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Year 3

Year 3 Project - Week 3


Well done again for all your hard work last week. We hope that you are really enjoying this topic and are finding out many interesting things about Sheldon.


As we only have two weeks remaining of the school year, this will be your last week to continue working on, and finish, your Sheldon project.  Think about how you are going to present it.


Your suggested activities for this week:


  • Now that you have looked at Sheldon both today and in the past, write a time-travelling adventure story
  • Describe how Sheldon has changed over the years
  • Compare the Sheldon of 100 years ago to the Sheldon of today
  • Continue researching the history of Sheldon.  Here are some useful websites:




Here are the answers to last week’s challenges.  Did you manage to complete your ‘History Hunt’ in the old village of Sheldon?


There won’t be any challenges this week. Instead, we would like you to ask members of your family for their memories of Sheldon, if they grew up there.  Do they have any old photographs they would like to share with us?  It would be lovely to make a collection of Sheldon memories for everyone to look at when we return to school.


Here are some photographs of buildings that have changed, or sadly gone, from Sheldon over the years.  Ask your family if they remember them!



Sports Day


On Wednesday the children at school are having sports day. We would love for the children at home to get involved too! Check out the document below that tells you about 'Challenge 10' and get your child involved! Send videos/ photos to advice@mapledene by the end of the day on Wednesday for the chance to be in our sports day assembly during the final week and to receive a certificate for taking part.  

Year 3 Project - Week 2


Thank you to everyone who has shared their lovely work from last week with us.   We have really enjoyed your pictures and written work and can see that you have been working really hard – well done!


This week we would like you to travel back in time to understand what Sheldon used to be like over 100 years ago!


Look carefully at the maps below and read the information sheet which contains a very brief history of Sheldon.


Then think carefully about these questions:

  • Can you find the road where you live now?  Can you find Mapledene school?
  • How would you describe the land use – is it mostly housing, shops, parkland or something else?
  • Where did people work? What sort of jobs were there in Sheldon?
  • Where do you think children went to school?
  • How did people entertain themselves? What did they do to have fun?


Your suggested activities for this week:


  • Imagine what Sheldon looked like all those years ago and produce either a drawing or a written description of it
  • Imagine you lived in Sheldon and write a diary entry about the sort of things you might have done
  • Create a timeline of how Sheldon developed over the years
  • Continue your research into the history of Sheldon




Here are the answers to last week’s challenges – were you right?

For this week’s challenges, we would like you to go on a ‘History Hunt!’


Please go, if you can, to where the original village of Sheldon is, by St Giles church on Church Road.  Can you spot the buildings that are in the pictures below?  We will reveal the names of these buildings next week!




Happy History Hunting!!

 Our new Year 3 project is all about… Sheldon!


We will be spending the remaining few weeks of Year 3 learning all about our local area – including some time-travelling to understand what Sheldon used to be like over a hundred years ago! 


Mrs Humphris has lots of special memories of the area as she moved to Sheldon when she was just eighteen months old.  She too went to Mapledene before moving on to what was then known as Sheldon Heath Comprehensive School (KESH Academy today).  Over the next few weeks we would like you to ask members of your family if they have any special memories or photographs that they can share with us, if they grew up in Sheldon too.


Your suggested activities for this week are based upon Sheldon TODAY:


  • Can you find the road where you live on the map of Sheldon below? (If you don’t live in Sheldon, can you find Mapledene school?)
  • Draw your house or road, thinking about the types of buildings you can see
  • Go for a walk around the area (with an adult) and sketch or take photographs of something that really interests you
  • How would you describe the land use – is it mostly housing, shops, parkland or something else?
  • Where do people work? What sort of jobs are there in Sheldon?
  • On a map, plot your route to school
  • Create a leaflet about Sheldon to persuade someone to come and visit the area – what interesting places can you include?  Think about restaurants, parks, places to visit etc.
  • Research the area - how many people live in Sheldon, do you think?




We have attached three photographs for you to look at… all of these buildings are very old but are still in Sheldon today.  Do you recognise them? Where are they?

Reception Assembly Down on the Farm

Today's assembly is brought to you by our Reception classes who will be telling us 'All About the Farm'!

Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel

where you can find stories and activities by teachers from across school.


