie Drake Equation. There is no video, so after all of your hard work today, pop your headphones on, sit back and relaaaaaaaaaaaax!


Year 5- Story -14. 01. 21



Wednesday 13th January


Good morning Year 5 πŸ˜Š


Yet again you are making us feel very proud of you all.  We are so pleased to see and hear how much you are enjoying becoming MASA cadets.  The work that you have sent into us is brilliant and we just LOVE your photographs😊 Today we continue to build towards writing our own planet reports, as we endeavour to achieve our first mission badge.  We would also like you to consolidate your learning of negative numbers.  Cadets, enjoy your morning … and may the force be with you!


This is our timetable for today:




Negative number maze



Planet facts



Sentence swap






Verb hunt




Today, we would like you to apply all of your understanding of negative numbers to help our aliens find their way home. For this task, you need to count down from the number on their t-shirt. Remember, if you are counting down, the numbers should get MORE negative.





We really enjoyed looking at your work about the planets yesterday. By now, you should have an idea about which planet you would like to focus on. For reading today, we would like you to use your scanning skills to go on a fact hunt. Read the fact cards about the planets, then try to find the facts on the question sheet. If you are still not sure on how to scan for information, watch the Bitesize video from yesterday.









We know how hard you are working towards your planet badge; the next big task that you need to do is write a report about your favourite planet. To make your report interesting to read, we would like you to vary your sentences. Watch Miss F’s lesson, then have a go at one of the tasks.


Year 5 - Sentence Swap

Good afternoon Year's Wednesday, and that means over to Mrs H and Mr C for your Spanish and PSHE (I'm a poet and I didn't know it!)



Last week in PSHE, we considered the money needed to run a household.  It came as a big surprise to find out just how much money is spent on bills and other essentials.  We also considered how these things were paid for … it certainly isn’t a money tree!  We are going to look more closely over the next few weeks at how we can make the best use of our money and how to keep it safe. 

Work your way through the PowerPoint presentation (please watch as a slideshow) and discuss how you would look after your money.  Use the scenario cards to help you decide.  When would you use a wallet? A money box?  A bank account or use as an investment? 




Buenos dias Year 5! It's that time of the week again when you all get to say "Me encanta el Español!"

Today we are going to learn some new verbs to help us learn how to express ourselves better. Please open the file below to review what we have been doing in class recently and for today's work. Also below is a link to a video you will need to complete the work.


Buena suerte and stay safe.


Señor Collett


25 Spanish Verbs for Kids | Aprender Verbos | Spanish Language | Speak Spanish Fast | Learn Spanish

Cadets, it is now time to lay down your learning tools and for all in your household to relax.  Mission control is proud of your efforts – rest now and be ready for a new day of learning tomorrow.


Over and out.


Miss F and Mrs H

Belong, Believe, Be You...Achieve


Tuesday 12th January


Welcome recruits,


Today, you begin the first day of your training. You may now go ahead and open your mystery envelope! Before you watch your intake video, please ensure that you have stuck your MASA badge to your sash, and that you are wearing your sash and hat. We would love to receive pictures of you in your uniform so that we can create a recruit collage.


A big shout out to these children who are in the green zone in English, Tables and Maths. One merit to each of these children: Elliot, Frankie, Jayden, Rylan, Dylan and Helen.


Currently, we have 23% green in English, 31% green in Tables and 35% green in Maths. If we can get our percentage to over 50% in each area, I will persuade Mr Mac to record himself telling some of his very silliest jokes!


This is our timetable for today:




MASA welcome



The Earth



Negative numbers






The Planets



Right recruits, time to start your basic training…


MASA welcome

All of these things will be covered in our lessons this week, so don’t worry, you don’t need to go and do them all today. As your training corporals, we will provide you with lots of advice and support, as well as signposting you towards websites and videos that will help you.



To start our work on our planet badge, we would like you to find out about the planet we call home – Earth. When reading non-fiction texts, you need to be able to absorb a lot of information quickly. What the video on BBC bitesize, then carry out activity one and two (you don’t need to do three).


After you feel more confident, have a go at reading the text about Earth, then use your scanning skills to find the answers to the questions.



Yesterday, we found out about negative numbers in context, and that the deeper in the ocean you travel, the more negative the value gets.  Today, we would like to use Doodle to practise your negative number skills. You have two tasks to complete, one on ordering negative number, and one on using the < and > signs to say which number is bigger (remember, the crocodile eats the biggest number!).


If you would like a bit more support with negative numbers, watch this Bitesize video to help you.



We had a lot of fun the other day using prepositions to compare an object to its place. You sent us some hilarious pictures! We had a sloth in a fish tank, Pikachu next to a baby and a monkey on top of a photo frame to name a few! Today, we would like you to use Doodle to practise your understanding of prepositions. Watch this video to recap your understanding, then have a go at your Doodle extra.


This afternoon, we are going to begin working towards our planet badge. We need you to find out about the eight planets that make up our solar system.


You will need to find out:

  • Their names
  • The order that they are from the sun
  • Three fascinating facts about each planet


How you present your work is entirely up to you. You may wish to make a massive poster, or create a mobile with planet hanging from it. Perhaps you want to start creating a recruit folder with facts and figures in, or create a computer presentation. The choice is yours! We have included lots of videos to support you with your learning. Good luck recruits, we look forward to receiving your work.


Flight Engineer Luna Polaris                                  Mission Specialist Stella Nova

Use these websites to support your learning:


What is the solar system? Find out about the solar system and learn the order of the planets with a song in this video!




Solar System 101 | National Geographic

How many planets are in the solar system? How did it form in the Milky Way galaxy? Learn facts about the solar system's genesis, plus its planets, moons, and...

We hope you have really enjoyed the first day as MASA recruits. We look forward to receiving your amazing work.


Parents, as part of our online learning, we would like to start experimenting with using zoom as a way of allowing the children to interact with their friends, and share some of their learning.


If you are interested in this, when you email your children’s work to, could you please let us know and provide an email address that an invite could be sent to.


Take care,

Miss F, Mrs H and Mrs Milnes


Belong, Believe, Be You…Achieve


Monday 11th January

Good morning Year 5,

Happy BLUE Monday. Today we will be celebrating with Year 4 as they guide us through the beauty and sorrow of the world’s oceans. We would love it if you could send in any photos of you in your blue/ocean themed outfit so we can share them on our page.



Last week, Year 4 were the Doodle champions. This week, we are going to try to snatch back the title! We will be giving a shout out to any children who are in the green zone across English, Maths and Times Tables tomorrow morning – get doodling!


This is our timetable for today:




Yr4 Blue Monday



Message in a bottle




Negative numbers- ocean depths




One planet, one ocean, one chance.




Year 4 worked incredibly hard last half term finding out all about our amazing oceans. In this video, they would like to share with you the effect that we humans have on our planet. As you watch, think about your impact on our planet. Every day, we discuss how we can change the world by the smallest of steps. What small step will you take?


