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Welcome to Year 5


Welcome back to school. We hope to be using the website to keep you apprised of events at school that the children have taken part in, and also of what they will be learning from term to term. Please let us know if there is anything specific you would like to see with regards to the curriculum.

Spring term welcome - We heart Mapledene


Welcome back and Happy New Year. The children this term have been revelling in our new class book - Pig Heart Boy' by Malorie Blackman. They have produced some wonderful pieces of work ranging from news reports about the breakthrough scientific procedure, a diary entry from the recipient of the animal organ, and a discussion piece about the positives and the negatives of the procedure and whether or not it should take place at all. 


To top all of this though, the children were given the opportunity to dissect a real heart! Miss Stephenson bought lots of lamb’s hearts and ably lead the dissection (which means cutting open and examining) in a step by step process. We saw the muscles that help the heart to beat, and the valves that make sure the blood only flows in the right direction. It was a fascinating and interesting experience, described by many in Year 5 as a ‘Once in a lifetime opportunity’, and many of us now feel inspired to become doctors, vets or scientists.


Check out the pictures below! 

Calculating planet distances...using loo roll!

Space - the final frontier (for 2017)


After the end of our scintillating China topic, Year 5 have begun to learn about all things 'Space'. We will be looking at individual planets, the history of space travel, the famous men and women who have journeyed into space, and even be creating some solar systems of our own. Have a look at the photos on here as we work through the topics. 


To get the topic off to a supersonic start, Year 5 embarked on a superb trip to Leicester to visit the space centre.

Further delights from Ancient China


Continuing with our Chinese topics the children immersed themselves into Chinese folk tales. They planned and performed their own shadow puppet shows to the est of the year group and a visiting Mr Hyde, who was most impressed with the storytelling. This lead on to the children writing some excellent traditional tales themselves and also reviewing each other's plays. 

Oracle bones to divine the future!


As well as Shadow puppets, Year 5 also created oracle bones (also known as Dragon's Bones) which were the shoulder blades of oxen and sheep that were burned and engraved with questions an Emperoro would want to ask of his ancestors. What would you ask if you could speak to your ancestors?


As part of our Ancient China topic, Year 5 were able to take part in a food tasting session in order to inspire our descriptions of the Shang dynasty and Ancient China when writing our traditional tales. There were noodles and rice, vegetable dumplings, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts, and both a sweet chilli and sweet and sour sauce. Not all of it was to the children's liking, though some did come back for seconds and even thirds! For a select few, maybe the Chinese takeaway order might change in future!

Languages trip to Solihull school

Mapledene were fortunate to be invited to Solihull school, for the second year running, to take part in a World Languages day. Ten children were randomly selected and enjoyed some Spanish teaching from some of the Solihull school Sixth formers. The children were immaculately behaved and very enthusiastic as they performed a short skit about Christopher Columbus discovering the Americas and a famous Spanish song ALL IN SPANISH! They then performed in front of all the other visiting schools and put on a great show. Muy bien Mapledene!

Explorers Camp

Congratulations to our super talented year 5 children for their commended entries in the Solihull School postcard and poetry competition. Well done Sana and Ellie and well done to all the children in year 5 for their brilliant entries.

Summer Term 2017 Overview: Year 5



Beast Creator, Rivers and Time-Travellers-In the summer term we create our own previously undiscovered creatures and investigate their habitats, adaptations and how they catch their prey. We undertake a mini-project about the features of rivers and then we embark on a journey of discovery as we become time travellers finding out about different historical periods and how much life in the local area has changed in living memory by interviewing some older memebers of the community about their lives.


Lego The history of Lego is our focus as we begin the summer term and we are given the opportunity to write historical recounts as we learn about the origins of Lego. We then write persuasive adverts to advertise our own Legoland resorts.

Poetry studying the poets Pie Corbett and Valerie Bloom, we look at similar themes and structures of poetry before writing some poems in a similar style to our chosen poets.

Blodin the Beast Linking to our beast creator topic we read the book Blodin the Beast by Michael Morpurgo as the inspiration for some empathetic first person recounts.

The Piano the silent film ‘The Piano’ serves as the stimulus for year 5 to create narratives to accompany the melancholy story of the old piano.

Camp Memories After camp the children have the opportunity to reflect on their learning and write a report detailing all the adventures and activities they experience.


