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Try Something Scientific 

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These science experiments will dazzle your child... and you probably have the materials you need at home already!


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Learning at home updates:

Welcome to the Year 3 page

Welcome to Year 3’s Home Learning Page

As well as our exciting Rainforest Project (details of which can be found below) check here every day for interesting tasks and stimulating activities to fill your days whilst you are unable to come to school.

Scroll down for loads of brilliant websites that are filled with excellent games and activities to keep your brains buzzing!

Week 2 

Happy Monday year 3. Hope you had a good weekend. This week we would like you to make sure you keep up with your Doodling. Great to see so many stars being earned. Great work, keep it up! There are some new homework activities today. What are you waiting for?

We would also like you to continue your Rainforest Projects. This week try to find out about the animals that ONLY live in rainforests. Pick a favourite and create a fact file about it then draw a massive picture of it using any art materials you have. For extra points try to make your picture using collaging. Get lots of different bits of paper or pictures from newspapers and stick them together to make an amazing animal picture. 
Like this! Send pictures of your creations to the school email or Facebook and you may get to see some of your art appearing here! Don’t forget that we also want to read some of your rainforest stories about imaginary adventures in the canopy, understory, emergent layer or just on the forest floor.
Remember that there are lots of websites down below to visit if you need some more work and also make sure that you are keeping active. Exercise with Joe Wicks, go for a run around the garden, make up your own circuit training course in the living room. Keep busy and be creative. 
Keep checking back here every day for further instructions. Keep up the great work year 3. You are superstars.
Mr Mac and Mrs Humphris

Creative Coding


ICT lesson for this week. Try coding a dance party using block coding:

Or code your own flappy bird game:

When you’ve finished, get a parent, sister, brother etc to try out your creation. Have fun. 


Keep it up


Great to hear about all the learning that you guys are doing at home. Get your parents or guardians to show us what you are achieving either by emailing or posting your great work on our Facebook page. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your successes every day. Today I watched Cohen reading a story which he has uploaded on to Facebook. Check it out if you can and maybe do one of your own. But it doesn’t have to be you reading, upload your pictures or football skills or dances or.... anything that you have enjoyed learning at home this week.
Have a restful weekend and check back here on Monday for further instructions. 
Mr Mac and Mrs Humphris 👍

Mapledene’s new YouTube channel


Have a look, you may see some familiar faces!


Audible books. 
Audible is a website with loads of free stories to listen to. Here is the link




Great work to all you Doodlers. I am having to work soooo hard to keep up with you!

Extra mentions to William, Finley, Logan and Harley who have got well over 100 stars and a special shout out to George H, Harry and Thomas who have got well over 200 stars. They are beating me in the Doodle star stakes. 
If I have missed anyone out then I promise I will keep watching and give you a mention next week!

Keep Doodling!

BBC Newsround


Newsround is going to change how it operates from next week. Now, more than ever children need clear news to enable them to understand what is happening around them... so that's what they are going to do.…


Good Morning Year 3


Week 1 of home schooling. We have added some tasks for Doodle English and Maths. You will see that I have also joined your class so your challenge is to see if you can keep ahead of me in the hall of fame. 
Remember to try to get in to a daily routine. After breakfast I suggest doing Joe Wick’s workout on YouTube every morning at 9 am 

The Body Coach TV

Then do English and Maths before taking a bit of a break. Remember to get busy on your rainforest work in the afternoons and try to think of creative ways to do some of the other subjects like Science, music and art. 
This link might give you a few ideas about how to keep up with the other subjects. 

Happy Home Schooling

Mr Mac and Mrs Humphris

Animal Webcams

Click the link above to look at the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo and then look at the other webcams to see if you can spot any rainforest animals. 

Year 3 worksheets


Parents, if you follow this link you will find a wealth of worksheets which could be printed out or used on screen to keep the year 3 children’s learning moving at a rapid pace!