Blue Planet

Join year 4's budding naturalists in learning all about the magnificent oceans and what we can do to protect them




Today, we are starting a new Maths topic, and it’s nothing to be negative about…that’s right, it’s negative numbers! Play this game first to practise ordering negative numbers (make sure that you choose the negative number option).


When we think about our world’s oceans, we measure the depth in metres below sea level. Watch this video to find out about negative numbers in context.


Math Antics - Negative Numbers

For your Maths lesson today, we would like you to find out about the creatures that live in the oceans, and the depths that they live at. Either draw, or cut and stick the creatures in the correct place on the ocean template. If you want to stretch yourself, try the extension tasks – the last one is really tricky!


Good afternoon Year 5.



Well, this morning was certainly very thought provoking wasn’t it? This afternoon, we’d like you to use your understanding of how to protect the oceans to come up with your own art project entitled, 'One Planet, One Ocean...One Chance'. This is an entirely free choice task. You may wish to paint something, or use plastics to create a collage. You might even make a model. Use some of these examples as inspiration.


One Planet, One Ocean...One Chance


Remember to send us your completed artwork at


We really hope that you have enjoyed Blue Monday. Once again, a massive thank you to Year 4 for inspiring our learning has certainly made us think hard.


Tomorrow...the day you have all been waiting for...the start of our new topic, 'Can you take one small step for man, one giant leap for Mapledene?' By now, you will have received your very special parcel in the post. Make sure that you are ready at 9am tomorrow to watch the premiere of our amazing topic.


Miss F and Mrs H

Belong, Believe, Be You...Achieve


Friday 8th January


Good morning Year 5,

It’s Friiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaay!


You have done brilliantly so far this week, let’s celebrate some of our achievements. Well done to Scarlett, Aariz and Ewan for producing work to be really proud of. One merit to each of you.


You will all be receiving a very special delivery over the next few days. You MUST NOT open it until Tuesday morning…we will explain more then…


This is our timetable for today:




Division recap



Pig Heart Boy chapter 22 and 23







Jobs research


Workout week



For our final Maths lesson of the week, we are going to recap our division methods. What does divide mean? Can you think of any other words that mean divide? How does knowing our times tables help us with our quick recall of division facts? Have a look at this picture? How are they linked?


Play this game on Hit the Button to practise your division facts. You can choose the tables that you would like to work on.



Once you have done this, for your task choose from these online games.








We have also put some division activities on your Doodle page for you to have a go at.




Well…yesterday really was a rollercoaster for Cam wasn’t it? Do you think that it was fair that the animal rights protester accused him of being a murderer? We have almost finished reading the book now, and the next few chapters are a really hard read…I had a little cry myself. Cam knows that his heart is beginning to reject the drugs, but is determined to complete the daredevil dive. Will he make it? What will the consequences be?



I have split this down into chapter 22 and 23, then the rest of the book. You do not need to finish it all today, but if you’re anything like me, you won’t want to stop!



Miss Faulkner and Miss Johnson have been having lots of fun around the school. Can you work out where they are?


Yes, you’re right. Miss Faulkner was:

between the wall bars.

under Miss Stephenson’s desk.

up the tree.

behind the drum kit.

above Mr Mac


Miss Johnson was:

coming out of the grit box.

in the pond.

amongst the weeds.

on top of the rubbish.


The words that tell us where a noun is in relation to another noun are called prepositions – you use these words all of the time. Watch this video and play the quiz on BBC Bitesize to make sure that you understand.


Once you have done this, we would like you to be creative. Use an action/Lego figure or doll to have a go at finding as many different prepositions as you can. How many different ways can you place them compared to another object. Once you have sent your work in, we will come up with a Year 5 list and count how many we have found altogether.


Good afternoon Year 5 πŸ˜Š



This afternoon, we would like you to take part in the ‘Workout Week’ assembly.  Miss Ellgood has devised some new exercise routines for you to take part in.  Shake off those festive cobwebs and join Miss Ellgood πŸ˜Š




Think about your ‘Dream builders’ work around the job that you would like to have in the future.  Using the internet, research the steps that will help you achieve your ‘dream job’.



Once you’ve done this, use the information and, using power point either create your own slide show or a job advert for your chosen career.



Well…there we go. One week already done. First of all, Mrs H and I would just like to say how proud we are of your attitude this week. We have seen some fantastic work and have given out lots of merits and certificates.


On Monday, we will be celebrating ‘Blue Monday’ with the rest of the school, as Year 4 showcase their amazing learning about the oceans. You are invited to dress up in blue, or an ocean themed costume. Why not spend Monday home learning dressed as a mermaid or Nemo! All of our activities on Monday will be based around the wonders found in our oceans and how we as humans must protect them from harm.


Finally, we would like to say a MASSIVE thankyou to all of our parents and carers. You are simply wonderful. For now, it’s time to put your feet up and have a well-earned rest. Have a wonderful weekend.


Take care,

Miss F and Mrs H

Belong, Believe, Be You…Achieve

Thursday 7th January


Good morning Year 5!


Thank you for sending us so much fabulous work. Have a look at some of this brilliant work sent in by Abi, Frankie, Maisy and Rylan.

Isn't it fabulous? A big shout out to Jess too, who has been doing some amazing reading of the 'Boy in the Dress' by David Walliams - 1 merit to you all. 


We are really pleased with the presentation of your work too - it is good to see that you are taking pride in your work and keeping up Mapledene’s high standards. We’ve got lots of lovely lessons planned for you today. Work hard, and we look forward to seeing more of your amazing work at


This is our timetable for today:





Subtraction recap



'Pig Heart Boy' chapter 21



Spellings - Homophones




Dream builders


In Maths today we would like you to recap your understanding of subtraction. What does subtraction mean? Can you think of any other words that mean subtract? What should happen to your starting number when you take away another?


First of all, recap your mental subtraction facts by playing this really fun (and a little bit addictive) game. Think about the strategies that you could use rather than using your fingers.



Once you have recapped your mental methods, watch this video to ensure that you feel happy using our written column method by watching this very silly Maths Mansion video. The video starts off by looking at addition, before explaining about exchanging when subtracting.


12 Nine Nits is all there's room for




Since Marlon’s betrayal, Cam has refused to speak to his best friend. In this chapter, things come to a head…will Cam forgive Marlon? Also, during last half term, we discussed many issues around animal rights. For example, is it right that an animal should die in order to save the life of a human? For Cam, this argument becomes painfully close as he comes face to face with an animal rights protester.




During our English lesson yesterday, we recapped our understanding of homophones. Can you remember what a homophone is? Can you think of any examples? Watch this video to help you remember some of the more common homophones.


Homophone Sentence Show



Once you’ve watched the video, play this pancake matching game.




Good afternoon Year 5.


Yesterday, we considered all of the different things that an adult will need money for when running a household. 


Today we would like you to think about your aspirations for the future. 


What type of job would you like to have in the future? The sky’s the limit! Will you be the first rocket pilot to manoeuvre the Space X shuttle, taking visitors into outer space? Will you invent new medicines, or be part of the NHS who deliver them? Will you work in law, and help to make Britain a fair and just place? Perhaps you have a love of animals, and would like to trek across vast savannahs, protecting the future of endangered species?


