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Year 5


Visit 'Learn it with Mapledene' to see our special Easter assembly - did you guess the special guest?


Also, see Mr Hyde read 'Once Upon a Star', a poem which links to our previous 'Space' topic. Enjoy.


Good morning Year 5 - it's Friday!


We hope you are all well and joined in with clapping for our wonderful NHS last night - it was great to see so many people coming together to show their support and gratitude for all of the people working to help others.


Virtual Assembly!

Are you ready to find out who our 'Shooting Stars' are? Our latest assembly will be uploaded soon, so keep an eye on our school website, Twitter, Facebook and 'Learn it with Mapledene' on YouTube


If you've had chance to complete the 'Rounding' written maths work, then please do share how you did by sending us some photos to 'Facebook' or ''


We've added a written task for you to complete below. Let your imagination fly!


Take care

Mr Hyde, Mrs Lockley and Mr Collett





Written task - Missing!

Good Morning Year 5 - it's Thursday!


Check out the 'Rounding to the nearest hundred and thousand' worksheets attached below. Work through these using pencil/pen and paper before then checking your answers using the sheets attached.

Try not to take a peek at the answers before you've finished!


Well done to all of you that have completed your Doodle Extras!

Remember to check the maths, English and spelling sections.

Make sure you keep practicing your timetables too!

Lastly, keep collecting those stars!


 A BIG Wednesday welcome to Year 5! 


Did you enjoy joining in with Joe?

If you missed it catch up at:


Have you completed your Doodle Extras? If yes, then check again today for more Extras!


Keep collecting those stars! Help take 5C and 5HL to the top!


We love seeing all the work you are doing at home, so keep it up and share, share, share!


Take care!

Doodle Challenge!

Good 'sunny' morning and welcome back Year 5


A massive well done to everyone who has completed their Doodle 'Extras' and who are collecting their stars!

The more you collect, the more you will learn! Keep it up!


Are you ready to take on the Doodle Spring Challenge?

You can find more information in the letter above and by clicking on the link below:


The Field Studies Council (FSC) have put together some wonderful activities which you can complete at home.

Check out the site and see if there's something you can complete.


Do let us know via our school email how you get on:


Or at Facebook:

'At Mapledene we share and care for our little ones' 


Also, check our school Twitter for more activities - it's updated daily!

A Monday welcome to you all Year 5

We hope you had a good weekend and that you and your families are well.


Start your day with Joe!


Check Doodle for more 'Extras' which have

been set today.

Remember, you'll need to complete any existing 'Extras' to a good level before you can access

the new activities.


Keep collecting those stars! 


Do find time to keep reading too! 

A BIG Friday good morning Year 5!

"We hope you and your families are all well and that you are doing

all you can to support each other."


We are sure, that you, like us, joined in in giving our fabulous

NHS a massive round of applause last night.


Let's give them a shout out today toosmiley



Joe Wicks will be starting off the day with his daily PE session - make sure you join in if you can!


Well done to everyone who has already

completed the recently set Doodle 'Extras'! smiley


For those of you that haven't, please find the time to complete them. Have a good day!


Good Morning Year 5

It's Thursday!


We hope you are all well.

Do remember to join in with Joe Wicks at 9:00am on YouTube.


Some more 'Extras' are being added to Doodle today - so check your Doodle after Joe Wicks!

Many of you still have Doodle Extras to complete - remember you need to complete your current Extra successfully before you can access the next activity.


Also, below you will find two sheets, one with addition questions and one with the answers. Work through the questions using pencil and paper before then checking your answers using the answer sheet. If you make a mistake, check your calculating to see where you ahve gone wrong and try again. Good luck! 





Hello Year 5


We hope you are all well and have been joining in with Joe Wicks and also completing your Doodle daily and Extra activities.

A massive well-done to all of you that have - you should all be super proud of yourselves!


Check out Mapledene's new 'Learn it with Mapledene' YouTube channel where stories, online lessons and activities

will be added over the coming days.


Good morning Year 5


We hope you are all well and have been enjoying some PE fun with Joe Wicks.


Login at Doodle to get those stars and complete your ‘Extras’ in both maths and English.


Easter isn’t that far away, so why not plan ahead by checking the following link for some great Easter related activities:


A big well done to everyone who has completed their Doodle maths and English homework!


You are all Doodle stars!


Remember to check your Doodle account daily for new 'Extras' to complete and to get those daily stars!


A Monday welcome to all of Year 5!


Joe Wicks is providing fully guided PE lessons on YouTube everyday at 9:00am.


Hi there Year 5!


As we mentioned earlier at school, this is the place to look for messages, updates and activities

from your teachers.


Just to check who has managed to find this page, come in and whisper to your teacher what The Traveller shouts out in the poem The Listeners.


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Mrs Lockley, Mr Collett and Mr Hyde


Year 5 - Anglo-Saxon and Viking project

Below is a list of websites that you can use in addition to ‘Doodle’ to practise your maths and English skills:


Grammar, punctuation and spelling


Reading and Writing:


Speaking and listening:






Fractions and Percentages:




Shape and Movements:


Times tables

Useful websites and games





Prefixes and suffixes 

Comma castle

'Trapped' grammar


Apostrophes (Penalty Shootout):



General arithmetic games and challenges 

Hit the Button (number bonds, multiplication/division, adding/subtracting, halves) :

Multiple Frenzy:

Time games


Number and place value


Year 5 had an amazing opportunity to work scientifically and investigate practically the physiology of a heart by dissecting a sheep’s heart. The children were able to find for themselves the heart chambers, arteries, veins, valves and heart strings. We were so impressed with the children’s knowledge and ability to work forensically. Clearly we have some budding medics/surgeons amongst us.