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Below you will find documents and links to what we will be studying this term and beyond.

Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 1

Stone-Age Drama (acting like cavemen!!!)

Exploding Our Volcanoes

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After all the hard work we finally got to explode our volcanoes with some impressive eruptions!!!

Visiting a Sikh Gurdwhara

Visiting a Sikh Gurdwhara 1 Arriving at the Gurdwhara.
Visiting a Sikh Gurdwhara 2 Shoes needed to be removed.
Visiting a Sikh Gurdwhara 3 Where the Guru Granth Sahib sits
Visiting a Sikh Gurdwhara 4 Learning about the 5 articles of faith.
Visiting a Sikh Gurdwhara 5 Another of the beautiful altars.
Visiting a Sikh Gurdwhara 6 In the Langar kitchen with a very big pot
Visiting a Sikh Gurdwhara 7 Everybody who visits a gurdwhara gets fed.
Visiting a Sikh Gurdwhara 8 Even the teachers had to sit on the floor.
Visiting a Sikh Gurdwhara 9 They gave us some delicious bread to eat.

Curriculum Booklet Summer 2

Rainforest Assembly

Rainforest Assembly 1
Rainforest Assembly 2
Rainforest Assembly 3
Rainforest Assembly 4
Rainforest Assembly 5
Rainforest Assembly 6
Rainforest Assembly 7

Stonehenge Workshop

Our RE Display telling the story of Diwali

Our RE Display telling the story of Diwali 1

Greek Dancing

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Year 3 Mothers Day Song

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Science Week

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In ICT we have been using animation software to create some short animated cartoons.
We hope you enjoy watching them.
Have a go yourselves at

Year 3 Curriculum Leaflet - Autumn 2

Building Rafts

Identifying soil samples

Identifying soil samples 1 We tested different soil samples.
Identifying soil samples 2 We tried to see if it would stick together
Identifying soil samples 3 or if it would crumble into small pieces.

Cavemen (or cavewomen) Drama

Cavemen (or cavewomen) Drama 1 What makes a good caveman?
Cavemen (or cavewomen) Drama 2 A good fire?
Cavemen (or cavewomen) Drama 3 A good hunter?
Cavemen (or cavewomen) Drama 4 Lots of noisy chasing?


Welcome to a new Year 3.

We have got off to an exciting start exploring Stone Age life through Forest School.