What are the steps that you would need to take to be able to reach your goals?


Miss Faulkner would like to be a LEGO kit designer when she grows up. What skills do you think that she would need? What subjects might she need qualifications in?


We would like you to create a piece of artwork that depicts you as an adult, with the steps that you need to take to help you on your journey of reaching your goal πŸ˜Š Remember to send your work to so we can reward your hard work with merits and smelly certificates!


We hope you’ve had a fabulous day. You are doing brilliantly. Keep up the hard work,

Love Miss F and Mrs H

Belong, Believe, Be You…Achieve



Wednesday 6th January


Good morning Year 5,


Well done to all of the children who completed their Doodle tasks set yesterday. We have 27% in the green in Maths and 19% in the green in English. A big shout out to Elliot, Esmay, Frankie, Maisy, Queen, Ryan, Rylan, Ewan, Helen and Jasper who are in the green zone for both have all earned our first smelly certificates of the term! I wonder if we could work as a team to win the  school certificate this week?


Over the next few days, we are going to recap some of the things that we learnt last term, as well as finishing off our class reader, ‘Pig Heart Boy’. We will begin our brand new topic on Monday. Remember to send us your work at, then we can reward you with housepoints, smelly certificates and merits – some of you are very close to your 50!


This is our timetable for today:





Addition recap



Pig Heart Boy chapter 19 and 20



Spellings-Homophones- there, their and they’re









Have a brilliant day!


Today we would like you to recap your addition skills. When we use a written addition method, we use the column method. What is the biggest number allowed in a column? Which end of the sum do we start from? Watch this video to recap.


Addition (Two 5-digit numbers





It might seem like a long time ago (in fact it might even seem like it was last year!) when we were last reading Pig Heart Boy, so let’s recap. Cameron had finally been allowed to have his heart transplant. Dr Bryce performed the surgery, and after a long recovery, Cam was allowed to go back to school. With his new-found fame, Cam found that he had undergone a change…he was no longer as nice as he used to be. In the next two chapters, look for evidence of this change in his character.



Wee lucked at these kind of words a few months ago…words that sound the same butt are spelt differently. Can ewe remember what they are called? Yes, that’s write…homophones. Words that sound the same, but are spelt differently and have a different meaning.

Some of the most common homophones that are spelt incorrectly are there, their and they’re. Use this video to help you to recap this work, then have a go at the worksheet.




Good afternoon Year 5 πŸ˜Š



Our afternoon learning is going to be linked for the next couple of days.  We are going to be focussing upon money and how it influences our life choices.  Today, we would like you to consider what an adult would need to consider when spending money. Furthermore, you will need to consider where the money would actually come from to pay for all these things!


Step One

Brainstorm all the things that you think an adult would need money to pay for.


Step Two

From your brainstorm, decide upon which of these would be essential and which ones would be more of a luxury (what could you do without?)


Look at the PowerPoint, were you able to identify all of the things that an adult has to consider when spending money for the home that you live in?


Step Three

Consider where the money that needs to be spent to pay for things come from.  Brainstorm or discuss.


Hello! It’s Miss Sanders here. I am going to really miss teaching you over the next few weeks and I know that when I can’t sing it sometimes makes me feel a little bit low, especially at the moment when things are so strange around us. So, for this week’s music activity I would like you to click on the link below and listen to the song ‘It’s OK! Please just say!”


Listen really carefully to the words and think about some of the things that make you happy. Talk to people at home to see if you can find time to try some of them at home over the next few weeks. Then learn some of the lyrics to sing along at home. Start with the chorus and then the rap towards the end.



It's ok

Good morning Year 5.  Firstly, we hope that you and your families all had a lovely Christmas and restful holiday.  We are so sad and disappointed that we are not all here today but we do have lots of fantastic learning ahead of us as we explore … S  P  A  C  E ! 


Keep updating yourself by looking at the webpage as this will be our main form of communication and learning at this moment in time. 


For today, we have updated some Doodle activities for you to complete. 


Remember…let the force be with you! 


Best wishes, 

Mrs H & Miss F 


Challenge Champions

Well done to our Doodle challenge champions. All of these amazing children have made it to the green zone in three subject areas today. You will all receive your merit and smelly certificate when we see you MONDAY MORNING! Well done Year 5... have a fabulous weekend.

Doodle Update!


Well done Doodlers! An amazing effort to get into the green in Maths, English and Tables. Three and a half hours until the competition closes! You can do it!


Doodle Challenge Update!!

Well done to these amazing children who are in the green for Doodle Maths, English and Tables. You have earned yourself a merit and a special smelly certificate! If you're not there yet, keep Doodling!


Remember, the competition closes at 4pm. Your next update will be after 12pm. Good luck!!

Friday 27th November


Whooooooo hhhhhhhhoooooooo!!!  It’s Friday, it’s nearly the weekend and today is the last day of HOME LEARNING!!!  A huge, huge thank you to all our wonderful Year 5 children and their families.  We appreciate all your hard work, under challenging circumstances.   

Live Lounge Allstars - Times Like These (BBC Radio 1 Stay Home Live Lounge)


Our timetable today is:



Doodle + tables challenge



Finishing Pig Heart chapters



Cam diary entry



Coding - Dance Party

PE Dance off!


For your Maths lesson today, we would like you to complete your speed times table challenge. Remember to give yourself a ten minute time limit. Try to improve your time from last week - remember, you are competing against yourself, not other people. We would then like you to take part in the Friday Doodle challenge. Get yourself into the green zone in Maths, Times Tables and English.


This competition ends at 4pm today. Anybody who completes the challenge will earn themselves a merit, and one of Miss F’s special smelly certificates. Keep checking the webpage to see who has achieved the challenge.

Guided Reading

For reading today, can you please ensure that you are up to date with all of your reading. We have read chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6. We will continue our work on Monday from chapter 7.



Mrs Milnes’ Group


Guided Reading

Please re-read, ‘A player to be proud of’.  Continue to retrieve and record information about the life of David Beckham.   



Like you did yesterday, use the information that you recorded in your guided reading activity, to continue writing about the life of David Beckham, this time write a paragraph about David’s football career and his family.



Wow! What a day Cam had at the centre. From a ride in a rather posh MPV, to Mum’s surprise announcement, to dealing with the guilt of meeting Trudy for the first time. For our final English task this week, we would like you to use your story map that you created yesterday, to help you to write a diary for his day. Remember, a diary should have lots of emotions in it; we need to know how Cam was feeling. Diaries are the equivalent of talking to a book, so should be chatty (So diary, you’ll never guess what happened today?) and written in the first person (me, us, I).


Watch the two videos on BBC Bitesize to check your understanding of diaries (the first one is one of our favourite poets, Michael Rosen).


Use the adverbial sheet to help you link your paragraphs. Miss Faulkner has written an example to help you to get started.



Now it really is time to celebrate the end of isolation and the fact that we get to see each other on Monday!


