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Year 3

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Below you will find documents and links to what we will be studying this term and beyond.

Greek Assembly

Greek Assembly 1 Spartans
Greek Assembly 2 Trojans
Greek Assembly 3 Persians
Greek Assembly 4 Medusa and Athena turning people to stone!
Greek Assembly 5 People of Athens

Ancient Greek Museum

Ancient Greek Museum 1 Our museum of Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Museum 2 With food from Greece
Ancient Greek Museum 3 Served with a smile.
Ancient Greek Museum 4 Greek Myth poetry
Ancient Greek Museum 5 Marvellous masks
Ancient Greek Museum 6 Excellent guides
Ancient Greek Museum 7 Lots to see
Ancient Greek Museum 8 And lots to talk about

Science Week (Alka-Seltzer experiment)

A Day at the Museum

A  Day at the Museum 1 Oooh, shiny!
A  Day at the Museum 2 I Found my mummy!
A  Day at the Museum 3 Interactive activities
A  Day at the Museum 4 Anglo Saxon ladies
A  Day at the Museum 5 Engrossed in art!
A  Day at the Museum 6 Studying the artefacts
A  Day at the Museum 7 This collar felt a bit ruff!

Gymnastics in Full Flow

Gymnastics in Full Flow 1 We focused on balance across the beam
Gymnastics in Full Flow 2 We needed to take care on the high boxes
Gymnastics in Full Flow 3 Ropes were hard to climb.
Gymnastics in Full Flow 4 There are many ways to cross a ladder.
Gymnastics in Full Flow 5 It is a long way down.
Gymnastics in Full Flow 6 Concentration.
Gymnastics in Full Flow 7 Holding on for dear life!
Gymnastics in Full Flow 8 Tarzan.
Gymnastics in Full Flow 9 Carefully does it.

Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 1

Stone-Age Drama (acting like cavemen!!!)