Brilliant Doodling!


Well done 3W for being top Doodlers again! Come on 3M, let's catch them up this week!


Year 3 Project


We would like you to spend just one more week on our Year 3 project on volcanoes as we will be moving on to something new next week.

Use the next few days to finish off any work that you have started.  If you haven't yet had a go at making a volcano - do it this week!  Think about how you are going to present your project ... in a book or folder perhaps, or in a Powerpoint presentation? 



You will find the maths and English work for this week below:

Whole school Project 15.6.20- Culture and Diversity

This week, in light of recent events in the world, and as a link to our new school motto, ‘Belong, Believe, Be you: Achieve’, we would like you to learn about, and celebrate, the cultural diversity that we have in Britain.

As usual, we encourage you to be as creative as you wish, whether it’s producing a report, a poster or art work, looking at recipes or learning songs/dances. There are many ways that you can enjoy learning about a new culture! We welcome any clips or videos of your children talking about or celebrating either their culture or one they have learned about (dancing, artwork, telling stories, clothing etc.) that can be included in this week’s Celebration Assembly on Friday. Please send to by 5pm on Wednesday 17th June.

Please see below some printable resources to help you with this topic.

Fabulous Doodling!!


Well done, 3W - Doodling champions AGAIN, whoop whoop!  3M - you need to try and beat them next week.  It's just so fabulous being the winning year group again, let's keep it up!



Year 3 Project


Please continue working on your projects on volcanoes for the next couple of weeks.  If you haven't yet researched Pompeii, try doing it this week.

Here is a lovely story based upon the eruption, 'Escape from Pompeii' by Christine Balit:


Here are some activities you could try:


  • Write a newspaper report on what happened
  • Write an adventure story as if you were there and saw what happened
  • Write 10 questions you would like to ask someone who witnessed the eruption (and provide the answers too if you like)
  • Imagine you were there and write a diary of what happened
  • Draw a picture of what Pompeii might have looked like before the eruption



Below are our maths and English worksheets for this week:


Great Doodling


Well done everyone for keeping up the Doodling. And well done 3M for being the top Doodlers this week. Finally beating 3W #proudmrmac ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€. 
Keep up the great work everyone and don’t forget to watch the assembly. 

Summer week 6

Welcome back to home school!

Remember to get back in to your routine of Doodling. 3W have been at the top of the pile again. Keep it up. And 3M, can you overtake the mighty 3W? There will be new extras every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As well as the extras, remember to do your daily activities and try to stay in the green zone.

Below you will find some Maths and English worksheets. Try to do at least one of these each day.

Continue with your volcano learning. Look at these websites:

Then, write a description of the setting using maps and pictures from the internet. Then design a leaflet to persuade people to visit Pompeii today - here is a website for the main museum there:

You could create a brochure like our ‘Come to Greece’ brochures.

Visit to find some coding activities to keep your coding skills up to date.

EP1: Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth & Nick Kroll join Taika Waititi to read James & the Giant Peach

Join Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Taika Waititi as he reads James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, in full across 10 episodes, to raise money for @Part...

Summer Week 5


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?’s the fabulous work of year 3!

This week, our optional Facebook theme is Superheroes. So Mrs Humphris and I would like you to take a break from volcanoes and think about superheroes instead (they could of course be volcano related superheroes!). During the course of the week we would love you to draw your own superheroes. You could take some tips from this YouTube channel and try copying some pictures of other superheroes before you design your own. Then we would like you to create a fact file about your hero. What are their superpowers? How did they become a hero? Who is their nemesis (arch enemy) and what powers do they have? Do they have any weaknesses? Then write a story about your hero, this could be in the form of a comic strip. Maybe you could show their origin story. We would love to see your designs for superhero masks and outfits and we hope you have loads of fun! As part of this topic, you can watch some superhero movies for research and you could review the ones you enjoy the best. You could even create some Top Trump cards to solve the argument over who is the best superhero. You might even be able to tell us about some people That you know who you think are real life superheroes. 