You have a party to get started … so follow these lessons below and take photos of yourself celebrating πŸ˜Š



It’s our last day of isolating, let’s have a party to celebrate!  You are going to go back to the website and create your own Dance Party!


Copy and paste this link into your address bar:


You will need to click on the box that says, ‘Code a Dance Party to share with your friends’. You will then be sent to a YouTube tutorial, make sure you watch it! Once the tutorial finishes, click on the ‘x’. You will then be asked your age, please select 9!


Then simply follow the instructions and have fun! You will complete a task, watch a tutorial and gradually build up your dance routine!

C E L E B R A T E !


It’s time to celebrate the end of isolation! Watch and enjoy this video and come up with your very own exercise routine. Be prepared to share your moves with the rest of the class when we return on Monday.


Celebration (Kool and The Gang) | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Thursday 26th November


Good morning Year 5.  Only two more days to go…we’re nearly there πŸ˜Š Thank you for the work that you are sending into us and all your superb efforts on Doodle.  Keep up the good work – we're now seeing children hitting 25 merits.  As always, a huge thank you to your families – we really appreciate all the support that they are giving. So, let’s buckle down and get this home learning show on the road! 



Our timetable today is :



Doodle - ordering decimals



Pig Heart Boy Chapter 6 part 2 and fairness task



Cam story mapping task



How do the lungs work?



Yesterday, we learnt how to order decimals by looking at the value of each digit from left to right. So, when comparing the numbers 1.25 and 1.52, which is bigger and why? Yes, that’s right. Both numbers have a one in the units, but when we look at the tenths section, one number has a five whilst the other has a 2. This means that 1.52 is bigger.

Watch this video to find out how to order numbers with a different amount of decimal numbers.


N11 Ordering Decimals



Mrs Milnes’ Group 


Guided Reading 

Today we would like you to read, ‘A player to be proud of’.  You will be finding out about the life of David Beckham.  Once you have read through the text, complete the activity attached below.     



Using the information that you recorded in your Guided Reading activity, write a paragraph about the early life of David Beckham. Remember your punctuation! 



Tomorrow, we are going to write a diary of Cam’s day at the centre. For your English task today, we would like you to story map Cameron’s day at the centre. What are the main events that happen? Diaries should be full of thoughts, questions and emotions. As you map it out, use a different colour to write how Cam is feeling. Use Miss Faulkner’s example to give you an idea of what yours might look like.


Good afternoon … 


We were really impressed with the heart work that was sent into us last week. This week, we will move our learning on and learn about our lungs. Happy learning! 



Last week, you sent us some amazing pieces of work, from models, to posters to information videos. Mrs Humphries and I both learnt a huge amount! Through your research, you found out that the heart is a muscle that pumps blood around the body. Why does it pump blood around? You discovered that as well as transporting nutrients around the body, blood carries oxygen to the muscles and organs, and takes away carbon dioxide which the body doesn’t need.


But where does the oxygen (O²) come from? Where does the carbon dioxide (CO²) go to? Watch these links and find out. The second and third link both show real body parts.


How Your Lungs Work

You breathe in. You breathe out. But what's happening inside? Watch this movie for kids and find out!



If you have balloons and a bottle at home, you could try making this fun reconstruction of the lungs.


How To Make Simple Lung Model with Balloon


Doodlers of the day!!


Massive shout out to all of these amazing Mapledeners who have made it into the green zone on their English today.


5F, 69% green: Abi, Ahmed, Alex, Cole, Conrad, Ellis, Esmay, Frankie, Jake, Jayden, Jess, Maisy, Matilda, Millie, Queen, Ryan, Rylan


5H, 56% green: Aariz, Ava, Daniya, Dylan, Erin, Ewan, Harley, Jasper, Jack, Jacob P, Jacob V, Maisie, Maja, Scarlett, Will


Wednesday 25th November

Good morning Mapledeners!  


Look at the date! 


Before we know it, the big man in the red suit will have arrived! But for now, we have the next best thing…home learning! Ok, not quite the same BUT we’re nearly there now πŸ˜Š Let’s buckle down and build upon our learning over the last few days. As always, a big thank you to YOU and your families πŸ˜Š



Our timetable today is :



Ordering decimals



Pig Heart Boy Chapter 6 part 1 and comprehension task



Doodle-tenses (and getting into the green zone!)



Parts of the body

PSHE Who is your community?




Over the last few days, we have been learning about the place value of decimal numbers. Today, we would like you to use this understanding to help you to order and compare decimals.  First, watch the slideshow and play the game on BBC




Once you have done this, watch the next video - the hungry alligator will help you to recap using the less than < and more than > signs.


Comparing Decimals | Less Than and Greater Than Decimals



Yesterday, we found out that Cam had decided that he wanted to go and meet Trudy, the pig who was going to save his life. Today, the time has come for the family to go and visit the research centre. Will the centre be able to make Mum feel less anxious? Will Cam get his wish to meet Trudy? Read Chapter 6, Part 1 to find out.


Read the first part of the chapter, then have a go at the comprehension questions. Make sure that you read the questions carefully, as some of them are deliberately written to catch you out!


Mrs Milnes’ group

We have a new text to look at over the next couple of days, ‘Mrs Fairborn’s baby’.  


Once you've read it, download your writing task. Remember, you don’t need to print the document off, you can record on the document or you can complete your work on a separate piece of paper.



Today Miss Faulkner is feeling very tense…her shoulders are in the past tense; her feet are in the present tense, but her brain is in the future tense! Help her to relax by recapping on your understanding of which tense is which. First, watch the two videos on Bitesize, then have a go at the quiz. There are then three tasks for you to have a go at on Doodle. Make sure that you challenge yourself to get into your English green zone…we will be giving a massive shout out to those who manage it.



Buenas tardes! 

This afternoon you will be learning the Spanish words for body parts – this is so you can ‘wow’ Mr. Collett upon our return to school! Have fun learning these. You will also be considering the community that you live in for this week’s PSHE activity. 



Hola! As we are learning about the heart in Science, we thought that you may also like to learn body part words in Spanish! Watch the video and then draw the outline of a person. Using the video as a guide, label the different parts of the body with both the English and Spanish words. 


Muchas gracias πŸ˜Š  


Learn The Body Parts in Spanish: El Cuerpo (The Body)






For this activity we want you to brainstorm what your local community means to you.  Draw a picture of you in the middle of the brainstorm, then start to fill out the rest of the brainstorm with other parts of the community that means something to you.  So, I might draw a picture of myself (Mrs Humphries πŸ˜Š ) in the middle, then draw and label a picture of my home and family, Mapledene.  I might to decide to draw a picture of my local church or mosque etc...  We’ll carry on with this learning when we return to school next week. 

Seven days of home learning is now complete! Well done on completing your activities – just two more days to go πŸ˜Š  


Missing you all lots and sending lots of Mapledene virtual hugs to you all πŸ˜Š  


Mrs H and Miss F xxxxx 



                                           Breaking News

Well done to these children who have made it into the Maths green zone so far today. Can you join them? Cyber fist bump to these amazing Mathematicians!