Rainforest Project

Rainforest Project 1

Continue Coding 


Here is the link that we have been using in ICT


if you want further coding ideas click the link below

Making Ancient Greek Pots

Making Ancient Greek Pots 1 Making pots takes concentration.
Making Ancient Greek Pots 2 Clay is very hard to mould
Making Ancient Greek Pots 3 and very messy.
Making Ancient Greek Pots 4 But with patience
Making Ancient Greek Pots 5 and care,
Making Ancient Greek Pots 6 our pots began to take shape
Making Ancient Greek Pots 7 and it was fun to do.
Making Ancient Greek Pots 8 Now that they are finished,
Making Ancient Greek Pots 9 we will leave them to dry
Making Ancient Greek Pots 10 add some patterns
Making Ancient Greek Pots 11 and pictures
Making Ancient Greek Pots 12 and paint them orange
Making Ancient Greek Pots 13 so they look like the pots of Ancient Greece.
Making Ancient Greek Pots 14 When they are finished,
Making Ancient Greek Pots 15 we will display them in our museum

Ancient Greek Assembly

Ancient Greek Masks

Ancient Greek Masks 1 We have been making masks
Ancient Greek Masks 2 In Ancient Greece the masks were used
Ancient Greek Masks 3 In the theatre to show different characters
Ancient Greek Masks 4 Can you tell
Ancient Greek Masks 5 Who our masks
Ancient Greek Masks 6 Are meant to be?
Ancient Greek Masks 7 Some of them are a bit scary
Ancient Greek Masks 8 They are different monsters and gods
Ancient Greek Masks 9 From the myths we have been reading.
Ancient Greek Masks 10
Ancient Greek Masks 11

Greek God Visits Mapledene

Greek God Visits Mapledene  1 Today we were visited by Heracles
Greek God Visits Mapledene  2 He told us all about his impossible tasks...
Greek God Visits Mapledene  3 Then he set us some impossible tasks to complete
Greek God Visits Mapledene  4 He also told us about some other gruesome details.
Greek God Visits Mapledene  5 Like how Medusa turned men to stone! Very scary!

Cavemen Invade Mapledene

Sports Champion Circuits

Stone Age Drama

Stone Age Drama 1 Acting like Stone Age people.
Stone Age Drama 2 We tried to imagine...
Stone Age Drama 3 that we were from the stone age...
Stone Age Drama 4 and acted out different scenes.
Stone Age Drama 5 can you tell...
Stone Age Drama 6 what is happening...
Stone Age Drama 7 in each of our groups?

Rocks and Soils

Rocks and Soils 1 Investigating soils.
Rocks and Soils 2 To see what type of soils we had, we squeezed...
Rocks and Soils 3 rolled...
Rocks and Soils 4 added water..
Rocks and Soils 5 squashed...
Rocks and Soils 6 squished...
Rocks and Soils 7 made into balls
Rocks and Soils 8 and got mucky hands.

Cave Painting (in the year 3 corridor)

Cave Painting (in the year 3 corridor) 1
Cave Painting (in the year 3 corridor) 2
Cave Painting (in the year 3 corridor) 3
Cave Painting (in the year 3 corridor) 4

Greek Assembly

Greek Assembly 1 Spartans
Greek Assembly 2 Trojans
Greek Assembly 3 Persians
Greek Assembly 4 Medusa and Athena turning people to stone!
Greek Assembly 5 People of Athens

Ancient Greek Museum

Ancient Greek Museum 1 Our museum of Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Museum 2 With food from Greece
Ancient Greek Museum 3 Served with a smile.
Ancient Greek Museum 4 Greek Myth poetry
Ancient Greek Museum 5 Marvellous masks
Ancient Greek Museum 6 Excellent guides
Ancient Greek Museum 7 Lots to see
Ancient Greek Museum 8 And lots to talk about

Science Week (Alka-Seltzer experiment)

A Day at the Museum

A  Day at the Museum 1 Oooh, shiny!
A  Day at the Museum 2 I Found my mummy!
A  Day at the Museum 3 Interactive activities
A  Day at the Museum 4 Anglo Saxon ladies
A  Day at the Museum 5 Engrossed in art!
A  Day at the Museum 6 Studying the artefacts
A  Day at the Museum 7 This collar felt a bit ruff!

Gymnastics in Full Flow

Gymnastics in Full Flow 1 We focused on balance across the beam
Gymnastics in Full Flow 2 We needed to take care on the high boxes
Gymnastics in Full Flow 3 Ropes were hard to climb.
Gymnastics in Full Flow 4 There are many ways to cross a ladder.
Gymnastics in Full Flow 5 It is a long way down.
Gymnastics in Full Flow 6 Concentration.
Gymnastics in Full Flow 7 Holding on for dear life!
Gymnastics in Full Flow 8 Tarzan.
Gymnastics in Full Flow 9 Carefully does it.

Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 1

Stone-Age Drama (acting like cavemen!!!)