Dont forget to keep Doodling. Well done again 3W you are smashing it. Come on 3M we know you can beat them if you really try. 
Below you will find the English and Maths activities for this week and a coding activity to keep you busy. 
Happy homeschooling everyone. We can’t wait to see on Facebook or the school email ( all the great work you have fun creating and remember, the real superheroes are you and your parents for all the amazing work you’ve been doing and the brilliant attitude you all have to your work. Keep being amazing and keep smiling. 
Mr Mac and Mrs Humphris

Star Wars Coding

Try this hour of code tutorial. And may the force be with you.

Summer 4

Excellent Doodling again everyone. Congratulations again to 3W for being the top Doodlers again. Come on 3M, surely you can beat 3W this week?! Keep Doodling. There are two new extras today and there will be new work on Wednesday and Friday. Try to stay in the green zone all week and get on to the Hall of Fame. Look out for messages from Mr Mac on your friend page. 



Next, scroll down and find this week’s  English and Maths activities. Try to do some English and maths every day even if it is just 30 minutes of quiet reading. 


This week’s Facebook theme is ‘Around The World In 5 Days’. Think about how this could relate to our Volcano topic. Where in the world are the most, the biggest, the most dangerous, the most active volcanoes? Which continents, oceans and countries have volcanoes? Continue to share your learning about Volcanoes. We have seen some brilliant examples of your work on Facebook and by email ( ) 

Below are some ideas for what to do next in your volcano learning. Enjoy!




Creating a model volcano - useful websites:

Create a model volcano and share a video of it exploding, then write an explanation of how you did it. 


Create a Project about Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii:

Research where it was and what happened

Useful websites:


Try this code activity with the characters from Minecraft. 



Look at BBC Bitesize and try some of the science, maths and English games

Get active, try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Get outside whenever the sun is shining. 

Have lots of fun!


And remember how amazing you are. You are doing a fantastic job. We are really proud of you. So...Try to be the very best YOU that you can be and smile ๐Ÿ˜ƒ because smiling makes everyone and everything feel better. 

Summer 3


Excellent Doodling last week everyone. Congratulations 3W for being the top Doodlers again. Well done to 3M who were close behind. Keep it up everyone. There will be new work every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. See if you can stay in the green zone all week and get on to the Hall of Fame. Look out for messages from Mr Mac on your friend page. 


Next, scroll down and find some more English and Maths activities. Try to do some of the work each day.


Mrs Humphris and I would also like you to make a start on your learning about Volcanoes. This is a brilliant topic and there is loads that you can do. Look at the ideas and websites below and remember to send your work to or upload it to the Facebook page so we can see what you have done. This project work will be added to weekly so watch out for further challenges. We will expect you to complete your work on volcanoes by half term. 



What is the structure of the earth? What are volcanoes? Where are volcanoes located? What is the Ring of Fire? 

Useful websites:



Try one or two of these activities.

Create a fact file, powerpoint or information book on volcanoes around the world or just one that interests you.

Draw and label a picture of a volcano.

Research the benefits of living near a volcano and create a persuasive leaflet/brochure inviting people to live there

Write an acrostic poem using the word VOLCANO

Write an A-Z list of adjectives you could use to describe volcanoes

Make Top Trump cards for the different volcanoes around the world - which is the most powerful/deadliest? etc


Other activities

The theme for this week is celebrations and particularly VE Day. How will you be celebrating? What things do you celebrate? How do different people celebrate around the world in different countries and different faiths? We would love to see and hear about what you find out.


Look at BBC Bitesize  and try some of the science, maths and English games


Get active, try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. 

Have lots of fun!


For ICT homework

Something a little trickier. 

Visit and watch the tutorials to see if you can use scratch to make a short animation or simple video game. It’s great fun and just takes a bit of patience. It works with PCs and tablets. Have fun!


Remember that Friday is a Bank Holiday so take the day off and enjoy a day of celebration with your families. 

AND ALSO REMEMBER, you are amazing, fantastic people. Smile, enjoy, create and be happy. We appreciate everything you are doing right now. Keep it up ๐Ÿ‘ 


Mr Mac and Mrs Humphris

BBC Bitesize Daily

Why not make this part of your daily homeschooling? 
There are loads of great ideas and special guests to inspire your learning.
Search for bitesize on your TV catch up section or visit the BBC I player and get learning. 

Science Challenge. Try One of these activities and see what you discover.

Science Challenge. Try One of these activities and see what you discover.  1