5F, 69% green: Abi, Ahmed, Alex, Cole, Conrad, Elliot, Ellis, Esmay, Frankie, Jake, Jayden, Maisy, Matilda, Millie, Queen, Ryan, Rylan             

5H, 44% green: Amelia, Aariz, Dylan, Erin, Ewan, Harley, Jacob, Maja, Maisie, Mia, Scarlett, Will                                             

Tuesday 24th November


Good Morning Year 5 πŸ˜Š 

So, it’s been a week since we were last together and we are missing you lots!  Thank you so much for all your efforts.  We love hearing from you so keep sending your work into us, using the advice email, Today we will continue with our usual morning routine and then this afternoon you will begin researching and planning for your new Art project. Have a fabulous day.  


Our timetable today:


Doodle-decimal place value


Chapter 5 part 2-words in context


Synonyms and antonyms


Piggy bank/pencil pot design



Yesterday in Maths, we learnt about the place value of decimal numbers, and how fractions (tenths and hundredths) were another way of representing parts of a whole. Today, we would like you to learn how to write thousandths. Remember, yesterday we learnt that in our base ten number system, as you move to the right, the columns get ten times smaller. So, ten tenths make a whole, and that ten hundredths make a tenth. Likewise, ten thousandths make a hundredth.


Watch the video on bitesize to understand how to write thousandths. In this video, Jade uses cereal in her place value grid - this is a really good idea if you are struggling with the concept.


After you have watched the video, have a go at the three tasks on your Doodle maths app. We would love a Year 5 class to win the Doodle certificates this week, so try to make sure that you are in the green at the end of this lesson.


Guided Reading

Yesterday, Cameron told Marlon about his meeting with Dr Bryce. Understandably, Marlon was worried for his friend, and the impact it could have on his life. Cameron has now been waiting for three long, long days to see whether Dr Bryce has decided to choose him to receive the transplant. In Chapter 5, part 2, we will find out what Dr Bryce’s decision is. Before you read, predict what you think will happen. As you are reading, make a note of any new words, remembering to look them up so that you can fully understand the text.


After you have read the chapter, have a go at the second words in the context task. Make sure you read the questions carefully - some of them are there to catch you out!


Mrs Milnes’ group

Activity 1

Please re-read ‘A good win for the red shirts’. You can find this on yesterday's page.

Complete the questions and practise reading the sight words.


Activity 2

Your writing activity today will be to re-write the story in your own words.  Remember to use punctuation – can you challenge yourself to use brackets?  Check your spellings!



Yesterday in English, we discovered that words that mean the same (or almost the same) are called synonyms. Can you think of any examples of these? Antonyms are the opposite of words, so for example, one antonym of sleepy would be awake. Can you think of any other examples?


For your task, choose from brain tingling, brain boggling or brain busting. Or for merits, have a go at all three!



This afternoon we would like you to start researching for your latest Art project.  Decisions, decisions!  Would you like to design your very own piggy bank … or would you prefer to design your own pencil pot?  The decision is yours! By the end of the term, we will have used papier mache to build up your design, but what will it look like? Will it be based around a theme? Will it be for you, or a gift for someone else? Remember, although they are called piggy banks, it does not have to be in the shape of a pig. For example, Frankie might decide to make a piggy bank in the shape of a sloth! Or Jack might create Iron Man’s helmet.


Use Miss Faulkner’s design ideas to help you to make a start. Remember to label your pictures using a ruler. If you have access to a printer, you might wish to print off some pictures to help with your design. 


Whilst drawing, why not bring some Christmas cheer to your house and practise the songs that you learnt yesterday πŸ˜Š  



And there we are, another day down and another day closer to being back together.  We can’t wait!  Thanks again for all your efforts and doing yourself proud.  See you bright and early in the morning πŸ˜Š  


Big Mapledene cyber hug, 

Mrs H and Miss F  xxxx 



Monday 23rd November


Good morning Year 5!  We hope that you had a good weekend and that you and your families are well. Miss Faulkner and I have been planning your home learning and hope that you enjoy what we have lined up!  Once again, a huge thank you to you and your families, we know that it is tricky, but having seen your work and spoken with you all, you are all doing a grand job 🀩🀩🀩πŸ₯° Keep an eye out for the Celebration Assembly on the school website, we have tried hard to include all of the Anti-Bullying work that has been emailed to us - see if you can spot yours! 


So, here we go, our final week of home learning, grab some paper and a pencil (or keyboard πŸ˜‰) and let’s do this!


Our timetable today:


Decimal place value


Chapter 5 part 1-words in context


Synonyms and antonyms


Christmas songs

PE Gym/Fitness



This week, we are going to move our learning on to decimal place value. Decimals and fractions are different ways of representing whole numbers, and parts of whole numbers. You can convert fractions to decimals by understanding your place value.  Watch these videos from Maths Antics and Maths Mansion, then have a go at the tasks below.


Math Antics - Decimal Place Value

Learn More at Visit for more Free math videos and additional subscription based content!


Guided Reading.

Last week, Cameron made the decision of his life…he wanted to go ahead with the pig heart transplant. Today, we would like you to read Chapter 5 part 1. In this chapter, Cameron tells Marlon his decision. Read the chapter aloud, using your storyteller voice - remember to look up any words that you are unsure of. As you are reading, think about what Marlon is like as a friend. Is he the kind of friend you would want to have?


After you have read it, have a go at the words in context task. Try not to use a dictionary to start with. Read the words in the sentence and try to think of another word that would make sense. Once you have completed the task, then you can use a dictionary to check whether you were correct or not!



Mrs Milnes’ Group

Please read through ‘A good win for the red shirts.’  After reading through the text, complete the following activities:


Activity 1


Grapheme = is a letter or group of letters that produce a sound, e.g -  sh ou t    

The word ‘shout’ has 3 graphemes.


Best friends’ are the number of diagraphs in a word. Diagraphs are two letters (graphemes) that produce one sound.

E.g. - sh ou t


The word ‘shout’ has 2 ‘best friends’.


Activity 2

Re-write the paragraph, making sure that you correct the capital letters and full stops.  Please correct the spelling mistakes.  Once you have done this, answer the questions using full sentences.




In our reading work, we have been learning how to understand new vocabulary by reading around the sentence, then trying a new word to see if it makes sense. Words that mean the same thing are called synonyms. Can you think of a synonym for big? Yes, words such as huge, large and massive are all synonyms for the word big. Antonyms mean the opposite of a word. What would an antonym of big be?


Watch this video on Bitesize, then have a go at the quiz.


For your task today, we would like you to log onto your Doodle English app and complete two added extras on synonyms and antonyms.


Good afternoon Year 5. It’s that time of the week where Mr Hyde and Miss Sanders would be taking over the reins of Year 5. It’s time to get physical and LOUD! 



Miss Sanders would like you to practise two Christmas songs so that when we return to school, we will be ready to record our part in the KS2 carol service!  Happy singing! Parents, feel free to get into the festive spirit.



08 - Yeah! Tomorrows Christmas.mp3


06 - Let all the earth rejoice.mp3



We have uploaded some activity cards so that you can order them into a routine.  Can your parent order the cards into a sequence and can you perform that sequence? Now switch!  Can you organise the cards into a sequence that you and your family can perform?  Give it a go!


