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Below you will find documents and links to what we will be studying this term and beyond.


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In ICT we have been using animation software to create some short animated cartoons.
We hope you enjoy watching them.
Have a go yourselves at

Year 3 Curriculum Leaflet - Autumn 2

Building Rafts

Identifying soil samples

Identifying soil samples 1 We tested different soil samples.
Identifying soil samples 2 We tried to see if it would stick together
Identifying soil samples 3 or if it would crumble into small pieces.

Cavemen (or cavewomen) Drama

Cavemen (or cavewomen) Drama 1 What makes a good caveman?
Cavemen (or cavewomen) Drama 2 A good fire?
Cavemen (or cavewomen) Drama 3 A good hunter?
Cavemen (or cavewomen) Drama 4 Lots of noisy chasing?


Welcome to a new Year 3.

We have got off to an exciting start exploring Stone Age life through Forest School.


Shelter Building

Using only natural materials the children were asked to design a wind and rain proof shelter for teddy to camp out over night in.

Year 3 became hunter-gatherers for the day and had to find as much food as they could as we were all very hungry. As you can see it's not as easy as you think. We didn't have a lot to eat that day! Luckily the next day we managed to hunt down a woolly mammoth on the school playing field so it was burgers all round!

Camp Fire

You can't beat a camp fire for sharing your thrilling Stone Age tales, for example the day we escaped from a sabre tooth tiger; or the day we hunted down a woolly mammoth or the day we had to build a shelter in a snow storm! But how could we pass on our stories for other generations to enjoy? There was only one thing for it. We would have to record them as cave paintings. Luckily we had the charcoal from our fire for us to draw with.

As part of our work on mass in Maths, the children created their own yoghurts on the final day before half term. Using the scales, they calculated how many grams of each ingredient would be needed to successfully produce the yoghurt. Take a look at some of the reactions to the taste test below!

Food weighing pictures

Food weighing pictures 1
Food weighing pictures 2
Food weighing pictures 3
Food weighing pictures 4
Food weighing pictures 5
Food weighing pictures 6
Food weighing pictures 7
Food weighing pictures 8
Food weighing pictures 9
Food weighing pictures 10
Food weighing pictures 11
Food weighing pictures 12
Food weighing pictures 13
Food weighing pictures 14

Take a look at the pictures from Year 3's Twycross Zoo trip below....


We had a wonderful day, learning more information about rainforests and the creatures that make their homes there. The children behaved superbly and had a fantastic day. We would like to thank Shai's Mum and Grace's Mum for coming along to help out...

Twycross Zoo Trip!

Twycross Zoo Trip! 1
Twycross Zoo Trip! 2
Twycross Zoo Trip! 3
Twycross Zoo Trip! 4
Twycross Zoo Trip! 5
Twycross Zoo Trip! 6
Twycross Zoo Trip! 7
Twycross Zoo Trip! 8
Twycross Zoo Trip! 9
Twycross Zoo Trip! 10
Twycross Zoo Trip! 11
Twycross Zoo Trip! 12
Twycross Zoo Trip! 13

Year 3 rules and routines!

Well done to all of Year 3 for bringing in some absolutely fabulous projects on Ancient Greece! Below are a few children showing the amazing work that they completed at home over the holidays!

Ancient Greek projects!

Ancient Greek projects! 1 Oliver, Ronin, Emily and Caitlin!

Living It Up In Greece

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This is the song from our amazing assembly. Enjoy!
Below are the key spellings that the children are expected to know by the end of Year 3 and the end of Year 4. We will be having a spelling competition against some of the other classes in Key Stage Two later in the year so it would be great if the children could get in some extra practice at home! 

Half Term homework letter below...

The Mathletics logins for Year 3 will all be given out at Parent's Evening. Have a go and let us know what you think of all of the Maths games and activities on the site...


Many thanks to all of the parents and relatives who attended Year 3's Inspire Workshop! We had a fantastic morning learning about how to tackle tricky reasoning problems!


As discussed at the workshop, here are some useful websites to help your child's learning at home: 



Number Bonds:


Inspire Workshop

Inspire Workshop 1
Inspire Workshop 2
Inspire Workshop 3
As part of our work on studying a famous artist, Year 3 created their own paintings in the style of Patrick Caulfield. As Caulfield did in his pictures, the children drew everyday objects and then used black felt pens and large areas of block colour to bring the images to life. Below are some photos of the children enjoying their work! 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Some of our excellent Iron Man diaries from Hogarth's point of view...

Stone Age Day!


Below are the pictures from our Stone Age experience day to round off our recent topic! In the morning the children had the chance to build a boat from lots of different materials to hold a piece of stone on the water. This was linked to our work on how Stonehenge was created by people thousands of years ago. In the afternoon we were lucky enough to be visited by the ladies from Mrs History. The children had the chance to handle Stone Age artefacts, create Stone Age jewellery and even dress up as cavemen and cavewomen. They had a fantastic day and impressed the visitors with their awesome Stone Age knowledge!

Stone Age Day Part 1

Stone Age Day Part 1 1
Stone Age Day Part 1 2
Stone Age Day Part 1 3
Stone Age Day Part 1 4
Stone Age Day Part 1 5
Stone Age Day Part 1 6
Stone Age Day Part 1 7

Stone Age Day Part 2

Stone Age Day Part 2 1
Stone Age Day Part 2 2
Stone Age Day Part 2 3
Stone Age Day Part 2 4
Stone Age Day Part 2 5
Stone Age Day Part 2 6
Stone Age Day Part 2 7
Stone Age Day Part 2 8

Welcome to Year 3!


Please enjoy looking at some of the activities we have been working on so far this year...


In today's English lesson, both 3B and 3J had the chance to act out a scene from the Iron Man. In Chapter 2, eight year old Hogarth meets the terrifying Iron Man and tricks him into falling down a trap built by the villagers. Can you tell who is Hogarth and who is the Iron Man in the pictures below...






As part of our shape work in Maths, the children have been constructing 3D shapes from nets. Can your child tell us how many faces, edges and vertices their shape had?










We have been putting our text effects skills into practise by completing some Stone Age information posters. Take a look at some of the dazzling designs...


Some of our Stone Age paintings..

Some of our Stone Age paintings.. 1
Some of our Stone Age paintings.. 2

Year 3 have been loving their topic on the Stone Age so far this year! Ask your child about all of the amazing things they have learned...


Artwork photos coming soon!

Autumn Overview of Year 3 curriculum