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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Welcome back to school. We hope to be using the website to keep you apprised of events at school that the children have taken part in, and also of what they will be learning from term to term. Please let us know if there is anything specific you would like to see with regards to the curriculum.

Home is what the bee needs


Continuing our excellent science work this term, and following on from a visit to our classroom by a beautiful queen bee, Year 5 boys and girls were put in charge of a special investigation: to find a suitable place for the queen to nest in Sheldon Country park. The children had to consider  many very important factors like closeness to flowers, number of threats or predators and much more. The children worked brilliantly and behaved fantastically. Furthermore they also found some excellent potential sites that we will try to feedback to the queen. Maybe we could send her a bee-mail?

All the colours of the rainbow...


Year 5 enjoyed some outdoor learning this week as the weather took an upwards turn. As part of our work on flowering plants and pollination by insects (such as bees), we wanted to conduct an investigation to see if the colour of a flower had any impact on the number of insects that visited it for nectar. The results were very interesting; therefore ask your child what they learned from the afternoon.

Year 5 in 3d


Year 5 have been adding a new dimension to their maths learning this week as we moved away from identifying and sorting  2 dimensional shapes to building our own 3d shapes from nets. The children did a great job of putting together the shapes to create some new shapes they had never seen before - can you remember what each one was called?

Irreversible changes


Continuing our work on materials, this week Year 5 got all 'slimy' when investigating irreversible change. "Irreversible change means you cannot change it back to its original form (after mixing)" said Zac (5C), and we enjoyed making a putty from glue, cornflour and fairy liquid. We even added some glitter!


Separating materials


For science this term Year 5 have been looking at different types of materials and how they react together. We thought we would try to remove each of the four materials (sand, salt, paper clips and stones) we had placed in a big box using some of the experiment procedures we had covered this unit - , filtering, dissolving and evaporating - as well as with the help from some of our old friends the magnet and the sieve. Ask your child what the process was - can they remember each step and the sequence. Why did we need evaporation?

"I found this a fraction bit hard..."


For Maths this term Year 5 have (partly) been getting to grips with fractions. Can you see if we have been getting it right?

Picture 1 Starting out...
Picture 2 Is this right...?
Picture 3 That's better
Picture 4 Finding equivalences helped
Picture 5 Am I half right?
Picture 6 End product

Spring term welcome - We heart Mapledene


Welcome back and Happy New Year. The children this term have been revelling in our new class book - Pig Heart Boy' by Malorie Blackman. They have produced some wonderful pieces of work ranging from news reports about the breakthrough scientific procedure, a diary entry from the recipient of the animal organ, and a discussion piece about the positives and the negatives of the procedure and whether or not it should take place at all. 


To top all of this though, the children were given the opportunity to dissect a real heart! Miss Stephenson bought lots of lamb’s hearts and ably lead the dissection (which means cutting open and examining) in a step by step process. We saw the muscles that help the heart to beat, and the valves that make sure the blood only flows in the right direction. It was a fascinating and interesting experience, described by many in Year 5 as a ‘Once in a lifetime opportunity’, and many of us now feel inspired to become doctors, vets or scientists.


Check out the pictures below! 

Calculating planet distances...using loo roll!

Space - the final frontier (for 2017)


After the end of our scintillating China topic, Year 5 have begun to learn about all things 'Space'. We will be looking at individual planets, the history of space travel, the famous men and women who have journeyed into space, and even be creating some solar systems of our own. Have a look at the photos on here as we work through the topics. 


To get the topic off to a supersonic start, Year 5 embarked on a superb trip to Leicester to visit the space centre.

Further delights from Ancient China


Continuing with our Chinese topics the children immersed themselves into Chinese folk tales. They planned and performed their own shadow puppet shows to the est of the year group and a visiting Mr Hyde, who was most impressed with the storytelling. This lead on to the children writing some excellent traditional tales themselves and also reviewing each other's plays. 

Oracle bones to divine the future!


As well as Shadow puppets, Year 5 also created oracle bones (also known as Dragon's Bones) which were the shoulder blades of oxen and sheep that were burned and engraved with questions an Emperoro would want to ask of his ancestors. What would you ask if you could speak to your ancestors?


As part of our Ancient China topic, Year 5 were able to take part in a food tasting session in order to inspire our descriptions of the Shang dynasty and Ancient China when writing our traditional tales. There were noodles and rice, vegetable dumplings, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts, and both a sweet chilli and sweet and sour sauce. Not all of it was to the children's liking, though some did come back for seconds and even thirds! For a select few, maybe the Chinese takeaway order might change in future!

Languages trip to Solihull school

Mapledene were fortunate to be invited to Solihull school, for the second year running, to take part in a World Languages day. Ten children were randomly selected and enjoyed some Spanish teaching from some of the Solihull school Sixth formers. The children were immaculately behaved and very enthusiastic as they performed a short skit about Christopher Columbus discovering the Americas and a famous Spanish song ALL IN SPANISH! They then performed in front of all the other visiting schools and put on a great show. Muy bien Mapledene!