Thank you for all of your AMAZING efforts today. We look forward to receiving lots of emails and giving out lots of merits…many of you are close to your 25 merits certificate! Throughout this week, Miss Faulkner and I shall start ringing you for a catch up - we’re really looking forward to speaking to youπŸ™‚πŸ™‚ 


Rest up this evening and we’ll be right here in the morning for lots more fun learning! 



Mrs H and Miss F 


Belong, Believe, Be you…Achieve


Friday 20th November


Wow!  It’s Friday already!  First of all, we want to say how proud we are of you and your families.  We have loved catching up with you and whilst it’s challenging, you are all doing your very best.  Thank you all so much.


So, we’ve decided that we’re going to be ending this week’s home learning in style!  Yes, you’re going to be challenged with your Reading, Writing and Maths - challenge is good!  This afternoon you have PE and ICT.  The whole family can join in with the PE and you get to choose from two activities - send photos if you wish!  You’re going to have to read further down to read about ICT …  πŸ˜Š


Our timetable today:


Arithmetic and tables challenge


Chapter 4 part 2-words in context





PE Joe Wicks or Disney workout



You have all worked super hard this week at your multiplication methods, and should be very proud of yourselves. For today’s Maths…we feel the need…for speed! We would like you to complete our tables and arithmetic challenges.





You are a very talented bunch, and your arithmetic work reflects this. 5F, you are used to this challenge, and know how to work your way through the columns (we have added a rainbow challenge of very tricky sums - we can hear Ahmed cheering from here!) 5H, you start your challenge at either red or amber depending how confident you feel. Work your way through the sums, remembering to write down your working out. Once you have completed the one column, move onto the next (rainbow level is optional). You should aim to complete it in about 20 minutes.


Tables challenge

This challenges your ability to recall your tables facts quickly and accurately. The challenge is a set ten-minute timed challenge. You work your way through the tables grid. Both classes have completed a grid like this before, so you know how to fill it in. If you complete the challenge within the ten minutes, note down your time. In 5F, Ellis is able to complete the grid in 2 minutes 15 seconds and is our reigning tables champ! If you don’t finish within the ten minutes, mark your work, then count up how many you have got correct. We have provided you with a grid if you have a printer, if not, you can draw the grid in your workbooks. Email us with your times (no cheating please!).


Guided Reading

Yesterday, we met the potentially lifesaving surgeon, Dr Bryce. He explained to Cam what the pros and cons of having a pig heart would be…Cam and his parents certainly had a lot to think about. Today, we are going to finish off reading chapter 4. This is a tricky read as there is a lot of technical language. By the end of this chapter, we will find out whether Cam is going to put himself forward for the transplant or not.

For your task, we would like you to research some of the tricky vocabulary that you come across. There are two choices for this task, brain boggling or brain busting. On both of the challenges, we would like you to have a guess at what you think the word means (remember to read it in the sentence as this will give you a clue!), then research the word online. We like to use the Oxford online dictionary


Mrs Milnes' group

The people of America have voted to elect the first female Vice President, Kamala Harris! In guided reading we would like you to complete this reading comprehension about Shirley Chislom, who was the first black woman to be elected to congress.



Miss Faulkner is struggling with her spelling today…she keeps on muddling up her homophones. Look at the task that she has written for you to do!

Four English today, wee wood like you two focus on using the correct spellings fur homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same butt are spelled differently and have a different meaning.

She must have been half asleep when she wrote that! Can you spot which words are incorrect?

Watch the video on BBC Bitesize and have a go at the quizzes at:


You have a choice of tasks today. You can either use Doodle spell to practise your homophones, or have a go at the written tasks below. If you choose to do the written work, you can write out the sentence with the correct word choice in. If you really are determined to earn a merit… you might choose to do both!



Good afternoon Year 5. We know that you all love your Computing lessons and we think that you will be really bored by this activity … OK, we’re joking!! You’re going to love it! This afternoon you need to create your own computer game, and to be able to do this, you need to be able to code!


You will need to go to this website:

Don’t worry, you do not need to worry about logging in – just click on the ‘Flappy Code’ link.

Watch this clip:

Once the video has stopped playing and you have closed the video box down, you get creating!!

Have fun!!



We have been learning all about the heart this week and now it’s time to get that heart really pumping! You may wish to work out with none other than … Spider-Man! Click on this link: 


Or, you may prefer an aerobics session! This routine is 20 minutes, so you may need to take a break! Here is the link: 


Maybe the whole family would like to take part?! Send photos if you wish! Remember to send any work to


Once again, well done for having such a positive attitude this week. You have done Mapledene proud, and we are both so pleased to be your teachers. Now it’s the weekend, time to relax…


Take care,

Love Miss F and Mrs H


Belong, Believe, Be you…Achieve



                                                        STOP  PRESS!


We were really sad that we weren't able to take photos of you all in your odd socks, and share all your anti-bullying work before having to close our bubble on Tuesday. We have already had some photos sent to us with the superb posters that you produced for yesterday's PSHE work.  It would be brilliant if you could email us a photo of you with your poster ... and odd socks!! Please email your photo to  All photos will be added to our virtual assembly on Friday.  Photos must be received by no later than 3pm today.

Thursday 19th November


Good morning Year 5! 


So, here we go, ready for Day 2. Firstly, we hope that you are all well – you are doing yourselves proud!


We have an action-packed day planned for you … this afternoon you will be learning all about the heart!  Below you will be able to see what we are covering today, from Guided Reading, Maths, English and Science.  Remember, you can email your work to us through the advice email.


Our timetable today is :



Multiplication-finishing off from yesterday and Doodle.


Chapter 4 part 1-Pros and cons of having a pig heart transplant


Writing about an ethical decision


The Heart


Happy learning and keep smiling πŸ™‚



You did brilliantly with your multiplication work yesterday. We’re really pleased to see that you are challenging yourself to work as hard as you can. For our Maths lesson today, we would like you to complete any work from yesterday (if you are ready to move onto the next task then do), then complete the extra set for you on Doodle. Use the videos that we posted yesterday to help you if you get stuck with the method.



Guided Reading

Yesterday, we found out that Dad had arranged for Dr Bryce (a transplant expert) to talk to Cam about the possibility of him having a pig’s heart in order to help him live. Mum and Dad had disagreed and had a massive argument. Today for our Guided Reading lesson, we would like you to read chapter four, part 1 and find out what happens when Dr Bryce visits. Remember to research any words you are unsure of.


As you read, imagine that you are Cam. He is about to make one of the most difficult decisions of his life. What are the pros (the good points) for having the transplant, and what are the cons (the bad points)? For example, a major pro is the fact that it could save his life! A con might be that people might make fun of him. Try to find as many reasons for and against as you can. Use the example to help you structure your work.


Mrs Milnes' group

Along with your reading activities you have been sharing some of Malorie Blackman’s, ‘Pig Heart Boy’.  Attached is a reading comprehension about Malorie Blackman. Read aloud the information and then have a go at answering the questions.  You don’t have to print the sheets off, just record on the paper we provided you with.