During the summer term the focus is very much on angles, shape and mesures. 3d shapes and angles in shapes will be investigated along with calculating area and perimeter of 2d shapes. The children learn to convert between common decimalised measurements along with a few more irregular measurements and pactise their time telling skills using timetables. There is also the opportunity to find out about square, cubed and prime numbers along with regular arithmetic work to keep the basic skills sharp.


In science the topics are Flowering Plants and Animals Including Humans. The children learn about the different parts of flowering plants and how they are pollenated as well as investigating how seeds are dispersed and if all seeds grow. They will then look at the life processes that occur in all living things before learning about the changes that humans go through in their life cycles and the changes that they will experience as they go through puberty.


During this term the children play tennis, cricket and rounders. They also practise their athletics skills and prepare for the annual sports day.

Children will also be using their art skills to create images and models of their beasts and collages of different historical periods

As well as using ICT for their theme work children will be looking at coding and in MFL we will write about and describe imaginary creatures in Spanish.

Hedgehog Homes

Welcome to Year 5!


Spring Term 2017 Overview: Year 5



Anglo Saxons and Vikings-We will study the arrival of these invaders from oversees. We look at how they travelled, where they came from and how they lived. We will learn about myths and legends, gods and monsters and battles. We will also learn how to write using the runic alphabet, build our own Viking long-ships and write about the Viking attack at Lindisfarne.


Myths and legends – The children will read the Anglo Saxon legend of Beowulf and Grendel and write some instructional texts to explain how to kill a mythical monster. 

Novels and stories by significant authorsThe children will read some of the story ‘Swallows and Amazons’ and will write persuasive letters to invite new members to join their crew. 

Stories from other cultures-The children will read the novel ‘There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom’ by Louis Sachar and then write some empathetic passages to show their understanding of the themes of this beautifully emotional book.

Poetry-The children will, study the narrative poem ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes and investigate the imagery and figurative language that he uses. They will then write their own poems on the theme of ‘Wildlife’ as part of a poetry competition hosted by Solihull School.


During the spring term the children will focus on fractions, decimals and percentages and the link between them. They will work out how to find fractions and percentages of whole numbers and be able to apply this to real-life problems. The homework focus will be on mental calculations.


In science we will be investigating changes that are reversible and irreversible. We will learn about filtration, evaporation and condensation and we will investigate how we can separate different mixtures.

Science week- we will be investigating endangered animals and how we can help to conserve some of Britain’s wildlife.


During this term PE will focus on weight on hands in Gymnastics and develop a group dance. The games lessons will teach the children football and rounders skills.

Children will also be using their art skills to paint Viking pictures and make Viking boats.

As well as using ICT for their theme work children will be looking at touch typing and basic programming and in MFL we will continue to develop our Spanish comic strips.


Year 5 Assembly

Still image for this video
After our amazing assembly we re-recorded our final song.

Touch typing Weblink


Practise your touch typing skills here


Year 5 Trip to Leicester Space Centre

Journey to Jo'burg

Journey to Jo'burg 1

Black History Month


As October was Black History Month, we looked at the story 'Journey to Jo'Burg', a book about the apartheid era in South Africa. The children were very touched by this heart-wrenching story of two children on a 300 km journey to try to find their mother in Johannesburg.


Seeing how black people were treated (within Mr Mac's living memory) in South Africa made year 5 really surprised and shocked and they wrote some vivid recounts of the story. We recommend that you read this moving book.

Suspense Stories

IN Year 5 we have been writing suspense stories, imagining what it would be like if we were the last person on Earth!

Here are the videos we created to help us to imagine the terrible events!!!

Hope you don't find them too scary ...

5S the Day the World Ended

Still image for this video

5M The Day the World Ended

Still image for this video

Autumn Term 2016 Overview: Year 5



Shang Dynasty-We study the different geography of China and learn how they were governed, what their daily life was like and why they were such great warriors. We will read and write different Chinese Fairy tales and find out about the different gods that they worshipped. We will even taste different Chinese foods.

History of Space Travel-In science we will study space and in theme we will look at the scientists who discovered the planets, the brave astronauts who journeyed to the stars and the race to see who could be the first to land on the moon.