Imagine that you are Cam. How would you feel if your heart didn’t work, and you had the possibility to have a pig’s heart transplanted? Write a short piece of writing, telling us why you would, or wouldn’t want to have the transplant. Remember to use your knowledge of paragraphs to help you structure your work.


If you are unsure of how to start, use Miss F’s example text to help you. We have also given you a list of adverbials to help make your writing sound interesting. This is a very grown up piece of writing, so we will be looking to give out lots of merits for this work. If you are writing in your workbook, remember to use the joins that you know.



Good afternoon Year 5. It’s Thursday afternoon…time to don your lab coats and goggles as we investigate the human circulatory system.


Your body is amazing…one of a kind…the only one in the whole universe! Lots of different systems help it to work properly: your skeleton holds you up; your muscles help your skeleton to move; your digestive system helps you to get nutrition and water from food. These are systems that you learnt about in Year 3 and Year 4.



Now it’s time to find out about another very important body system: the circulatory system. Last week we found out how to measure our pulse, and how that increases with exercise. Today we are going to find out why the heart beats, what job it does and how the heart works.


Why does the heart need to beat?

Have a look at this Bitesize link, watch the video and have a go at the quiz

Once you have done that, use this PowerPoint and these videos to find out how the heart works? Once you have found out, use your creativity to present your work to us. You might want to create a model, or film yourself explaining how it works. How you present your work is up to you. We will be giving merits and smelly certificates for the most creative ideas.


Introduction to the heart


Different parts of the heart


What the heart actually looks like (this has a real pig’s heart being cut open-if you are squeamish, you might want to give this one a miss!)


We hope you had a fun day, and can’t wait to see more of the amazing work that you are doing. Remember to send any work to


Take care,

Love Mrs H and Miss F

Belong, Believe, Be you…Achieve


Wednesday 18th November

Good morning Year 5!


You have worked incredibly hard since you returned to school in September, we hope this will continue over the next ten days.


You can record your answers in your workbooks, or, if you want to, answer the questions on the word document itself. Remember to check your answers after you have finished.


If there is anything that you need help with, email, and Mrs H or I will get back to you. Remember, just like school, excellent work will be rewarded with house points and smelly certificates - we will also be choosing our shooting stars.


Our timetable today is :






Using evidence-Pig Heart Boy






Days of the week



‘This is me’ challenge


Remember to make sure you have breaktime and lunchtime too!



For our Maths lesson today, we will be continuing our work on multiplication. We are all at different stages with this work so we would like you to choose the work that you feel you are ready for. You do not need to complete all the sums today. This work will continue tomorrow.


1. Short multiplication


If you have been working on multiplying numbers by a single digit e.g. 34 x 4, watch this video to recap the method, then have a go at the questions below. For Year 5, you need to be able to multiply 4 digits by a single digit e.g. 5436 x 4.







Year 5 Multiplication using the Short Method

Year 5 Multiplication using the Short Method


2. Long multiplication


If you are confident multiplying by one digit, have a go at multiplying by two. Use the video to help you. For some of you, this is brand new learning, so remember to persevere and practise until you’re confident.


Year 5 Multiplication using the long method for 2, 2 digit numbers

Year 5 Multiplication using the long method for 2, 2 digit numbers

3. Problem solving


Some of you are confident with both methods. If this is the case, have a go at these problems…make sure that you read the question carefully and show your working out.


If you want to challenge yourself further, make sure that you are in the green on your Doodle maths account.



Guided Reading


We are going to continue our work today on our fantastic class reader, Pig Heart Boy. First of all, read chapter three (5H make sure that you have read chapter 2-Mrs H sent this home with you yesterday). Make a note of any words that you are unsure of- you can look them up online afterwards. If you can, try to read the text aloud so that you can practise your storyteller voice.

For your task today, we would like you to become story detectives. Look at the statement that you are given, then find the evidence in the text to back it up. You might be able to find more than one bit of evidence.


E.g Cameron doesn’t like it when his parents argue.

“I recognised that tone of voice. It burnt like a laser. I winced.”


You can either complete your work in the table, or write each statement as a subheading, with your evidence underneath.




Mrs Milnes' group

Yesterday, Mrs Humphries sent home a comprehension on Anti Bullying week.  Please could you read the text carefully, then answer the comprehension questions.


Today, we would like you to recap your understanding of paragraphs. First of all, watch the two videos on BBC Bitesize (you do not need to do the tasks on Bitesize).


Now have a go at the extra set for you on your Doodle English login.

Good afternoon Year 5!  So, let’s transport ourselves to a normal Wednesday afternoon … it can only mean … Spanish and PSHE!




You shared some really thoughtful contributions when we discussed Anti-Bullying Week.  You were able to produce some effective posters.  To support your learning in class, we would like you to produce a poster about YOU! What makes you, YOU? How are you the most wonderfully, unique person? Maybe you can play ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ on recorder… using your nose?! This can be a hand drawn poster, or you may wish to produce a poster on Word or PowerPoint (you could insert photos that display your many talents!) If you are producing by hand … remember presentation!




A huge thank you to Mr Collett who has provided us with some excellent resources!  This week Mr Collett would like you to practise… the days of the week! Your task is to teach the members of your household the days of the week! 


Here are two excellent YouTube videos:

#Days of the Week in Spanish Song!

SUBSCRIBE for more Spanish videos: Follow me on Facebook: Tweet me:


We hope you have a great day. Remember, you can send us your work at


Don't forget how immensely proud we are of you all.


Take care,

Love Miss F and Mrs H


Belong, Believe, Be you... Achieve

Story Club


Join Mapledene's Virtual Story Club at 4pm tonight. Miss Faulkner will be reading the first half of 'Diary of a Killer Cat' (with a very dodgy American accent). Miss Johnson has also arranged for a special guest to read to us. You can find the premiere at

Virtual Story Club - Week 3

Join Miss Faulkner and our first ever special guest for week 3 of virtual story club.


Year 5 Home Learning

Hello Year 5,

We hope you are all home, safe and well. We know that the Year 5 bubble closing might feel a little bit strange, but it is really important that we continue to work hard and do our very best. Every day, Mrs Humphries and I will put up the timetable for the day. It will follow the subjects that we do at school, so for example, on a Wednesday afternoon, we usually have a Spanish lesson, Friday is Computing etc. You do not need to print the worksheets off. If you have them on your computer screen, you can copy the work down into your workbooks. We will also provide you with the answers, so, like we do at school you can tick or check your work.


If you have got work that you need help with, or would like to show us, please get your parents to email us at:


Take care, we miss you already,

Love Miss F and Mrs H


Belong, Believe, Be You...Achieve



Wonka challenge

Yesterday afternoon, Miss Faulkner received a very strange text message.


It turned out to be from the master chocolatier himself-Willy Wonka. As he has been called away to Oompa Land, he has asked Year 5 to help him to design his most forward thinking bar to date-'Every Chew is New'. With creative ideas buzzing around both classrooms, Wonka is sure to be over the moon with ingenious ideas such as, 'The All Day Breakfast Bite' and  'The Packed Lunch in a Bar' (for stressed mums and dads!). The classes have come up with fantastic ingredient ideas too, such as: Grandma's dentures (for extra chew),glass (for a clear shine), and a rolled up rainbow (for colour). We are already looking forward to writing our ideas out, ready to send off to Wonka by the end of the week.



Year 5 had a surprise visit this afternoon-all the way from Wonka's famous factory. The children spent the afternoon finding out some fascinating facts about the sweet stuff. Did you know that in Japan they have over 200 varieties of KitKat? Soy sauce and baked potato being just two of the delicious flavours! The children were very surprised to learn that chocolate comes from beans (not the baked variety) and that some types of chocolate are even thought to have health benefits!



Welcome back Year 5!!!


It's been a fantastic start to the new academic year, we are so thrilled to be reunited   Already we have earned lots of house points and merits for brilliant work and effort.


PE Days


This year, our PE days will be Monday and Friday.  Children should come to school dressed in their PE kits.  This should be weather appropriate as the children will remain in their kit all day. The children are allowed to wear joggers or leggings to keep them warm. They do not need to bring their school uniform to school on these days.


Reading Scheme


Children will no longer be given comprehensions to complete after reading their book.  All children have been given a reading record that should be signed and dated by an adult at home.


Visit 'Learn it with Mapledene' to see our special Easter assembly - did you guess the special guest?


Also, see Mr Hyde read 'Once Upon a Star', a poem which links to our previous 'Space' topic. Enjoy.


Good morning Year 5 - it's Friday!


We hope you are all well and joined in with clapping for our wonderful NHS last night - it was great to see so many people coming together to show their support and gratitude for all of the people working to help others.


Virtual Assembly!

Are you ready to find out who our 'Shooting Stars' are? Our latest assembly will be uploaded soon, so keep an eye on our school website, Twitter, Facebook and 'Learn it with Mapledene' on YouTube


If you've had chance to complete the 'Rounding' written maths work, then please do share how you did by sending us some photos to 'Facebook' or ''


We've added a written task for you to complete below. Let your imagination fly!


Take care

Mr Hyde, Mrs Lockley and Mr Collett





Written task - Missing!

Good Morning Year 5 - it's Thursday!


Check out the 'Rounding to the nearest hundred and thousand' worksheets attached below. Work through these using pencil/pen and paper before then checking your answers using the sheets attached.

Try not to take a peek at the answers before you've finished!


Well done to all of you that have completed your Doodle Extras!

Remember to check the maths, English and spelling sections.

Make sure you keep practicing your timetables too!

Lastly, keep collecting those stars!


 A BIG Wednesday welcome to Year 5! 


Did you enjoy joining in with Joe?

If you missed it catch up at:


Have you completed your Doodle Extras? If yes, then check again today for more Extras!


Keep collecting those stars! Help take 5C and 5HL to the top!


We love seeing all the work you are doing at home, so keep it up and share, share, share!


Take care!

Doodle Challenge!

Good 'sunny' morning and welcome back Year 5


A massive well done to everyone who has completed their Doodle 'Extras' and who are collecting their stars!

The more you collect, the more you will learn! Keep it up!


Are you ready to take on the Doodle Spring Challenge?

You can find more information in the letter above and by clicking on the link below:


The Field Studies Council (FSC) have put together some wonderful activities which you can complete at home.

Check out the site and see if there's something you can complete.


Do let us know via our school email how you get on:


Or at Facebook:

'At Mapledene we share and care for our little ones' 


Also, check our school Twitter for more activities - it's updated daily!

A Monday welcome to you all Year 5

We hope you had a good weekend and that you and your families are well.


Start your day with Joe!


Check Doodle for more 'Extras' which have

been set today.

Remember, you'll need to complete any existing 'Extras' to a good level before you can access

the new activities.


Keep collecting those stars! 


Do find time to keep reading too! 

A BIG Friday good morning Year 5!

"We hope you and your families are all well and that you are doing

all you can to support each other."


We are sure, that you, like us, joined in in giving our fabulous

NHS a massive round of applause last night.


Let's give them a shout out today toosmiley



Joe Wicks will be starting off the day with his daily PE session - make sure you join in if you can!


Well done to everyone who has already

completed the recently set Doodle 'Extras'! smiley


For those of you that haven't, please find the time to complete them. Have a good day!


Good Morning Year 5

It's Thursday!


We hope you are all well.

Do remember to join in with Joe Wicks at 9:00am on YouTube.


Some more 'Extras' are being added to Doodle today - so check your Doodle after Joe Wicks!

Many of you still have Doodle Extras to complete - remember you need to complete your current Extra successfully before you can access the next activity.


Also, below you will find two sheets, one with addition questions and one with the answers. Work through the questions using pencil and paper before then checking your answers using the answer sheet. If you make a mistake, check your calculating to see where you ahve gone wrong and try again. Good luck! 





Hello Year 5


We hope you are all well and have been joining in with Joe Wicks and also completing your Doodle daily and Extra activities.

A massive well-done to all of you that have - you should all be super proud of yourselves!


Check out Mapledene's new 'Learn it with Mapledene' YouTube channel where stories, online lessons and activities

will be added over the coming days.


Good morning Year 5


We hope you are all well and have been enjoying some PE fun with Joe Wicks.


Login at Doodle to get those stars and complete your ‘Extras’ in both maths and English.


Easter isn’t that far away, so why not plan ahead by checking the following link for some great Easter related activities:


A big well done to everyone who has completed their Doodle maths and English homework!


You are all Doodle stars!


Remember to check your Doodle account daily for new 'Extras' to complete and to get those daily stars!


A Monday welcome to all of Year 5!


Joe Wicks is providing fully guided PE lessons on YouTube everyday at 9:00am.


Hi there Year 5!


As we mentioned earlier at school, this is the place to look for messages, updates and activities

from your teachers.


Just to check who has managed to find this page, come in and whisper to your teacher what The Traveller shouts out in the poem The Listeners.


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Mrs Lockley, Mr Collett and Mr Hyde


Year 5 - Anglo-Saxon and Viking project

Below is a list of websites that you can use in addition to ‘Doodle’ to practise your maths and English skills:


Grammar, punctuation and spelling


Reading and Writing:


Speaking and listening:






Fractions and Percentages:




Shape and Movements:


Times tables

Useful websites and games





Prefixes and suffixes 

Comma castle

'Trapped' grammar


Apostrophes (Penalty Shootout):



General arithmetic games and challenges 

Hit the Button (number bonds, multiplication/division, adding/subtracting, halves) :

Multiple Frenzy:

Time games


Number and place value


Year 5 had an amazing opportunity to work scientifically and investigate practically the physiology of a heart by dissecting a sheep’s heart. The children were able to find for themselves the heart chambers, arteries, veins, valves and heart strings. We were so impressed with the children’s knowledge and ability to work forensically. Clearly we have some budding medics/surgeons amongst us.