What was it like to live in South Africa in the 1970s?-During Black History week we explore the book Journey to Jo’burg to find out what life was like during apartheid. 


Stories from other cultures – The children look at stories from around the world, they get the chance to retell the stories and write their own version. 

Recounts and InstructionsThe children learn how to write a recount and set of instructions. 

Suspense-We will look at how authors build…SUSPENSE in their writing. We will create our own movie as if the world has been abandoned and create scary stories to describe the events.

Novels and stories by significant authorsAfter half term children explore the worlds of some of the best children’s authors including C S Lewis and the wonderful world of Narnia.

As well as these main topics children will read a variety of literature and be taught specific areas of grammar and punctuation.  They will also have spelling and handwriting lessons.


During the Autumn term the children will cover a variety of areas in maths.  There will be a focus on times tables and written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We will be trying to improve the skills of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. The homework focus will be on mental calculations.


During the first half term children will be looking at forces and experimenting to find out about gravity, friction, air-resistance, water-resistance and buoyancy. In the second half term children will find out all about Space including a visit to the Space Centre in Leicester. 


During this term PE will focus on balance and sequencing in Gymnastics and choreographing a themed dance. The games lessons will teach the children rugby and netball skills.

Children will also be exploring the school values and how they link to starting a new term.  They will also look at a variety of religions and some of the values which underpin them.  Children will also be doing some basic Spanish speaking lessons. 

As well as using ICT for their theme work children will be looking at programming and coding, emailing and making webpages about space.

Year 5 camp

River Walk

As part of our river topic we went for a walk along Hatchford Brook to spot different features. We saw: meanders; ox-bow lakes developing; man-made waterfalls; erosion and deposition 


Breaking News

Aliens May Have Landed at Mapledene


On what seemed like a normal Friday morning, Year 5 arrived at school to find mysterious events afoot. After much investigating Year 5 created their reports about possible alien activity on Mapledene's field!

These strange objects had been left behind and eyewitness accounts confirmed that extra terrestrials may have been spotted.


Year 5 were on the case and reported  all the events including the finding of peculiar blue eggs in a mysterious box!...

However it turned out that it had all been an elaborate hoax, set up by Miss Smith and  Mr Mac to inspire some brilliant writing!


Awesome Anglo Saxon Assembly

On Friday 22nd January Year 5 took to the stage for their assembly all about the Anglo Saxons. The performances were quite frightening with some savage battles and fearsome roars from Anglo Saxons, Vikings and even a dragon or two but everyone survived and performed their parts superbly. The children felt that some of the highlights were the screaming Scottish warrior, the debonair and suave Saint Bede and the heroic battle between Grendel and Beowulf however the best thing was the perseverance and cooperation the childsren showed in pulling the whole assembly together to perform it so well on the day. Hopefully you were there to enjoy it but if not here is a picture to show you what we all looked like.


Anglo Saxon Song

Still image for this video

Stars, Space and Planets

In space there are stars, if I were to see them up close, they would be….

Burning slowly, the biggest brightest stars would light the way.

The turning stars would gladly eat up the never-ending pitch blackness.

Creating a gallery of beautiful fairy lights, the glistening stars would illuminate space.


In space there are moons, if I were to see them up close they would be….

Shining brightly, quietly collecting stars to be their twinkling duvets.

They shine like a thin layer of water being beamed with a small speck of sun light.

On the outside, the moons are beautiful, shining, twilights but deep down under, the moons are sorrowfully lonely.


In space there are planets, if I were to see them up close they would be….

Orbiting slowly, creating pictures in astronauts’ heads.

A splatter of planets, daintily colouring splodges of thick darkness.

Scattering across the plains of space, they stand still and silent, never making a slight sound or unequal rotation to other strange and wonderful planets.


In space there are stars, moons and planets. That’s what they would be to me!


By Mackenzie Ahern, 5S

Leicester Space Centre

On Friday 6th November we visited the Space Centre in Leicester and had a fascinating day learning all about space travel and our solar system.  




Read A Report About The Space Centre

Read A Report About The Space Centre 1

Ancient Greece

Food Tasting

Year 5 are studying the Ancient Greeks at the moment and the children enjoyed an afternoon tasting Greek food. Although it is safe to say some of the children enjoyed it more than others


The pitta bread was a hit however the olives were not to everyone's taste!

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